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10 Benefits of Cloud Ticketing System

10 Benefits of Cloud Ticketing System

Company’s they look out for a solution, which can provide them to manage their service related queries and complaints with a proper ticketing system. Companies are worried about their customers, who are not getting in time support and hampering their day to day-to-day work. 

Companies are using business process tools from different service providers and integrating them. Using the sales order software, project management solution, accounting and invoicing tool, even email functions for their exclusive complaint management. But they do not get satisfaction and look out for another tool.

Helpdesk ticketing software is the most important tool, which helps service providers, manufacturing companies and customer support operations companies. Ticketing system software allows the customer care and support technician teams of the company to capture the complaints, manage them and track the status of customer complaints

Companies process to be an organized and highly-collaborative manner working, then  ticketing tool software to be implemented. 

Majority of the companies have been implementing small tools to manage their customer complaints, but not a full fledged tool, hence unable to have a proper customer experience and review the support team productivity.  Any company who requires an  excellent service to be provided to their loyal customers, then cloud ticketing system will help to manage their customer’s complaint, organizing them, assigning to the skilled support executive, who is available to the nearest location of customer with the escalation matrices set, check the status of the tickets and customer satisfaction feedbacks.

Missing out the benefits of customer experience and ticket status

To have the proper helpdesk ticketing software, which helps the companies to streamline their customer support team and their ticket status. Technology these days has been in continuous development, providing by incorporating the latest trends and tools which helps  to keep track of the sales, service and operation related activities in one tool. One major benefit for the companies is a ticket management system to manage the customer support team.

Business owners and salespeople try to build good relationships with customers, by providing great products or services – making them apart from other players in the same industry. But extra edge is adding up the good after sales service through the customer support team. Having a customer support team – in house and on field for providing  product or service support, will make your customers love the company’s brand. 

An online ticketing tool for handling all customer complaints requests. Every industry provides support, when their customer puts in a request and which is registered as a ticket which is assigned to the support team. Managing these tickets, helps everyone to be involved and work collaboratively to resolve the issue. 

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The benefits of a helpdesk ticketing software, which helps to bring both your business and your customers on one platform.

1. Helps to prioritize the requests:

Simplified Request Prioritization: When clients submit the requests for product rectification, such process initiates with an acknowledgment sent through the email or SMS. Such requests are then channeled into the cloud ticketing system, where they are cautiously prioritized relying on the intensity of the complaint. Whether it’s considered to be high, medium, or low priority, each ticket is identified accordingly and assigned to an appropriate support technician. Specifically, when a complaint is of top priority, it delivers an on-site visit by the technician. To sustain transparency, status updates are communicated through a mobile application, assuring that the client support team stays informed about the complaint’s progress.

The determination of priority lies on the complaint’s intensity, a pivotal connection to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics.

Regulating Seamless Interactions and Collaboration: The institution of a client complaint—whether via email, web chat, website submission, or the ticketing tool—activates the formation of a support ticket. From such a point, all client interaction is commenced through the software, with ticket information and the assigned technician’s details granted to the clients.

The customer support team initiated activity acknowledging the complaint, recognizing the client’s requirements and the nature of the problem at hand. To simplify the resolution process, the ticketing system software introduces a readily accessible FAQ database that support technicians can avail any time. In more intense scenarios, engaging technical complexities, additional technicians are looped into the interactions to acknowledge the problems efficiently.

Collectively, the customer support team labors towards acknowledging the problems, and updates regarding the performance are continuously shared with the clients. Such a communication loop, regulated by the ticketing management system, assures clarity in problem-resolving among the clients and the customer support team.

3. Problem solving: By ticket assigned to the technical person, who is responsible to resolve the issue raised by the customer. Issue and resolution depends on the severity. On-site or remotely issues can be resolved by the technicians.  On completion of the complaint done on-site, technicians will update the ticket from the location and details are tracked and reviewed by the superiors and customer support team.

Necessity of the purpose of the helpdesk ticketing software is to assign the ticket, solve the issue in time either small or critical, get the customer satisfaction feedback form filled. This will give the company tickets funnel – closed or open and streamlining the customer support team.

