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What you need to know about sales automation for small business

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” – Chris Grosses

The sales plays an important role for the success of the business. Sales is one such aspect which plays the role of a bridge between the potential customer’s needs and the product or services which the organisation is offering to fulfill the needs and wants of the customer. Trust and loyalty are the two reasons why the customer would stick on to your products or services. And when a positive feedback gets passed from one person to another about your organisation, it creates an immense growth in your business through the increased brand recognition and sales. 

The present competitive world demands “smart work” over hard work. And technology is one such boon that is helping you to work smartly with minimal time consumption. You might be a small business or a mid-sized business, your focus lies on increasing sales efficiently and effectively with a cost effective strategy. 

Most of the sales reps feel hesitant or anxiety to make cold calls. Who wouldn’t? As a sales rep he/she has to create new sales and understand the needs and requirements of the right people at the right time. And fortunately the sales CRM software will help your sales reps to sell smarter, better and quicker. When sales automation is integrated with online sales CRM software, you can do more and better. Instead of just managing your business, you take steps closer to growing your business. 

The sales automation in the sales CRM software helps you to measure the time period of the leads, capture customer details, tracks sales of leads and prospects. It also provides automation of the entire sales process from lead generation, qualification, follow up, quotation till deal closure. 

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Here are the reasons why you need a sales automation for your small business:

1. Saves your time
  • The sales automation reduces the time wasted on manual entries and also minimises the rate of errors. Inefficiency or errors can cost your company a lot of money. Your employees may commit mistakes without their knowledge but automated machines or technologies will deal with the data the way you set them to.
  • It helps your sales reps to focus more on spending their time on the prioritized tasks. 
  • The sales automation in online sales CRM lets you collect information and data easily. It not just provides you the valuable information but also helps you to analyze the data. 
  • Right decision making is linked with the analyzation of data. When you have an overall outlook of the information it becomes easy for you to make the right decisions at the right time. 
  • You can save time as well as resources as you get an idea to confirm that your prospect is able and willing to buy the product or service. 
2. Enhances revenue 
  • With  the help of the sales automation software your sales reps can concentrate over the target customers and convert more leads into deals. 
  • As sales CRM software is mainly meant to enhance and manage customer relationship. It helps you to maintain a good relationship with your loyal customers and increase sales thereby. Thus, the increase in sales results to increase in revenue of your company. 
  • For every business, even a little reduction in the cost incurred can lead to an increase in the rate of revenue. With the help of the sales automation you can upsell and cross-sell products or services to your existing customers with less incurrence in cost. 
  • And most importantly, you can also build a standard brand image of your company which is much superior than revenue or profits.

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3. Increases sales productivity
  • The sales CRM for small business can be extremely effective at qualifying leads. It helps your sales management to review the quality of each and every lead. 
  • The sales CRM software provides automated reports which saves lot of your time, energy and eliminates errors. Thus, you get an automated report of your performance which motivates you to improve your sales performance. 
  • The sales CRM software provides the overall data of your target leads and lets you to segment data and identify the valuable opportunities. Thus, you can stop just surfing and start selling more. 
  • Documents can be accessed and uploaded from any device, any place or time, keeping the client process efficient and smooth. This allows field employees to access easily to critical information via a handheld mobile or tablet device. 
4. Enhances customer service 
  • The online sales CRM software helps you to keep in touch with your customers and understand their needs and wants. 
  • You can send personalized mails and SMSs to your customers which creates a personal approach. 
  • With the help of the sales CRM software you can enhance customer service by quickly responding to their problems or inconveniences.
5. Focus on cultivating customer relationship
  • The online sales CRM software helps you to gain insight into the interests and preferences of your customers.
  • The online sales CRM software helps you to track interactions and helps you to deliver the right outreach of messages.
  • You can send mails and wishes to your customers on their birthdays, anniversary or any offers for a special occasion which creates an emotional bonding of value. 
  • It provides customer pipeline which means the online CRM software provides the overall information about a customer’s buying interests, preferences, purchase history and the last time the customer visited the website. This customer pipeline can help the business to know their customers well.
6. Effective sales management
  • Your sales person will have the convenience as well as the facility to store important notes, contacts or any data at a place that is easily available for future reference.
  • Calendars are easily integrated into sales CRM app to allow users to easily schedule meetings, coordinate events, and keep track of important dates.
  • Create reminders, tasks, calls, events, or other alerts with one click. Set up and access activity notifications right from your CRM Sales App.
  • can also indicate what area sales are lacking in, creating an opportunity for training to boost areas of low productivity.
  • Stores information of all your accounts and contacts and  also reduces the admin tasks. 
  • Sales Managers can log in from anywhere and can get the visibility to sales team’s activities.

Advantages and Effective Strategies for Sales Automation:

  • Enhanced Reporting Accuracy Constant access to weekly or monthly reports is imperative for being informed and acknowledging any overlooked information. Although, manually evaluating reports can feel like deciphering a complicated puzzle with important pieces missing. Sales automation assures comprehensive information entry, reducing the risk of oversight by sales team representatives. The more information contributed by sales team members, the more subtle and detailed reports are generated seamlessly through automation.
  • Accelerated Proposal Generation – Proposals deliver an important role in the sales process, and skipping such steps is not a choice for sales team members. With sales automation, team members can capture information into a template, enabling the software to promptly generate a preliminary proposal. Such streamlines the proposal making process and optimizes productivity.
  • Enhanced Sales Accuracy –  Accidentally misquoting prices at the time of calls or in sales emails can possess detrimental impact on customer relations. Sales automation tools, alongside prospect tools, take care of human errors by assuring systematic pricing and swifty connecting with the customer requirements. Such real-time accuracy reduces the risk of losing potential customers to competitors because of misinformation.
  • Analysis of Sales Calls – Juggling the functions of being on a call with a customer while concurrently taking notes can be demanding for sales executives. Sales automation tools provide a solution by delivering transcripts of each call in real-time. Such enables for thorough evaluation of customer communication, allowing sales teams to figure out the areas of excellence and aspects for improvement. The tools contribute valuable awareness into refining sales plannings obtained on real customer interactions.

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SalesBabu Sales force automation

The Sales Force Automation is a business strategy which is used to drive efficiency in your sales processes. By the use of sales force automation in a sales CRM for small business, you can automate and streamline a few business tasks like – 

  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Sales Forecasting Analysis
  • Sales Activity Management 
  • Sales Team Performance Evaluation 

Online CRM software for small business 
You might be a small business or a mid-sized business believe in the fact that, “A big business starts small”! When your business just starts off, your first priority and focus is over gaining customers and increasing sales. The online CRM software does not only help you increase your sales but also helps you to maintain a good relationship with your customers and manage your business activities in a much organised way. It is true that a small business has to deal with a few pain points like  less sales, less funds and money etc. But don’t worry, the cloud based CRM software is a cost effective software which comes with various personalized functionalities that help you to work more effectively and efficiently. There are numerous cloud based CRM softwares available in the market for small businesses, just make sure that you invest on an online CRM vendor who is able to fulfill all your necessities depending upon your industry and company size. You can also consider the most trusted and best sales CRM solutions, the SalesBabu Cloud based CRM Solutions. Visit our website to know more and to request for a free demo, click here..