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Is it essential to have a Ticket Management System Software for Helpdesk Operation?

We have been noticing the customers saying intime support is received and hence, we are able to work on the machinery and start the production. Some say support has not been yet received, equipment is good quality but the support is not proper. Few say oh ! the product and the support after sales is very pathetic. 

These kind comments have been heard and noticed that frustrations of the companies and industry sector are more. 

Product suppliers and service providers must have a customer service ticketing system in their company to track the complaints received from the customers. Customer support team members are unable to manage the complaints pouring in huge numbers and register them in time to provide proper support

Companies offering the product or services, if the customers are not receiving in time support then, losing your loyal customers are natural. To retain the loyal customers and have the future business with word of mouth or references, then providing in time and proper customer care to be given to the customers. 

To streamline support teams, complaints and organising the complaints as per the priorities, an online ticketing system for customer support is required in the companies. Companies expect the simplified version of the helpdesk ticketing software and support received for clarifying the queries as and when necessary. 

The ticket management helps to maintain and centralize all the customer related conversations either by E-mail, Website, cloud telephony, Chat or any other tool by integrating with the ticketing system software. 

The Vital Role of an Online Ticketing System in Customer Support

The incorporation of an online ticketing system is a pivotal necessity in the realm of customer support. This software delivers an integral role in helpdesk centers and service centers of all sizes, providing to various arrays of industries and employees who manage service requests and complaints through various channels.

Customers searching for assistance frequently utilize multiple means of interaction apart from just traditional phone calls. They may connect through email, websites, cloud-based telephony solutions, live chat, or other accessible tools. Hence, the ticketing system must effectively manage and respond to these diverse interaction channels.

Companies occupied in selling industrial machinery, home appliances, or granting service-oriented jobs prioritize on-time customer support, consistent servicing, and prompt warranty checks. Efficient customer support is of great paramount importance to shield from machinery breakdowns, and it necessitates a prompt acknowledgement from service contact centers to deploy technicians to resolve machinery concerns at customer sites. Positive feedback received from satisfied customers, arising from effective product or service support, fosters loyalty and increases the customer base for the company.

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Benefits of Online Ticketing System :

  • Increase Efficiency with Automation – With a good ticketing system, automating routine tasks will improve your team’s productivity. From assigning tickets to a specific agent to creating preset responses for frequently asked questions to defining advanced rules if deadlines are not met, a helpdesk makes it all these easy.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty – With a well-organized customer support process, the courtesy of an online ticketing system, it becomes very much easier to make your customers happy. These customers will be loyal to your brand and will spread the word about positive experiences they had.
  • Make Self-Service Easier for Customer – A support ticketing system should have an in-built knowledge base that lets you issue detailed solution articles and resources that customers will be able to use to find important information about your product. This can also reduce their need to reach out to your support team every time.
  • Master Multi-Channel Communication – A good helpdesk ticketing system will offer a common platform for controlling all customer conversations. You can also manage interactions of customers over channels such as email, phone, live chat, and social media, all in a single place.
  • Track and Measure Support – With the help of good ticket management software, you can monitor the progress of your team seamlessly. Using inclusive reports, you will be able to identify problems faster, recognize good or bad performance, track customer satisfaction and monitor service standards.

What is a Customer Service Ticketing System?  

Ticket Management System for the better customer service

Helpdesk ticket management software is for the information storing about the problem or issues received from the customers, overview its status – attended or not yet, assigning the complaints to the service engineers and getting the real time reports on the complaints to manage them in centralizally. 

Tickets are raised by the customer service team on receiving any kind of issues where the customers are facing the problem in their day to day job activities. These tickets are analyzed by the customer support teammates and assigned to the service technicians who provided the appropriate support as per the terms and conditions discussed during the procurement of the product or service.   

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There is an option for the customers to submit a service ticket online over a website and after the submission, he receives a referencing acknowledgement – stating the ticket successfully submitted and technicians will be in touch shortly. It is a program as auto notification which enables the company to address its internal team to manage and streamline the process of issue resolution.