4. Keeping tickets all organized and none fall through the cracks: Complaints keep populating with customer support, but see to that complaints are not missed out by them. Because of the stress on attending too many complaints, chances of slipping the complaints through the crack is possible, which can be streamlined. Automate the complaint registering process, let the customer register directly into the ticketing tool and get a notification of the complaint registered. Moreover provide complaints resolving by the customers itself through the self service website FAQ., this will avoid the queue for registering the complaints. 

If the company is not planning a systematic ticket management system, then it’s a lack of the company’s, which can lead to poor productivity of the customer support team and long queues for the ticket registering times and resolving the issues. Software helps to organize the ticket tasks and resolve the issue with the customers satisfaction.

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5.  Centralize way records maintained: Cloud ticketing system helps to maintain and store the data of fetched complaints. Resolution provided, critical issues handled and important information related to the said complaint of the customer saved for future review, if necessary arises available from stored data. Retrieving the tickets by the customer support executives who work remotely, possible to access due to cloud solution and data is centralized stored.

6. Service history and efficiency: Ticketing system software is having an advantage of taking a multitude types of problems and organizing the complaints. Service complaints attended and its support data, which is scattered across the users, but able to bring it on the single report. The effort of getting the productivity, efficiency and support calls attended is easy with the SalesBabu helpdesk ticketing software. The efficiency means human error eliminated and mistakes are negligible or zeroed.

Improvement of the customer support team, is in efficiency of troubleshooting by providing the visibility on past support tickets which are resolved. 

7. Helps to act fast:  Ticket management system helps to get the complaint register either directly or with integration of website, cloud telephony solution, On registering the notification initiated by the software is immediately. Assigning of the tickets are done as per the rules set in the software, handling the issue and if unresolved escalation happens as per the matrices set. Skilled technicians attend the issue and resolution provided within the stipulated time. Getting the feedback from the customer on customer satisfaction, which helps the company to retain the loyal customers. Company and efficiency of cloud ticketing system, reduces the worry of keeping the track of complaints organized.

8. Ensure to track the responses time: With the ticketing tool keeping customer issues organized is easy, which is eliminating the roadblocks and helping to provide customers with timely resolutions. Ticketing system software helps to track time spent on each complaint by the support executive. Helping the customer support team to retain a steady pace, ensuring customers issues are attended fast and in time.

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9. Set SLA matrices on a skilled team: Helpdesk ticketing software have an ability to prioritize tickets, and critical issue handling by skilled technicians which is set in the SLA matrices. This is helping to have more efficiency on handling the complaints and solving the issues, by the best resources in the company.

10. With the ticketing tool, customers feel a professional approach: Ticketing system software is a complaint resolving tool, which works by a set of rules on responding and attending the critical issues as per the priority. 

Ticket management system brings one level UP on excellency to the businesses. This helps to keep them apart from their competitors. Helpdesk ticketing software helps to end not just providing a best product or service to the customers, an overall professional touch by giving best after sales customer support, to retain the customer loyalty.

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Some Other Benefits of Helpdesk Ticketing Software :

  • Maximum Customer Satisfaction

This is the fundamental benefit among most of the benefits. When tickets are resolved faster, customers will be able to work more successfully with your product or service, meaning they will believe in your product and will be loyal to it over the long term. When ticket backlogs are eliminated and reps will be able to provide a more personalized support experience, customers feel valued, and satisfaction of your customers’ increases. And when they get the superior support that is possible with the use of help desk groups, they view your business as very well-equipped to support them into the future, which curbs customer attrition.

  • Setting Clear Expectations

Some help desk ticketing systems include the flexibility to leverage service-level agreements. Service level agreements will set clear expectations for your support team and also your customers, providing clarity around what customers will expect and giving your support team goals to work forward. 

Essentially, they state that you simply will revisit the customer in X amount of your time, or that they will expect to have their issue fully resolved in a very specified amount of time. This helps customers feel more confident in your ability to support them, while also helping to alleviate their concerns after they run into a problem. It will also help reps to understand the expectations placed on them by management. It is another reason why a good help desk ticketing system will make your business more transparent, which is important for sustained growth.


SalesBabu Ticketing system software helps to generate the ticket automatically by integrating third party solutions. Closing the tickets in time with proper resolution and eliminating human errors by automating the complete process. Apart from the regular supports, SLA is set with matrices, to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction without any difficulties. The efficiency of the company with efficient customer support operation, saves a lot of time and overall helps in saving money.

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