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Five ways to prioritize and resolve IT support tickets faster

Companies in present days have known the importance of customer support, customer experience and how it is directly contributing growth to the company. Customer centric culture is the way to improve customer satisfaction and retaining as loyal customers

Company needs a tool help desk management system for a better customer support and customer service experience. This will help to yield the results of achieving delighting customers into the company customer base.  

Help desk management software which enables the customer support department to take the complaints from the customers, keeping the track of the complaints with status and focussing on resolving the customer issues in the stipulated time. Cloud help desk software is a single window tool wherein the customers can raise their tickets and the support team is getting a notification on the registered complaint, which is to be focussed on providing the solution. Integration with the cloud telephony solution, email, website and other channels to register the complaint, helping the customer to save the time of being in a queue to register the complaint. Simultaneously the customer support team is able to save their time by eliminating the question raised to understand the issue of the customer and spend more time to resolve their issue in time and efficiently. 

Options are open for the customers to interact with the customer support team to question, request and problem raising over the companies toll free numbers. Online customer support software has a ticket raising system with the customer issues, organizing the tickets for a faster resolution, tracking and ensuring compliance along with service level agreement and the issue requests are responded in time. Moreover the company’s website required to provide the FAQs for the minor resolve issues by the customers itself, which saves time of both – customer and customer support team. Online support software  that promotes collaboration within the support team, helping to respond to customer complaints properly and in time providing resolution. 

Customer support team of the company is always in hectic situations, keeping customers updated on the situation, the internal office communication is well intact and making sure the process of support is running smoothly. Whether it’s a small team in a start-up company or fast-growing company, customer support is important, tickets to be prioritized and focus on resolving tickets in time.  This is the progress and productivity of the support team which is not reduced to small numbers.  

Benefits of implementing cloud based help desk ticketing systems – Firstly, the benefit of a help desk management system is faster ticket resolution. Customers’ concern is on their issues – how to address them and how soon they get the support from the company. 

Let us understand the list of five ways to prioritize and resolve the tickets 

  • Time saving of identifying the repeat issues which is already handled: In the online customer support software, the data is gathered and each ticket details are stored. These informations are reviewed internally, by the support team to help the management in overcoming repeated similar issues for future problem-solving. These helpful key information provided on the knowledge base module in the online support software for the ready referrals. Being the information centralized, easy way in communicating with your teammates and providing the customer early resolution to avoid recurring issues. Issues dealt with by the customers properly and resolve these issues quickly, will help the support team to have analysis with root cause in preventing issues. 

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Enhancing Issue Understanding for Swift Customer Responses:

To assure rapid and productive customer responses, the process initiates with a thorough recognition of the issue. During the complaint registration, an automated system is engaged to collect necessary detailings. The cloud-based help desk ticketing process plays an important role in gathering the majority of pertinent information when clients register their complaints, which can be processed through several channels such as the website or social media pages.

After the complaint is registered, it is thoroughly processed by the support team members, and the related skilled support executive is assigned to manage it. Automation simplifies the complaint balancing the process by classifying problems depending on their priority. Client updates and automated alerts for the support team members are activated  upon the problem registration. Consistent status updates are communicated to clients via email or SMS, granting transparency on problems resolution progress.

Effectively allocating tasks to the appropriate team members not only saves time but also instills confidence in clients that their concerns are being recognised promptly. Providing the ticket to a learned support technician in close proximity to the client’s destinations delivers significant benefits and promotes early response to tickets—arguably the most efficient way to acknowledge IT requests.

If the suitable and similar issue request is received, it helps the support executive to determine his response time. Attending the issue will save time and provide early response to the issue.

Resolving the customers ticket consistently, with the help of internal knowledge base FAQs documented by the internal research support team, on repeated common issue resolutions. This is helping the entire support team and it is a best practice as a referral for the future similar issue attending. 

Cloud help desk software, the helpdesk support team can quickly review from the knowledge base FAQ’s and provide quick response to the customers query or issues.

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  • Communication Process – Multichannel communication & Unified Interface tools: Every one has noticed the customers support team responses to the issue registered with the companies. Resolution time is taken long for small issues and sometimes the calls get disconnected or no response from them. Customer support team has to respond timely with the relevant updates on the registered issue. 

