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Are You A Perfect Team Player?

Are You A Perfect Team Player?

“Together everyone achieves more”! 

Do you work as a team in the workplace? Isn’t this working in harmony worth all the effort? Or do you have problems while working in a team? Yes, there can be either scenarios at workplace.

A perfect team player is the backbone of the team. Working in a team makes you to understand the importance of listening, giving preference to everyone’s ideas and thoughts, creates sharing and caring etc. Team spirit is not a genetic trait, it is a habit that needs to be inculcated by curbing the individual ego ,increasing one’s compatibility with the team mates to be able to work in a group. This habit of teamsmanship is infused in us right from our childhood when we make a group and play for our group’s success.

During our school days we were divided into groups and assigned a task or project . and we had to listen to each other, express our views, admire others, accept critics, be non-judgmental and take a decision that would be best for the task. And the same applies even at work. Team spirit promotes extrovertism and improves one’s rational thinking. This habit in later stage helps person’s adaptability in big team and helps to improve open communication and togetherness.

When it comes to the qualities of being a good team player, the list may go on and on. Here are few basic qualities which makes you a perfect team player –

1. Be confident 

Confidence at workplace is a crucial advantage for one’s self. It reflects the kind of work culture you belong to. Your confidence also makes your team members have trust over you. It also helps you to put your ideas and thoughts in a much better way. 

2. Prove yourself to be reliable 

Proving yourself to be reliable is very important. Just by telling orally that you can be reliable is not enough. You need to put in efforts and prove yourself. Complete your part of work and put in your 100%. When you are able to prove yourself reliable it will also help you to maintain good relationship with each other in the team. 

3. Be an equal share of work rather than too much or too less

Team is a group of people who work together. Make sure that you and your team share the work equally so that it does not lead to any conflicts between the members. And it is obvious that nobody likes a member who barely contributes in the scheduled work. 

4. Be honest to yourself as well as your team members 

Honesty is the best policy! Honesty creates trust and loyalty among the team members. If you are unable to understand something, be honest and tell your team members about it. They will surely help you out. Or if you are unable to complete an assigned work do not beat around the bush, but speak up the truth. These little things shows your honesty and your team members tend to trust you more. But, do not make your truth create a negative environment at workplace.  

5. Be positive when it comes to working together

Positivity can help you to be confident and create a good working environment for yourself as well as your team members. It also helps you to increase productivity. And at times you may not be in the situation to feel positive, yet believe in it. 

6. Share your ideas and thoughts 

Communication is the only way to stay connected and create your identity. If you are a perfect team player stand up to speak out your ideas and thoughts. Share what you want to tell, the idea may be implemented or not. But putting forward your ideas is the best way to express your creativity and dedication for the work. 

7. Be thankful when necessary 

Being thankful or expressing gratitude will always make your connection with the team members more stronger. Gratitude is one of the key elements for happiness and satisfaction. There are several benefits of being thankful or expressing gratitude. When you express gratitude you will surely experience a huge difference in your personal as well as professional life.

8. Adapt to changes quickly

Any business does not work without changes. With the change in technology, there will always be change in work activities as well. If you are perfect team player you will accept changes quickly and not nag at the changes. You may find it difficult for a few days to adapt to a new change in your working style but remember that the business adapts changes for the betterment of the company as well as employees. 

9. Be dedicated towards achieving the goals 

Every organisation has its goals and objectives to be achieved. And as a group you too work for the achievement of those goals. You and your team members are a part of the organisation who help them to achieve the goals and objectives. Thus, your dedication as an individual in the team becomes essential to attain success. 

 10. Take the appreciation as a team 

When your top managers are appreciating you for your work, take the appreciation as a team because you worked as a team. May be the success and achievement would not be possible without your team member’s efforts. And as even your team members have put in efforts, even they deserve to be appreciated. 

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These 10 qualities of a perfect team player will help you to identify your team spirit. And it is also true that you may have conflicts, misunderstanding or you may not prefer working with a set of people. But, you cannot deny the fact that a company work as a team for professional purposes. At times you will have to let go of a few things and continue to maintain  the professional relationship. You can try to solve a few misunderstandings and conflicts between you and your team members by communicating with each other. But, if things are not working out, you need to let them go and focus on your purpose at workplace. 

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The mentioned qualities are a few most essential factors in a perfect team player. You might have read or heard many more qualities for being a perfect team player. Remember that being a team player is not by birth, it is a trait in yourself that starts building within you from time to time.  As a team player you stop working for “MYSELF” and think what is best for “US” and “Our Team”. Team spirit promotes extrovertism and improves one’s rational thinking. This habit in later stage helps person’s adaptability in helps to improve open communication and togetherness.

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