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Sell Smarter, Better and Faster with Online CRM Software

“SALES” – the word itself can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Increasing sales and reducing expenses are every business dream but the trick is to do it smarter, faster and better than the rest of the crowd to get maximum return on investment for your organization.

There are numerous tools in the market to increase the sales for every economic marketing business, but the greatest issue is to pick the one which suits your business model and integrate seamlessly with your organization.

Cloud based CRM softwares provide numerous functionalities that changes the game for sales organizations. The most trusted online CRM software likes SalesBabuCRM, not only handles end to end sales process for the company but also provide various facilities like Sales Mobile App which makes your sales team to be more flexible and smarter to convert better and more lead into successful sales.

With sophisticated, automated features that supports each phase of the customer sales process, SalesBabuCRM makes it much easier to use the customer data, their interaction history and background details for various sales campaigns and ensure more productive customer interactions by prioritizing and closing clients deals more efficiently.

Sales Mobile Apps are designed to meet the demands of the mobile sales executives. The app automatically provides the best and most relevant customer data at the topmost of the dashboard screen to ultimately “act faster and win more.”

Let’s understand further, on the ways a efficient online CRM software can help our sales team to close better and more efficient deals.

1. Streamlining Sales Processes through Automation

In the domain of sales process automation, conventional vendors mostly overlook the true value of the transformation. Several sales app providers seamlessly replicate their desktop products in a mobile version without acknowledging the inherent challenges of the sales business model. Such leads to a cumbersome mobile experience, where salespeople may find themselves navigating through 10 clicks to access imperative information.

In the ongoing technological landscape, the foremost objective of efficient sales process automation should be to provide a tool that effortlessly delivers imperative information on the go, available through devices such as smartphones and tablets. Sales representatives should be encouraged to manage tasks such as order processing, customer information retrieval, and inventory tracking without being tethered to a desktop on-site.

process automation :

The fundamental part of process automation depends on eliminating the multitude of manual tasks and post-sales follow-ups that consume a considerable portion of a salesperson’s day. Sales apps and automated software should simplify every factor of the sales process utilizing intelligent templates, automated assignments, and single-click solutions, thereby minimizing the resolution time for sales orders.

Rather than being confined to particular tasks like inventory monitoring or report generation, sales automation tools should deliver sales representatives with the flexibility to reclaim customer-related information anytime, anywhere, utilizing their preferred gadgets and smartphone solutions.

In the current business landscape, companies mostly base their software procurement decisions on how effectively their sales teams work on a daily basis. When sales representatives get into a meeting, they require tools that provide prompt, automated solutions for accessing detailings and regulating deal closures. Such involves sending automated templates for sales order confirmation and inventory generation. Furthermore, the capability to store data in a cloud-based environment is imperative, providing flexibility in document sharing and access within the team members and with customers and other stakeholders.

2. Mobile and Flexible

With more and more smartphone and gadgets in hand, customers have become more demanding and are always looking for a quicker solution to their queries and deal proposals. If we still follow traditional ways of desktop proposal generation and manual quotation creation, then we might just lag miles behind our competitors.

To close quicker and smarter deals, we need a software which gives us automated solutions for getting complete customer data, creates quick quotations, setup meeting and more on our fingertips. SalesBabuCRM provides Sales mobile apps which gives numerous dashboard functionalities to track customer updates, upcoming meetings, quotation review, quick snapshots for important work items planned for the day or the week and many more functionalities which make the sales reps always ready with upcoming customer interactions or deal closure discussions.

managed mobility :

With smart options of auto assignments and auto notifications, sales reps are always aware of the status of any customer deal or any follow ups which can be triggered by the customers. Also, with on the go features of sales apps, customer can access customer data over the cloud and update any relevant data on the go. Also, with a centralised cloud based environment, sales resp can work from different locations and share important insights with the customer via different mode of communication. Every detail about the interaction history are synced up to make sure that important discussion on a different mode of communication is seamlessly captured to avoid any data loss in changing communication mode.

3. Customer Engagement

Overall customer experience is the key to a successful business. If we have all the best tools in the market but we are ultimately not keeping our customers happy, then it might not be of any use to invest so much on these tool or service provider. Keeping our customer satisfied and happy with our services is the most important part of the business process.

With so many options in hand, customers have numerous options to select from. In most of the cases, customers are ready to pay more for a better customer experience and overall ease in software usage. Sales mobile apps give efficient solutions for all such customer requirements by allowing sales reps to provide round the clock support through various modes of communication via social media, email and more.

managed mobility :

With cloud based centralized database, sales reps can access customer data, background details, interested product list and more to create more personalised presentations for every client. Also, share it with them on the go with quick fixes as per discussions on chat or email services. Auto notification facilities keep the customer aware of all the status of the shipment or an ongoing deal which keeps them engaged with our business process updates. Also, automated mails with demo link, knowledge based document, product information, promotional offers and more, help in keeping the customers more involved in our business proposals and give a minimum window for drifting their attention to our competitive offers.

One click template solutions of quotation and sales order generation provide quick turnaround time for closing more deals with minimum human errors and rework. Customer are also given numerous self help services to raise issues and access knowledge based document and product demo to allow them to understand the business model better and create a more customer centric business environment.

4. Team work

Team collaboration and combined effort is very important for any sales team to succeed. Manual file shares and spreadsheet tracking of sales teamwork can be quite inefficient and time consuming.

The sales team in today’s workload needs to be quick in sync up and smart in understanding customer requirement to provide better business solutions. This is not possible if we don’t have a proper backbone of productive and well collaborated team members. SalesBabu CRM provides a centralised database which can be accessed by various stakeholders in the team and update it at real time from different locations.

With consolidated data in hand, sales reps can exchange information within the team member and work simultaneously on the same issue. Every sales rep is aware of the customer deal and can take it up in cases of deal shift or employee reassignment.  

5. Analytics and activity tracking
Analytics and activity tracking :

Analytics and metrics on various customer data and internal business tracking is very useful in day-to-day business management.

Automated trackers can keep an eye on general issues discussed on social media or any specific customers talking about any new feature which might be useful for many clients and more, can be analysed using metrics generation facilities of an efficient CRM software. These insights on general data from various communication channels, blogs, website reviews and more can help us to understand the customer trend and pressing issue to take proactive measure before it becomes a black mark on the company’s brand name. Furthermore, statistics on customer shopping trends, software requirements, most discussed features etc and help to improve our customer support and creates most efficient product software system.

Internal tracking and details reporting also indicate what our company’s sales are lacking in, creating an opportunity for training to boost areas of low productivity. It also helps in tracking live locations and sales reps productivity over a period of time to distribute workload among the team members.

SalesBabu CRM mobile app, also provide efficient activity trackers which create automate follow up and reminder alerts for sales and marketing team to avoid missing any upcoming customer meeting and allow them to be more prepared for any upcoming customer interactions.

With well prepared and more personalised campaigns, sales reps are in a better position to provide smart and better customer solutions.


We should understand that Sales is not just another department in an organisation but plays a  vital role in upkeeping business revenue. A software solutions like SalesBabu CRM which allows the sales team to provide better, smarter and more quick customer turnaround time should be the obvious choice for our businesses.