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Online CRM in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Challenges and Success Factor

Other sectors like the FMCG, travel and call centre etc have direct interaction with the end consumers. But, when it comes to Pharmaceutical industry they do not have direct interaction with the consumers i.e, the patients. Here, though the consumers are patients the actual decider is the doctor or chemist. Thus, the Pharmaceutical industry has many barriers to be faced when it comes to gaining success. 

Here are some challenges that you can overcome by implementing a Pharmaceutical CRM software- 

1. Pharma CRM software is a costly investment! 

The implementation of Pharma CRM can be expensive for some Pharma concerns. There are many Pharma CRMs available with different features and functionalities in the market. But, choosing the right Pharmaceutical CRM software that provides the best feature with a cost effective Pharma CRM software is very important. No matter what is the size of your business, but you will have loads of information to be managed efficiently. And the cloud based CRM software helps you to manage the overall database at a single platform. Instead of maintaining manual records, implementing a CRM system can reduce paperwork and manual errors as well. It not only stores customer data but also helps you to make your business tasks easier and quicker. Thus, you will not regret investing on a cloud based CRM software. 

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2. How to protect online CRM data?

As mentioned above that a Pharma company has loads of information stored in the CRM system. And when you are using a cloud service, since there are chances of losing an amount of control to handle data. There are more chances for the hackers to have access to the data. 

It’s important to remember that a minor security issue or breach at one cloud-based service provider, whether it’s a CRM vendor or otherwise, is not a complete representation of an insecure cloud environment. It’s a shared responsibility for the company to maintain the encryption and in the house premises well restricted with security measures and also create a positive environment for the employees to avoid any malfunctions and security breaches. We should act together with cloud service providers to showcase that data security is our top priority for every vendor and we will make sure we keep our customer data secure and healthy. You should also make sure that you are working with a well-trusted CRM vendor.

3. Our MRs do not prefer using a Pharma CRM software! 

Though CRM system is implemented in many Pharma firms, but there are issues regarding the acceptance of Pharmaceutical CRM software by the MRs. There is a common problem faced by many business concerns regarding the elimination of interest to use the  Pharma CRM system. The CRM system is ultimately implemented to make work easier, mainly for the MRs. But if your MR is not willing to use the Pharma CRM software it can be a waste of implementing a CRM system for your Pharma. 

Make your MRs understand the importance of using a Pharma CRM to complete their daily tasks. Train your MRs regarding the using of CRM software. Until they realise the importance of using a cloud based CRM software for their work, you cannot make them use the CRM system. 

4. Is business process a hectic task with CRM System?

A CRM system is used to make business process and operation easier and quicker instead of adding extra work to the existing workload. Implementation of CRM System helps you to connect with other departments of your business concern and also reduces the chances of miscommunication that may slow down the business concern. Making use of the required customizations in a CRM system will help your reps to work efficiently. Cloud based CRM software will help your hectic work schedule to be bifurcated according to the priorities and have a record of the assigned task as well as completed tasks.

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5. Working with CRM system can be a time consuming task! 

If you are under a myth that using a CRM system is an extra time consuming task, you are wrong! CRM system makes your work easier and faster. There are many features which comes in a cloud based CRM software, which helps you to work efficiently without any wastage of time. Some features which helps you to make the right use of time are-

  • The CRM system helps you to manage all the data at the single platform. Thus, you need not have to waste time searching for information on different pages. 
  • It also helps you to bifurcate the prospects or the leads according to their level of interest. By this you can eliminate the time being wasted for unfruitful leads. 
  • The CRM system provides automated Pharma report, which helps your reps to eliminate the time wasted on preparing pharma report. 

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Success of implementing Pharmaceutical CRM software 

  1. Pharma CRM Strategy 
    • Implementing a Pharmaceutical CRM software cannot be successful without having CRM objectives and how you intend to achieve it. When you are planning on making use of the CRM Software as a business strategy, you should also have an objective of what you want to achieve.
    • Knowing your customers or clients is the best strategy for business growth.
    • Then, competitors!! Do not forget them as well. If you are unaware about your competitors and where you fall in the race, then you are surely under a costly downside.
    • Identify your sales channels and sales process to efficiently increase your sales. 
    • Define contacts, leads, prospects, opportunities, pipelines and align marketing and sales team. 

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  1. Technology 
    Rather than digging through files after files, you can make use of the CRM technology to access overall data with just a single click. The Pharmaceutical CRM software is ultimately a technology accepted widely by the business world. It helps you to track as much or as little of the client data that you require. It is the present best technology which helps you to maintain a good relationship with your clients for a longer time period. 
  2. Business process 
    The business process in a Pharmaceutical industry can be carried out efficiently with the use of a Pharmaceutical CRM software. The initial step of the business process in Pharma is to track leads, follow up, record the entire data related to the doctors, chemists, healthcare etc (which includes specializations, contact details, visiting time etc). 

And secondly, the everyday tasks of your reps are recorded and reviewed. The Pharma CRM will allow you to document every detail and help you to carry out the business process smoothly. 

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Now that you are aware of the Pharmaceutical CRM software, it is easy for you to decide its implementation in your business. Though choosing the best CRM system is surely a challenging task, you need to follow some tips and before making decisions. Every Pharma is not the same, it has its own requirements and wants. Be sure to choose the right cloud based CRM software which is appropriate for the size and type of company which you are responsible for running.

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