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Marketing Automation Software| The Best Emerging Sales Tool | SalesBabu CRM

Marketing automation is the new buzz in any economic market. Companies are moving towards automation to minimise the time and money spent in creating customer specific quotation and campaigns which usually take a lot of time in creation with manual ways and are prone to errors and lot of reworks.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is an important part of every organization. It is a tool to manage customer contacts, pipeline, sales activities, quotations, tracking of lead sources and more. It reduces the repetitive tasks and gives you timely accurate sales reports. Organizations generate leads via different ways like e-mailing, cold calling and social media. Marketing automation software tracks all the activities and makes your complicated work easier. It is a tool to enhance the productivity of the business. 

Functionality of Marketing automation platform:

  • Managing the marketing campaigns
  • Moving the contacts from leads to customers
  • Integration of multiple touch points of customers like email and social media
  • Lead management
  • Campaigns performance and its analytics
  • Development and analytics of campaigns and customers
  • Appropriate organization of customer data and storage

Marketing Automation Software –  SalesBabu CRM, India

SalesBabu CRM provides a lot of features to automate sales and marketing activities and reduce the manual ways and repetitive work for the business workflows. 

Difference between Marketing automation software and CRM:

It is very important to understand the difference between marketing automation software and CRM software before taking or making a decision to implement them into the business.

  • Marketing automation software –  Focusing on delivering and marketing personalized campaigns, marketing automation software is limited to marketing. This software will allow the companies to streamline the marketing activities, automate the marketing campaigns and gain insights based on the data.
  • Customer relation management software – CRM software is customer centric and gives a 360-degree view of the customers. The main difference between CRM and marketing automation software is that the CRM platform is not limited to certain business operations as it will allow flexibility for the customization of CRM so that your software mirrors your business needs.

Let’s understand some of the benefits of using an automated marketing software.

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Benefit of marketing automation software

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

With the help of this software, one can eliminate repetitive business tasks. One of the main activities involved in marketing products is to understand prospective customers for our business. This process is known as lead capturing and filtration. With integration facility with various third party software and social media, SalesBabu CRM provides efficient ways to track interested clients for the business over various modes of communication and internet via social media websites and more.

All information collected on various leads are automatically added to centralised repository which will have complete information on prospective customers at one location. After collecting all these leads, background details, demographic information, purchase history and more are screened to filter out interested leads and dump bogus clients to target them for better marketing results.

All these features automate the process of lead capturing and nurturing to avoid delay in lead management process and filter out better leads from the collected list of interested prospects.

Enhance Productivity

In most of the traditional business models, the sales and marketing team had to juggle around desk work and site visits to finish their daily chores. With SalesBabu CRM automated salesforce features every information is collected at a centralised location, which is accessible by various stakeholders at anytime from anywhere. With these facilities, the sales and marketing team can send quotations and sales order details at the desk or on the client site and quickly set up a meeting and follow up activities for further sales tracking.

These work life balance options help in increased productivity for the team and faster closure of deals by being connected to the cloud based system at all times. 

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Increases Flexibility

This tool makes your teams more responsive. Dashboards shows the status of your team. It gives you a framework of progress. Reminders and alerts help in tracking different followup and upcoming meeting without manual tracking and constant auditing of the client interaction system. Mobile Sales app feature helps in providing on the go features to create campaigns  and sales order with easy sharing features over email and SMS mode. Also, live location tracking and inbuilt reports of workload help in providing increased flexibility to the sales team to share their close deals and current work items in hand. They need not be present at their desk for sharing their work details and current status of work.

Mobile sales app  is a perfect tool to provide flexibility and increased efficiency for sales team.

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Shorten the Sales Cycle

In most of the manual ways of sales management, it used to take long hours to prepare quotations and sales orders for clients. Also, generic sales campaigns were lengthy and hectic to prepare with long juggle of data fetching from different tools and manual documents. With offset of Sales force automation tool, the marketing automation features helps your team to get instant access to all the sales and customer data information. It shrinks the sales cycle and saves a lot of time of the organizations with automated features of quotation and sales order creation.

Also, reminders and report generation features in SalesBabu CRM application  helps in creating automated analysis and forecasts on various products and client details. These features considerably reduce the sales lifecycle and improve the overall productivity of the sales and marketing team.

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Maximize Customer Relations 

One can easily view the purchase history of the customers. Analysis of customer database helps you to know the customer behavior and their needs. In this competitive environment every company is looking for Marketing automation software to streamline their process.

SalesBabu CRM also provides features which help in recording complaints and client requirement in a centralised repository which help marketing team to understand client needs before making any specific quotation or presentation for sales closures. Also, sales order and quotation history can be tracked using these features which help in understanding the shopping trend and financial restrictions of clients to provide more user friendly quotes and sales deals.

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Better solution for the Organizations

It is the best emerging sales tool in India which provides you the detailed statistics and reports. It is an ideal solution which reduces the extra time and efforts of your team. It is easy to use software for non-technical people also. One can make a more detailed and useful profiles of the customers. You can get organized by keeping track of tasks, appointments, follow up activities, alerts of neck client visits and more about your business engagement in one place.

Maintain Relationship

Through marketing automation software businesses can establish good relationships with the customers. The regular flow of the data in daily customer activities helps to personalize your interaction with the customers and improves it. It helps to deliver more valuable communication to the potential buyers and current customers.

Lead nurturing

By using marketing automation, you can simplify and automate the whole lead nurturing process. You can be easily able to clip the prospects and lead information from the various social media channels. You can also automate the categorization of lead by lead scoring and send them personalized emails using the email automation. You can also improve the follow-ups through the auto responders.

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SalesBabu CRM provides a huge list of varied software features which helps in automating and managing the overall sales and marketing workflows and help to reduce the sales lifecycle with increased revenue and productivity for the firm.