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Latest Emerging Trends : Cloud Based CRM Solution

Latest Emerging Trends : SalesBabu Online CRM

The escalating success graph of Cloud Based CRM trends is credited to its incredible technical advantage over traditional premise hosted applications. Not only the software is getting highly beneficial for the sales reps, but it is making easier for the top honchos to keep a complete eye upon the ongoing processes and activities, analyzing the upcoming challenges,  advantageous areas and the painful corners of the organization so that all the issues could be taken care of well before they get heightened.

Cloud based CRM offers the sales automation platform in highly affordable rates. It reduces the burden of software maintenance and software deployment from the customer’s head. Thus, for the enterprises which don’t have a dedicated IT department for executing the software maintenance, this is greatly beneficial. A user can easily update his CRM from anywhere and at anytime. This is a major benefit over the conventional CRMs. It’s easy to use interface and user friendly set up give it an add-on benefit.

 In its attempt to impoverish itself more and more, Latest CRM trends are to upgrade its features and technically and graphically to give better customer interaction.  Here a glimpse of SalesBabu CRM features which have made the experience much better for software users.

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Centralised Data Management

SalesBabu CRM provides a cloud based integrated data storage facility which is the latest growing requirement for every company. Many companies have huge issues in tracking every new customer and understand their individual requirements. CRM softwares help in recording information like contact details, demographic background, interested products, business history with the firm and other about a prospective client. This centralised information help in collecting all the information required for lead tracking and closing better sales deals. 

The sales and marketing team can leverage the uses of this integrated database to understand every detail of a customer and create targeted quotation and sales order for better sales deals and quick conversion rate.

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Lead Management

An efficient system of Lead Management is one of the most sought after emerging trends. Companies are looking for new ways to attract more customers towards their products and business services. SalesBabu CRM plays an important role in managing overall lead capturing and nurturing process, along with lead filtration and sales closure activities.

SalesBabu CRM uses latest technologies to set automated trackers on social media websites, webpages and other common forums to track different prospects and record their details in a centralised database. SalesBabu CRM can integrate with different third party vendors to aid targeted lead capturing and nurturing.

Once a set of interested clients are recorded in a common repository, further filtration service to understand the real interested clients and separate them with bogus leads. Furthermore, many added features of lead nurturing are used to send personalised emails and other communication messages related to the product in question and help in better sales tracking and follow ups.

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Quotation Management

One of the latest buzzwords in the economic market is to have an efficient quotation management system. These features are implemented in SalesBabu CRM software to enable users to create a standardised format of quotation for various clients and other interested parties. These quotation management system help in sharing a clear understanding of the products and payment details in an organised manner and shared with the client for further sales process. 

Quotation undergoes different amendment as per discussion with the clients and each set of changes are added clearly in a centralized location to understand the changes occured in the quotation discussions.

A Cover letter is one of the most impressive features freshly introduced in SalesBabu CRM. This feature is illustrated in the quotation module. This helps in preparing a cover letter prior to the commercial part in the quotation.

These facilities of flexible quotation creation support help in organising the overall sales process in a more systematic manner and keep customers aware of the proceeding and details in a detailed manner.

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Data Analysis and Report

Reports and data analysis of customer and business data has become more of a necessity than an emerging trend. With these features, companies can create statistics on various segments of business like product demand in market, market trends on various items, the internal performance of each sales member, customers with most promising deals in history and more. 

SalesBabu CRM also enables the user to use many inbuilt and customized reports for their daytoday workflows. Custom reports are one of the hot cakes in the market where users can generate specific reports of their own interests from the software itself. A few clicks and parameter filtration are enough to generate user friendly and self explanatory reports for business usage.

These details on various aspects of business help in gathering information on the current state of affairs and help in improving the business policies in benefit of the organisation and better revenue generation.

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Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking and followup activities are one of the most important features of the SalesBabu CRM software. Many customers look for features which help their sales and marketing team can set reminder and alert along with the quotation and sales order creation which help in managing every sales process at one location. Invoicing option is an Add-on module which if enabled by the user, will give the invoicing details at the home page of the software. This helps in getting all notification on the dashboard and create an organised system of lead tracking and monitoring. Also, features like  Scratch Pad enables a user to make separate notes with all the formatting features available. These notes help to keep whatever you want to keep for your own reminder client talks. Sales team can add quick notes to sales order and quotation details to implement customized features for the customer as per the ongoing discussions.

Some Trends of CRM

  • CRM software systems with wearables – This is the big revolution in the development of CRM systems. The wearable is a device that is worn by consumers to track the health of them and fitness information. If all the CRM applications are integrated with wearable devices then it will be beneficial to have real-time information of the customers and access their account data. The businesses can be engaged effectively with the customers and also can discover the opportunities selling the products and enhancing their relationship with the customers.
  • Handling Big data – As the data penetrates from the multiple channels with high velocity, variety, and volume, the CRM solution provider explores how this big data can manage well and be able to use it effectively. 
  • Using CRM data effectively – The current and historical data of the customers is very huge that the CRM users spend more time manually entering the data in the system than using it effectively for the beneficial purpose. CRM providers all are working on providing easier and simpler ways of handling the data of the customers using mobile devices. 
  • Shifting to cloud-based CRM – All the businesses are preferring cloud-based CRM software to overcome all the problems with this CRM software in which each and every new feature development needs an expensive upgrade. This cloud-based CRM software helps to lessen all the burden businesses on investing in the infrastructure. 
  • Creating the best customer experience – The life of everyone is not segregated between the black and white moments, but for customers and businesses, it is. The customers remember the business products with the best experience and worst experiences. The businesses that use CRM are now placing the activities related to satisfying the customer and making them feel good at the top of their priority lists.

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SalesBabu CRM is change settler with latest technologies and trends implemented in an organised cloud based software solution which helps in overall business management and revenue generation.