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Convert More Leads to Customers

Convert More Leads to Customers

Both small and big organisations face problems while managing leads. Lead Management Software is an effective tool not only to track inquiries but also to capture details like lead source, date, industry, competitors, website, multiple contacts and a host of many other fields. You can easily get all the details of the customers and prospects in a single click. Once you have entered the lead or enquiry details in the Software then you can make activities according to your interaction like follow-ups, e-mails, meetings, appointments and payment collections and you can also assign that lead and activity to the efficient sales person.

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Meet Customer’s expectations With Effective Lead Management Software

Customers require quality products and better services. You can keep track of the contact details and requirements of the customers. If you are reaching customer’s expectations then you will surely generate more business and enhance revenue. It is easy to identify which customers are fruitful for you and which are not profitable. It increases the number of customers and the growth of the company. Selling depends on the approach, way of communication and proper follow-ups. Sales activity reminders are very useful to keep you aware of daily sales tasks.

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Why cloud based online CRM ?

SalesBabu CRM is a cloud based CRM software which helps in creating an integrated system to manage the overall lead management process to convert more leads to prospective clients. Let’s discuss more in detail, some of the features of SalesBabu CRM which help in effective lead conversions.

  • Cost effective

SalesBabuCRM provides free trials for the software which helps to get details of the software whereabouts at no price for 15 days, after which interested clients can continue to use the software at nominal prices. These cost effectiveness helps many startups and new companies to get attracted to use this software as its an all in one package of effective business management tool at affordable prices.

Costs remain low as your business doesn’t need to hire any extra IT agents to look after or install your CRM software.  You do not have to pay for all the features you use because most of the plans are customizable which fits your business needs. Cloud-based software providers are responsible to ensure that their software runs smoothly without any trouble. Paying for storing data is less expensive than setting up your own storage system which requires hard drives and also regular maintenance.

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  • No IT Infrastructure required

Once an interested client agrees upon the sales order to continue for the services from salesbabuCRM. A simple web link is shared with the customer with login and password and he can start using the software right away. No restrictions of hardware and software services are required for migrating to a flexible software solution like SalesBabuCRM. These features attract more leads with small businesses to start investing in a no-investment solution like SalesbabuCRM.

SalesBabuCRM provides facilities of storing company’s data in a cloud based centralised database which helps in providing an integrated solution for processing customer data over the internet which is easily accessible to all stakeholders at all times.

Cloud services also include security services from the cloud storage vendor and unlimited data storage facilities with minimum charges. Also, cloud based databases help in keeping better control on the due to minimum restriction on user logins and other hardware or software requirements.

These cloud based database features help in creating a secure and efficient system of recording and maintaining customer data.

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  • Gives flexibility

SalesBabuCRM is flexible and easily customisable software solutions which can provide company specific features to help in creating more employee friendly software. In many traditional companies, employees feel very reluctant to migrate to new age CRM solutions. But SalesBabuCRM provides many easy to change features which help in creating customisable landing pages, dashboards, logos, web page look and other personalized facilities. These features help in making it easily acceptable by company employees and also improves the overall productivity due to easy in usage.

  • Improves Accessibility

Cloud based software can easily be accessible through various gadgets and smartphone at all time, just by using valid login details. Also features like Mobile Sales App, are included in the software support to enable sales team and other employees to stay connected to the system on their mobile phones and smart gadgets at all times. 

These features help in providing an efficient support system for the clients by answering their queries in real time over various modes of communication and social media. Also, live location sharing feature in Mobile sales app helps in quick turnout time in providing real time technical support for clients in nearest proximity to the agent.

This helps in creating a mode of trust between the clients and our company to continue long lasting relationships with our clients.

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  • Time Saver and Revenue Enhancer

It reduces the time that sales people spend on data entry and on papers which also shortened the sales cycle and improves productivity. Sales Managers can do sales planning and set goals for the sales teams in an organized fashion and that too in advance. No worries regarding upgrades and maintenance. Every Sales Organisation can avail the benefits of Sales Management Software and analyse the difference between both the method .

As reports and analysis of an integral part of any business, many companies invest a huge amount of money on statistics and report generation with manual ways. SalesBabuCRM provides an efficient and automated system of report generation through only a few mouse clicks. MIS section of SalesBabuCRM provides facilities to create many in-build and custom reports to track day-to-day and other demand supply report and analysis for the business which help in creating more futuristic plans for the firm.

These reports and quick dashboard screens also help in tracking team performance within the organisation to track and monitor individual sales executive performance and create employee specific work time to convert more leads to productive sales.

  • Mobility

Mobility is most important because the sales agents and managers spend most of their day outside. When they are in the meeting with the customers and customers ask for the latest reports about the growth of the company, it will be easy to access that information quickly, which can make an important sale.

  • Easy-to-use

CRM cloud software providers prioritize the user experience because they can understand the difficulty of the agents to learn about the new systems. When the employees hesitate to embrace the new system, they don’t use it to its fullest potential. Cloud CRM offers click and drag features that will help the users to build personalized email templates. They will also offer interactive dashboards and will report the agents to analyze the data of the customer, and also help desk options are offered for the customers.

  • Secure

Cloud-based CRM software is stored in the cloud, which might be unsafe to cyberattacks because the data is out of the business’s hand, but the cloud is the secured place to store the data, which can also be backed up and restored at any time if the data is lost. Customers nowadays are unwilling to trust today’s economy to give all the personal details to the business, so telling them that their data is safe and is not used in a sketchy way will improve the customer experience.

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Sales Management software system is a tough job to do. It is the way to manage and track your sales and marketing processes. You can quickly identify the profitable leads. Customer’s information is on fingertips through a centralised cloud based database. Quick access of accurate sales pipeline and more.

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