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Social Media – New Age Marketing

Social Media – New Age Marketing

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.”

  –  Erik Qualman    

Social media is the short term attention span media, where grabbing the attention of the audience is a challenging task. The ability to share images, opinions events, video and the way we carry out business etc is what we do on these social media sites. It is also one of the best marketing tools in the present market. At present the primary focus is not just on sales, marketing, service and support, but with the emergence of social media businesses are able to create good relationship with the customers. 

That being said, the Social CRM is the integration of social networks with Customer Relationship Management(CRM) to help focus on the customers. Social CRM links your customer data and information stored in the online CRM software with the customer’s public profile on the social network that the customers maintain. 

Social Media and CRM

CRM platforms have started to support social media so that businesses can interact with customers through preferred and favorite channels. That means greater marketing insights will be better for customer services, so thanks to the data pulled from social media. As the business grows, having a centralized system for storing all the information will become crucial.

  • Social CRM  –  Nowadays businesses are using social networks to get closer with the ideal customers. Brands are looking for ways to improve their social media games. The trend will be going forward always. The experts of CRM are trying to develop bots that will interact with the customers and get the data about the customer’s behaviors and their opinions. This will allow us to predict the customer’s behavior and anticipate their needs.
  • 1-to-1 Messaging – 1-to-1 messaging is one of the essential trends which interconnects with social media. Everyone’s focus on personalization and is entering CRM. It will allow CRMs to reach the customers with the help of big data and data science strategies compellingly creating the messages.
  • The omnichannel approach – If you want more sales, then you will need more touchpoints. Companies need to borrow many channels like social media landing pages, automated campaigns, dark social, etc. Above all of this, they should provide the customers with a consistent customer experience. That means CRM should function as the center of the omnichannel approach, which will ultimately lead to the streamline the CRM process which includes customer support, mobile marketing, sales calls, social marketing, etc.
  • Dark social – Dark social means that it cannot be traced. This is an activity that happens via private messaging, email, and outside social media networks. Dark social is on the rise as more conversations and online conversation is happening in private. Social media is influencing CRM and marketing because it directly impacts the customers.

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Here are a few new age marketing changes which have made it easy for marketing:

1. Good word of mouth 

Social media is used to promote healthy and engaging conversation with the audience or the target market. It lets the satisfied customers to express their great experience with your product or service, which in turn is the greatest form of “word of mouth marketing”.

2. Obtain instant feedback

Feedback is one of the important factors involved in a business. You may have the best product or service according to you, but obtaining feedback from your customers is very essential. With the help of social media it is very easy for the business to gain instant feedback on their products or services. Thus, these feedback will motivate to provide better products or services in the future time period. 

3. Measure effectiveness of advertising

The social media marketing is a measurable aspect. You can have an idea about what your customers prefer or require with the changing trends. You just need to know which tool works the best for which group of audience. 

4. Follow-up actively 

With the help of social media you can directly follow-up with your customers based on their interests and preferences. Once you are able to understand your customer’s needs and wants it becomes easy for you to concentrate on the particular group of target audience. You need not have to waste time on non-sales or unproductive sales activities. 

5.Personalized marketing 

Personalized marketing is the implementation of a strategy that delivers individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis and the use of automated technology. By communicating with your prospects or customers as an individual you can connect more quickly. It not only helps to improve improve customer experience but also improves up-sell and cross-sell of products or services. The basic challenge of personalized marketing is to find the right and best technology which fits the present era and business trend. One of the right automated tools which not only fits the present trend but also ensures productivity is the use of an online CRM software. 

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Besides these benefits you should follow few tips in social media marketing. The basic tips are – 

  • Do not just portray the fact that you are just there on social media for sales. 
  • Provide content which provides knowledge for the audience. 
  • Make sure you post regularly and offer valuable information. 
  • It is good to keep a look on the competitors as well. 
  • Understand which kind of content is working better for your audience with respect to use analytics. 
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Customers are the focal point for the companies in Social CRM. Companies using CRM usually interacts with customers through telephone, email, posts which is limited if the customer details are not updated. Moreover it’s a one way interaction and is only useful for email campaign, tele-calling etc. With Social CRM, it’s a two way interaction, the company interacts with customers through social networks and is possible to collect updated information. Through social networks, companies can know the feedback of their products from customers or wannabe customers. Social networks also helps companies to discover what customers are talking about their company. Sometimes customers interact/discuss with other people on these social networks and convey the performance, feedback of your product to them. So social networks will also help in bringing new customers to your fold. Social CRM is more like interacting with customers, putting customers first or center of the business and streamlining your business strategy. With proper understanding of Social CRM, companies can plan and define customer-centric strategy. 

SalesBabu Online CRM Solution provides Marketing automation system which comes with amazing features and functionalities which enhances your marketing strategies and also remains trendy in the present era. Personalized messages, email and SMS campaigns can not go out of fashion or trend even in the future time period. These basic forms of marketing with the help of automated marketing can help you to generate more leads for sales and also maintain good relationship with customers. SalesBabu provides cloud based CRM software which comes with the latest trends of features that will suit your business process. It also helps you to align marketing and sales in your business through which you can enhance your business in the market. 
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