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Online CRM: Smart Tool For Small Organisations

Sales Management is a complex process for any sales organization. If you are using the right software to track sales activities then you will not face any problems regarding sales.

In today’s world of technology and flexible economic market, start-ups are emerging each day and the existing businesses are finding different solutions to give a tough run to their competitors. The business industry has definitely moved on to have various options to grow but at the same time have got equally complex and competitive, making it difficult to retain customers. 

On the other hand, customers have got a lot of options when it comes to variety in terms of their products and selection criteria.

Every business needs a tool to keep records of every customer and individual requirements in one centralised place, which is easier to manage. This is where a Sales Management software comes into the picture. Once we are familiar with the usage of Sales management software, we can understand the countless uses of a valuable tool to manage our business sales in a more productive manner.

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How to define a Sales Management software ?

Sales Management software is a tool which helps to make the sales process easier and more valuable for organisation.

With Sales Management software it’s easy to manage your sales force activities. Lead Management is fast and easy with this tool. You can generate, track and edit quotations in the software. Sales managers can set sales goals for the sales team and can monitor the sales performance of each sales person. It helps companies to improve sales performance. It will be simple for you to understand the needs of the customers and prospects. Sales people will perform their jobs more efficiently. It improves customer satisfaction and relations. It gives you access to contacts, documents, mails, notes, sales tasks, quotations, product details, sales orders, payment details, MIS reports and lots more features which fulfills the needs of the sales organisations.

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All in one, when using an efficient tool like SalesBabu CRM, its less effort and more results. Let’s discuss more on features of this Sales Management software.

What does sales management software include?

  • Reduces admin work – Manual data entry is the past thing. With the proper tool, you can do less data handling and will have more time to sell.
  • Easy to use and set up –  Instead of reporting weekly, sales management software will be an easy one-stop-shop for your sales tracking needs.
  •  Available on the go – When you are actively selling the products mobile access is very crucial. CRM sales management makes it easy and simple, and it’s very hard for the information to fall through the crack. 
  • Unifies all tools – Having a  streamlined view of the sales process will give clarity and get your whole team on the same lane. 
  • Fully customizable – Flexible sales management systems that are easy to adjust yourself is the best way to mold the perfect software for your business. The fewer complications will change and are easier to personalize.

Benefits Of Sales Management Software

Centralised Data 

Imagine a mismanaged business model with tons of documents and excels sheets to manage your customer and other business details. Seems to be a nightmare in today’s era of technology.

SalesBabu CRM acts as a perfect solution for recording and tracking information related to business processes and client details using a cloud based centralised repository. This database is integrated at one location and can be accessed by different users at all times.

With an organised method of storing customer information like contact details, demographic background, interested products, previous interactions with the company and more, helps create better sales campaigns to reach out to clients more efficiently while doing business deals.

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Lead management

SalesBabu CRM provides facilities to integrate with different third party services like social media, telephone vendors and more to create a better network for tracking leads and interested clients. Automated trackers will use different web pages, online reviews, social media and other channels to understand different requirements of prospective clients and send them targeted emails for nurturing them for doing business with us.

Different marketing strategies can be implemented to send client specific emails and SMS with interested products details and demo to make clients more aware of company’s products and features.

Lead management if done properly, plays a very important role in getting a successful client for the business, thereby generating huge revenue for the firm.

SalesBabu CRM provides various features to not only track and nurture leads but also help in filtering and engaging interested leads and provide organised methods to convert them into productive sales.

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Tracks every sales steps

Many startups and new bee organisation fail to make a mark in the market, due to the mismanaged sales process and unorganised steps to follow leads towards closure. A well formulated series of steps to follow up your sales process is very critical to maintain the productivity of the business.

SalesBabu CRM provides formulated followup activities and other automated services to track every step involved in sales of products and generate reports for managers and higher authorities to keep regular updates on its employees.

Also, live location sharing in Mobile Sales App for sales team, helps in monitoring every activities of the sales personnel and create a more productive environment in the team.

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Accurate Invoices, notes and sales orders

A proper set of acknowledgement documents is equally important to keep a track different inventory and sales delivery. Once we have an interesting set of clients in our sales funnel, we need to send them targeted campaigns, presentation and demo to make them aware of different features they will be receiving as their product delivery. Different sales orders are sent to the clients to make them aware of different payment details, promotional offers, product information, company policies and more . Also, with every quotation or sales order sent to the clients, complete notes on discussion with the clients, negotiated amount and more are documented properly to maintain transparency in discussions. 

Regular updates on sales order discussion, promotional discounts offered and more are sent to customers through predefined email templates which help to maintain better customer experience for our clients. These proactive measures help in maintaining a long lasting relationship with our customers.

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Tracking individual performance

Many insightful reports in the software will help you to understand inside out performances of the sales reps. You will be able to identify the star performer, which type of contact helps to get close to the maximum leads and also the average time takes to close a deal. By analyzing all these reports, you will be able to share valuable insights and help the performing reps will achieve more. 

Tracking conversation with your leads

The most important aspect of the closing deal is having pepper conversations with your leads. Each and every conversation reps have with the lead reflects the business image. Hence, it’s important to keep a track of the conversation.  You can capture each email and call of your leads between your leads and sales reps. This will help you to suggest many valuable insights to help the reps and refine the sales pitch.

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SalesBabu CRM Solution is designed to manage customers and sales information. You will never miss any follow-up call and payment collections. You can make positive impacts on sales leads with proper follow-ups and e-mails. Distribution of sales leads to capable sales people. Easy conversion of more and more leads into sales. It gives you the visibility to detailed sales reports sales funnel. You can monitor real time prospects and suspects.