There is a requirement of figuring out on the issue and how to resolve it. With the help of help desk management software, IT departments will automate the response, by sending an email to the customer and the support executive as soon as a ticket is generated. Customer support teams have to be honest and realistic while communicating with customers, on the delay or errors arising during the resolution process.  

Using an online support software is an easier process, creating and managing IT support tickets, sending customers sms messages or an email, which is a trackable ticket in the solution. It will help to do communication, prevent on submitting duplicate tickets into the system and provide the status update.

Multichannel tools helping customers get connected with the customer support department to raise their issue. Few customers prefer to call and register the issue, some over an email sending, few over call center number – cloud telephony solution integrated with the cloud based help desk ticketing system. Unified interface and integrated tools is nowadays very popular, reason customer support team is able to view customer information – customer details, product information, past communication and interaction detailed history and also if any opened and resolved tickets still in the customer account lying without any response. 

All this information available on the customer support executives dashboard, helps him to improve support tickets resolving, efficiency in handling the customer issues. It improves the customer support executive’s  quality of having the customer interactions with cloud help desk software.

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  • Prioritizing the tickets: Customer complaints are continuously pumped in throughout the day. It is mandatory to assign the tickets and prioritizing with the SLA matrices set in the help desk management software for early resolution. Many factors to be considered while prioritizing the tickets. Factors to be considered are who is getting affected, will it be manageable, will it be affecting one person or the department. On reviewing the severity of the issue and the ticket raised can be assigned to the skilled person who works on the top priority. The ticket assigned to be with the status of the priority – high – medium or low. Customer support executive while dealing with the customer, he will know the type of priority high means attending the issue immediately, medium after some time and low which can be attended before the end of the day. Escalation matrices help in unresolved or critical issue handling. 
  • Workflow for the prioritized tickets handled in an evenly manner: Customers complaints to be handled in an evenly manner, not over burdening the skilled support team with a large number of high priority tickets, but making them flexible and agile. Minor or low tickets are managed less due to the availability of self service issue resolution over a website FAQs.  This will result in non productivity of the skilled support technicians in handling the high priority ticket resolution Because of handling many cases there will be a delay of handling the next critical issue, which is on high priority. A workflow of assigning and managing the tickets, which helps to keep the support team avoiding the confusion in handling the issue and eliminating the frustration of managing the critical issues. 

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Some Practices To Better Prioritize Your Support Tickets : 

1. Customer Category 

For each and every business, all customers must be treated equally. However, when it involves prioritization of support tickets, normally the primary preference is to paid customers before reps progress to free customers. Frequently, businesses even have another customer category above these two: VIP customers. The preference here keeps shifting based on which customer category has the foremost number of tickets. Even under this prioritization strategy, support teams will consider the urgency of the problem. Preference is shifted accordingly.

2. Optimize Reassign Process

Often, support reps get tickets with issues that cannot be solved by them but requires tech support. During this case, your reassign process must be faster and better optimized. If you’re using manual means to forward such tickets, then gaps are sure to happen and tickets might go unanswered. 

The best way to handle this issue is to use an automatic reassigning process using tags. This could be easily achieved using a CRM integrated with service automation. All you have got to do is use keyword tags like “the system crashed,” “technical issues” or such, and send all the tickets with these tags directly to the tech team. This approach will not only save time but also reduce the reply cycle.


The advantage of adopting SalesBabu help desk management software, customers are able to register the complaint directly over the software, helpdesk support executives are getting notified of the complaints registered and support managers are able to view the list of complaints registered on a daily basis. 

Cloud help desk software helps to achieve faster ticket resolution, through the ticket getting assigned to the skilled support executives, ticketing automation, collaboration among the support team and quick access on the customers information with the product purchased details. All the information available on one platform and easy to access from anywhere, anytime by the support team. Complaints resolved in a timely and efficient manner, getting the customer feedback with satisfaction will help to source word of mouth from them. 

Processing tickets and organising the urgent issues behind routine tickets, backlog tickets streamlining to reduce the unnecessary stress within the customer support department is to automate complaint management systems.