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How to Make Your Cloud CRM Your Company’s Most Flexible Tool

Today the scenarios are changing and it has been observed, in the open market there are many opportunities filled, wherein the large and small medium companies are trying to grab their share of the market and compete with each other. Unlike large industry, when it comes to the small businesses, in regard to the sales force streamlining, focussing on the revenue growth, withstanding and adapting the market changes in this competitive world they are mostly on a slow pace on decision making process.

It has been noticed that small businesses are facing problems in capital investment, data silos because of competition or animosity within the departments – getting the vital information difficult from the in-house and field employees of different departments – sales, marketing, and customer service. The employees hesitate to work collaboratively and keep the data within them, rather than sharing and working together in the growth of the business.

New technology which has been seen in the market, they come, penetrate the market and leave half a way. But some technologies remain & prevail in succeeding the market. 

Customer relationship management software is helping the companies to have a workable strategy and CRM is a flexible tool, which is helping the small businesses to grow and increase their business revenue. 

SalesBabu, since a decade plus, has been providing online sales CRM. SalesBabu online CRM is helping to make businesses streamline their salespeople, making sales people more productive, work smartly, efficiently and effectively. Salespeople are able to manage their prospective customers, sharing the information within the colleagues over the customer relationship management system. Employees are able to work with collaboration, coordinate with different departments – marketing, sales and customer service to meet their requirements. SalesBabu is providing the cloud CRM’s most flexible tool, which helps to accelerate the transformation of a business. 

Let us see how a small company can be accomplished with the CRM and have the sales volume growth and more retention of the loyal customers’ satisfaction.

Automating the input of the data done regularly

Staff have to practice their day’s activities today, being updated into the sales CRM tool. With an online CRM software, your team will never miss to update their follow ups done with the customers in regard to the sales, collection, despatches and communicating any other information within the internal teammates. Data entry need not be duplicated in maintaining into the CRM and worksheets or paper work. Daily activity notes can be entered into the CRM and whenever it is necessary to review, it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by anyone who is authorized in the CRM software. It is also helping other team mates to review. A CRM tool is able to automate the sales force and keep this process efficient for everyone involved.

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Getting an edge with an adapt of CRM

In small businesses, companies they need the CRM system to work as a collaborative tool and all the employees are on one platform. In absence of one employee the other one is able to work around the task and complete it. Small companies’ expectations are mastering in all work activities and this approach makes small companies a profitable business. 

CRM software is implemented and well trained by the provider to small enterprises employees,  wherein they are able to adapt and capture the information into the online CRM on a regular basis. This strengthens the customer service team interactions – engagement with the customers, which helps the company’s development and growth in retention of loyal customers.

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Marketing Automation

Automation of the marketing activities in the companies plays an important role, which ensures the revenue is generated regularly into the company. The hiccup in the small businesses, they don’t have too much of marketing budgets. With the help of CRM, small business companies can operate with the supportive marketing module available. Bulk emailing package to be integrated as a marketing automation tool, Wherein the email marketing and marketing campaigns can run with the personalized content and special offers & seasonal greetings to the customers.

Centralized database  

Small businesses want all their information to be in one location and accessible as and when a requirement arises. Bringing all the employees on one platform, so that information they input is captured and it is centralizally saved into the CRM software. CRM software system is allowing the salespeople, entire sales process streamlining and data getting stored in real-time. Other departments are able to keep updating their relevant information into the online CRM. Benefit of a CRM software is a centralized database allowing the team members to access, easily manage and update all the information, tracking the leads, accessing the marketing collaterals as and when necessary in the real-time manner. 

Online CRM is most flexible tool 

CRM software system the most flexible tool

The acceptance of an online sales CRM software as per the company’s business process is being a priority. Companies look for the functionality with flexibility. Sales automation software has to match the specific industry business and meet the needs of the sales force team. The need for a CRM business tool which can accommodate the pain areas faced by small industries who are into manufacturing, trading and consulting. Companies look out for a CRM which helps them in achieving their business revenue growth and streamlining the team.

Benefits of a powerful CRM with analytics 

The right CRM software is what every company is looking out for and reaches out many Online CRM service providers to implement CRM.  Best CRM for small business is to provide a powerful sales analytics CRM. CRM software provides the insight of maximizing the salespeople interactions to drive aggressive sales – whom to approach, when to contact, where to meet. Moreover it helps salespeople to do the follow ups with a mobile app and update their notes in real-time. It helps salespeople in making forecasts and bridging the gap on fact based forecasts. Sales forecast making becomes easy for the sales teams. 

CRM with analytics helps management to overview macro and micro scenarios, maximizing the opportunities, increasing the engagement with the clients for having the best leads and early sales closures.

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Integrations with the third party solutions

At present every industry is interested in the customers visiting their website to have the enquiries on a regular basis. Adapting the third party solutions – website, cloud telephony, social media pages and integrating with an online CRM, ensures the data of customer enquiries pouring in. Sales CRM software with the social pages, third party solutions will strengthen the sales and communication with the customers. To achieve the company’s objective and keep the pace, CRM helps in managing the daily task schedules, enhancement of the marketing activities, engagement with customers and tracking the leads possible.

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Tracking New Customer Acquisition and Retention of Loyal Customers

It’s a most usual observation that small businesses frequently target on gaining latest customers, sometimes at the cost acquired for neglecting their current loyal customer base. Although, managing and maintaining loyal customers is equally important for business success as it adds up to creating goodwill and assures recurring business. Such relationships with current customers is an important factor of business, and CRM systems deliver an important role in monitoring customers’ buying histories.

A Sales Management Tool caters as an efficient solution for maintaining both latest customer acquisition and the retention of current clients. Such a tool delivers functionality to monitor the sales funnel, affecting loyal customers to update with the latest products and embracing them to grant references for gaining latest customers. It highlights the necessity of consistent interaction with both latest and existing customers even after the beginning sales are completed, promoting a long-lasting and efficient customer relationship.

Efficient Reporting

Delivering a clear knowledge of your business’s potential revenue in the near future is important for delivering informed growth decisions. Revenue predictions deliver an important role in programmed planning, and a CRM system is contributory in catching up with your reporting requirements.

Implementing a CRM software allows an effortless monitoring of clear opportunities, campaign performance, and other important benefits for proceeding sales opportunities through the sales funnel. Equipped with such idetailings, you can deliver practical revenue predictions. Moreover, the capability to form and schedule customized reports assures that you target the most necessary and important information. CRM reporting delivers consistent insights into your business’s health, regulating sustainable development.

Enhanced, break-free communication

CRM will help you offer excellent customer support to clients by maintaining their communication history. Sometimes a client might have to communicate with a different rep from the one they are used to, like when a rep in your team leaves and another rep takes over the conversations with the customer of that rep. 

CRM software will help you easily overcome this challenge. With an enhanced CRM system, you will be able to store the communication history of each customer and your employees can quickly retrieve it, allowing new reps to quickly acquaint themselves with the issues that clients have been facing and pick up right where the previous one left off, making the transition seamless.


The CRM software market in the world is huge and demand is also more. Many CRM providers come, grow and vanish away. When the industries are growing, expansions are seen in the small business communities, then CRM providers are required to provide a best online CRM tool to streamline their business process and after sales support is to be given. 

SalesBabu online CRM is helping to capture the relevant data, collections of feedback information from the customers, able to access the data from anywhere, anytime and helping to drive business growth with the sales closures of new acquisitions and getting word of mouth from existing customers. Online CRM software is also offering to manage the contact management, lead management, product management, quotation making and sales order process. 

CRM can be a game-changing way to a Small business by using an innovative, strategic sales tool.