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5 Necessary Skills for Sales Manager

Sales Manager plays an important role in any organization. Driving sales, coaching & motivating sales team to achieve sales targets are few key roles of a sales manager. To perform what is expected from him, he should have the necessary skills e.g. Leadership, Mentoring, Monitoring and Reporting. When you have great Sales Manager and sales team then your organization can perform well and gain profits.

As we all know, sales itself is a tricky field. Being a Sales Manager as a designation needs support and help from its team and an organised software system who can assist the manager to provide essential management and leadership requirements for a profitable business model.

SalesBabu CRM is one of the most trusted CRM software which can organise and manage the overall sales process of a firm and provide assistance to administer of the sales cycle for the organisation.

Let’s understand further on the required skills of a sales manager and how can they leverage the various uses of SalesBabu CRM to provide efficient sales force management in the team.


Sales Manager should be strong leaders. Leaders have a clear vision of their work and goals. They should have the ability to inspire the team. Without passion it is not easy to lead the team. He should wear a positive attitude all the time. Leadership strategies always improve the performance of the team. As a sales management leader, you should have complete detail about every sales activity. SalesBabu CRM provides an integrated cloud based repository which collects and record all information on the sales process of individual sales agent and their performance as a team. With a holistic view on hand, Sales managers can provide a more realistic solution as a leader and gain trust of their salesperson which is very important for a healthy team environment. With a wide range of knowledge on individual work items and hindrance in the sales cycle, sales managers can help his representatives to achieve their goals and improve overall revenue for the organisation.

Some of the managers get confused with leadership with power. Being an effective sales team leader means understanding the role of you as a leader. Sometimes being a leader is not just the loudest person also it is to listen or pitch at some not-so-glamorous duties if any of the team members is unexpectedly away. 

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The biggest failure for any organization is when managers are not able to plan tasks and sales strategies. Planning is important to see a clear view of goals. They can provide the right tasks to the right employees according to their capabilities. Managers can make a great environment for development and learning of their team. Managers can use SalesBabu CRM sales Management Software to increase productivity and to track that your plans are working or not. This software provides various activity tracking solutions which help in tracking every activity of each sales person and create follow ups and reminders for better sales closure without any missing opportunities and meeting.

In most traditional cases, sales people are always engaged in making reports, quotations and sales orders which makes less time for selling products and services, and leads to less profit for the organisations. With SalesBabu CRM sales Management Software, the time of the sales cycle is considerably reduced by automating the whole sales force management process. This software reduces individual workload which makes it easy for sales personnel to manage sales activities and increase revenue for the firm.

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It is challenging for Sales Managers to hire the best and right sales representatives. It is important to identify and select top sales talent for improved sales performance. Identify people who have a flexible approach and prepared to work in any situation efficiently. Good sales people always listen to their customer’s needs and respect them for long term relations. They should have the ability to build and maintain strong customer relations. When you have the best and focused people in your team then you will be easily able to get success.

The best salespeople can earn big money for your company, but they are very hard to find and also to keep. Here are some tips to hire the right people: 

  • Go beyond the job boards – Your next top salesperson may be very busy closing the deals, not scouring job boards. So open other revenues in parallels such as recruiting some channels, word-of-mouth referrals, and events. Increasing the diversity in your sourcing will also increase the diversity in your team. 
  • Create an ideal candidate profile before you start hiring – Building your team goes well when you know what you want the end results to be before you begin the process. Outline the main points such as skills, experience profiles, and the characteristics which will fit best with your team now and also into the future. Organize your job description with all these characteristics and screen them for their interview.
  • Highlight your business as a desired employer – When an excellent candidate is sitting in front of you for the interview, often the evaluation goes in both ways. That’s your cue to sing the praises of your employer and dig into some about what candidates want to know.  Share the information regarding all the benefits, culture of the company and main thing opportunities for the growth. Seek to understand what motivates all the candidates, ask about their passions and their dreams, also tell them why you will help them to do the best work of their careers.

Coaching Sales Team

Coaching is the top activity which helps you to drive sales. Coaching helps each sales person to improve their performance and to reach goals. Desired results can only be produced by proper mentoring and coaching. Understand the talents of the sales team. Maximize their strengths and provide them opportunities to grow. Determine the obstacles that your team is facing and help them to overcome hurdles. Managers should maintain regular coaching schedule.

A centralised repository of documents, product demos, old customer issues on products and more are collected using the sales Management software which can help in understanding the nature of the issue which can be faced during the sales process. SalesBabu CRM help in assisting sales managers to coach and train employees for a better personal grooming.

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Performance Management

Sales Performance management is quite a difficult task. Sales Manager should check the performance issues and correct the problem. If you are not able to track performance it means you are wasting your resources and time. It will be easy for you to evaluate the performance of each employee during appraisal. It improves productivity and better manages all the sales activities. Performance Management Process adds value to your business. Sales Management Software makes your work easier to do these tasks. One can evaluate the progress of the complete organization by using built and custom reports which can created on various performance tracking fields like most no. of sales closure or fastest sales closures and more. These performance tracking reports help in understanding the individual performance of each sales person and guide them accordingly.

Also, Mobile Sales apps facility in SalesBabu Sales Management software helps in tracking their live location of each sales employee to track their work and assign them ticket according to their proximity to customers for faster sales closures

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As writly mentioned by Brian Tracy – “Keep Yourself Positive, Cheerful And Goal-Oriented. Sales Success Is 80% Attitude And Only 20% Aptitude.”  Hence as a sales manager, we should collect the appropriate details required for a successful business and strive towards making your sales person has a positive attitude towards their work and create a healthy environment for them to perform their best in the interest of a profitable firm.

SalesBabu CRM sales Management software is an excellent tool which can help in improving the overall sales performance of the team and create a profitable business model.