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6 Ways CRM in Pharma industry ensures continual growth

6 Ways CRM in Pharma industry ensures continual growth

What is the pharmaceutical industry? 

A pharmaceutical industry or commonly known as the drug company is a commercial business  that discovers, develops, produces and markets the pharmaceutical drugs for medical purposes. 

The main aim of these pharmaceutical sectors are to vaccinate and cure the ailments of patients. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex sectors in terms of customers and buying behaviour process. Here the customer is the patient and the decider is the physician. Here the consumer or the customer (i.e, the patient) cannot make decisions or choices because the physician is the one who prescribes the medicine or drugs. They are subjected to various laws and regulations regarding the testing and distribution of the drugs.  

Did you know? 

India is the largest provider of generic drugs in the world. It supplies over 50% of the global demand. Presently, Indian pharmaceutical concerns are supplying over 80% of antiretroviral drugs to combat AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). As India has a large count of scientists and engineers to steer the industry ahead in the pharmaceutical market, it just needs the right management.  

In a recent post from India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) which is a trust established by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India stated that ‘Medicine spending in India is projected to grow 9-12% over the time period of five years’. And India would be among the 10 top countries in terms of medical spending. The Indian government has taken many steps in order to reduce the costs and also bring down the healthcare expenses for the citizens. 

Now that we have discussed about the present state of pharmaceutical sector in India, let us know more about building up lifetime value of doctors, chemists and stockists in the pharmaceutical market.  

Being a pharmaceutical industry it becomes important for the companies to build lifetime relationship with doctors, stockists, chemists etc. The pharma CRM software helps the Pharmaceutical Industry to focus on organising and maintaining a good relationship with clients, customers and service agents. The pharma CRM helps the pharmaceutical firms to determine strategies in order to acquire competitive customer value and advantage in marketing through the leading CRM technology.

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Pharma CRM, MR Reporting Software | SalesBabu CRM

The pharma sectors are also there to acquire profit and success in their business. But the pharmaceutical sectors have tons of hurdles to face in the present market. But the entire game plan can turn courts if efficiently planned and organised. One of the best and trending business strategies is the implementation of the CRM software. The online pharma CRM helps to manage the overall workflow of the pharmaceutical industry. The various facilities provided by the pharma CRM are –

  • Streamline the sales process effectively
  • Complete tracking of Doctor Visits and Dealers Visits
  • Monthly Travel Plan submission
  • Anytime and anyplace submission of DCR( Daily Calling Report)
  • Saves your stationery and courier costs
  • Raises your sales force performance
  • Complete Sales Process gets more transparency
  • Monthly & Daily Expense management get automated.
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Here are 6 ways through which CRM in the pharmaceutical industry ensures continual growth

It is a well-known fact that making a profit is not easy in today’s market. To achieve something becomes very difficult when an individual is working in the pharma sector. This is because pharma companies will face so many hurdles so that other corporate companies do not need to worry about the time lag between timing and sanction of the drug, changing os drug regulation laws, etc. 

The biggest hurdle of pharma companies is that they cannot hire celebrities and they can’t directly market their products to the public. The entire plan lies upon the effective planning strategy. Implementing CRM software will successfully be a way to optimize the strategies of existing businesses and can create new ones. The advantage of CRM software will lie in its ability to create a platform to maintain a strong and constant relationship with customers in this case its doctors and patients ensuring that the loyalties will stay and they are snagged by competitors.

1. Proper utilization of the captured data 

The Pharma companies make huge investments and therefore concentrate on ROI (Return on Investment). Proper utilization of the available data becomes very important to organise sales activities accordingly. The CRM (Pharma SFA) helps managers and executives to store all the required data in a single platform which helps the managers to communicate necessary directions on time. Thus, it not only improves the sales performance but also improves the quality of decision making due to availability of the Real Time information. 

This includes the information about the distribution of patients, drugs and doctors can be collected and shared by a central repository of data through CRM software which ensures that there are no similarities between the supply and demand given at that time.

The benefits provided by SalesBabu Pharma sales force automation software (Pharma SFA) are- 

  1. Day-to-day Pharma reporting software
  2. Follow up reminders 
  3. Pending follow-ups reminder 
  4. Timely delegation of activities 
2. Develop a good relationship with clients

Customer relationship and customer satisfaction are the two most important sides of a coin in any business firm. Pharmaceutical sectors also need to develop a good relationship with their clients for a longer time period. Though the pharmaceutical sector is facing difficulty in maintaining a good relationship and building trust from their customers, the CRM pharmaceutical software is playing a vital role in doing so. 

The Doctor Info Management software helps to manage detailed records as the system uses electronic way to store the data in a structured form. With the help of the pharma CRM the MR (Medical representatives) executives can manage all the contact details that includes name, contact number, speciality, visiting time, products, birthdays, special occasions, etc in the master database module.

The trusted SalesBabu Pharmaceutical software provides various benefits through their Doctor info Management Pharmaceutical software. The benefits are – 

  1. Customer contact details 
  2. Management of detailed product details 
  3. Doctors appointment  with their professional details 
  4. Sample records and images store facility
3. Primary and secondary sales 

The MRs (Medical reps) are assigned a particular locality, where they need to submit their monthly sales and stock closing pharma reports to the head offices on a daily basis. The MRs are provided with primary sales and closing stock forms from the organisation and the MRs just have to fill in the details and send the forms to the headquarters. With the help of the Pharma Automation software the MRs can submit their pharma reports online. Thus, it not only makes the work of the MRs easier but also ensures minimum occurrence of mistakes or errors. 

4. Marketing strategy 

A soft approach to plugging drugs is an ethical and lawful process. Issuing of small gifts and displays at pharmaceutical counters and doctor’s desks catches the eyes of the customers. This can be planned effectively when a pharmaceutical  software gathers data of all pharmacies, doctors and prospective clients in a particular area with related open and close activities by the help of pharma marketing software.  

While marketing any prescription of the drug, it is considered unlawful and unethical, a soft approach of plugging the drugs is allowed. Issuing small gifts, pens, and some displays at pharmaceutical counters and on doctor’s desks will catch the eyes of the customers and will tend to stick with customers for a while. This should be effectively planned and in an insightful manner. CRM software will help to collect the data of all pharmacies, doctors, and customers in an area with related activities.

5. Right management of activities 

The MRs (Medical reps) are required to regularly optimise their sales force resources effectiveness, manage activities schedule for the MRs (i.e, monthly/quarterly/ half-yearly) and also focus on profitability. Managers and top level management can keep track of MRs when they are on the field. They can view the list of product promotions done by the MRs, assist and monitor their performance as well. 

The benefits provided by SalesBabu MR pharma Reporting software   are- 

  1. Monthly Tour Plan
  2. On-time reminders
  3. Daily Call Reports management(DCRs)
  4. Sample/Gift Inventory
  5. Sales Target & Product Order Booking
  6. Real time reports 
6. Competitor analysis 

Price competition among branded drugs usually occurs at the level of insurers and PBMs. Brand drug manufacturers compete on the prices paid by patients and their insurers by offering rebates to insurers in exchange for more favorable formulary placements. With the use of Pharma CRM & MR Reporting software, you can 

  1. Capture and upload real time image of band positioning.
  2. Realtime band availability tracking at distributors.
  3. Share real time information with reporting officers.

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