Ticketing system software manages the tickets on the issue the requestor is facing with the necessary  data such as what category of complaint received, priority of the complaint, to whom it is to be assigned and related to what department, etc.  The helpdesk ticketing software is working as a  single point of contact with the service provider and customer in regard to the registered support requests as a ticket. The tickets analyzed are assigned to the service technician, visits the customer location, attends the complaint, checks the status of the complaint as under warranty or AMC or it is non warranty or not signed up AMC. They do the service actions and complete the service by resolving the issues – if necessary by replacing the spares. 

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The highlighting points which provides online ticketing system for customer support

Tickets mapped with the customer complaints: On receipt of the issue raised by the customer either over integrated tools or over phone calls, these tickets are prioritised as per the issue and assigned to the customer support technicians for providing the quick resolutions through the helpdesk software. Customer support teams have to ensure that, whenever there is a complaint raised by the loyal customers, they have to create a ticket for an issue that is mapped with a customer, so that his contact details are ato fetched and is not missed out in the complaint registered lists. Mapping helps to track how many complaints have been raised by the customer, when the product or service procured with what all norms discussed and how long is he with the company. 

Managing the tickets for better productivity with helpdesk software: Customers want their complaints to be resolved in time. Hence the company from whom the product or service procured attends their complaint request in time and helps to resolve the issues related. To maintain the loyal customers, companies have to implement a customer service ticketing system to manage the complaint tickets, assign those tickets to technicians to resolve the issues and have the productivity of attending the complaints and try to zero the complaints on the products or services. 

Helpdesk ticket management software helps to segregate the complaints as per the skill based. geography location based, either voice and non-voice departments to attend the complaints. Auto-assigning the customer complaints possible and by integrating the cloud telephony solution,  designated region wise support executives can attend the call regarding the customer queries. Assigning and managing the field technicians for attending the complaints can be auto assigned. 

This way the streamlining the customer support team and technicians is possible with nullifying the  missed out complaints. Escalation teams are able to handle the escalated complaints assigned to them by the junior level of the privileged loyal customers, whom the company cannot make them await for the timely support call. Productivity of the complaints attended by the customer support teammates has been analysed through the helpdesk ticketing software. 

Self service portal for the customer: every company to have a self service portal system, wherein the customers are able to get the information on resolving the simple issues, wherein they can avoid themselves awaiting for getting the support and registering the complaints with the product or service providers. Self service portal streamlines the complaint request process and eliminates unnecessary queue on registering the complaints. 

Integrations and multiple channel support for fetching complaints: Online ticketing system for customer support, to get the complaints registered by the customers without an intervention of a human. The ticket is fetched directly into the helpdesk ticketing software with an integration of the website or email. It is helpful to find complaints registered and with the source. 

This is very useful and the company can never miss any complaints, which usually have slipped out in a manual way taking the complaints. Other supportive channels which can be integrated with ticket management are cloud telephony or social pages. These complaints submitted through various channels are stored into one central tool ticket management system.

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MIS report: MIS report is very much useful at the end of a day to pull out the ticket related reports such as complaints registered, tickets generated and conversation of the tickets – resolved or not,  analysing the daily performance of customer support agents and field technicians. 

Management, service centers, technical heads and Managers are able to review the reports and prepare the projection on the ticket volume,any tickets yet not attended or missing out the complaints of loyal customers, resolution time taken by the support executive and field technicians. These metrics will help to identify, appreciate and reward the best performers in the team, boosting for a better performance


SalesBabu online ticketing system for customer support, allows companies who are into providing support to their valuable loyal customers by prioritizing the requests, which are beneficial in getting the reference business from them in future. Company has to ensure the best customer support and keep happy customers by responding to their requests immediately. A product or service which is needed immediate response without breaking down the machineries within the warranty period or as per the AMC agreement signed. Responding to be on priority with the customers and providing proper service, no matter when it was first received.

Customer support is success for the business, increasing and retaining the loyal customer base with the implementation of Ticketing System Software.