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Boost The Sales Productivity With Sales Force Automation

Boost The Sales Productivity With Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation techniques enable organizations to automate their complete sales process. This helps companies to take accurate sales reports and enable to do accurate sales forecast on Sales Funnel. Traditional methods of working on excel sheets and papers create complexity in any business process and this can be effect of daily work productivity of an organization. But now the whole process has been changed and Customer Relationship Management Software can maintain and execute all sales processes and synchronize the entire hectic task by a couple of clicks. CRM enables companies to monitor the progress of the sales people, their day to day productivity and performed tasks on a single screen. This can transform the working style of the Sales personnel and enable them to achieve a new level of success. CRM enables organization to do Categorization & Segregation of those potential customers who are important because of their continuous relationship and track record with the organization. CRM helps out the Sales Managers and CEO’s to take better business decisions on their Sales Business Process and can enhance & boost the Sales performance.

Benefits of sales force automation

  • Better management – Sales force automation functions as a centralized repository for all the sales activities done by the team. Instead of getting the statistics of the sales manually, sales managers can immediately access each and every salesperson’s activities, opportunities of sales lying in the pipeline, complaints of customers, and other metrics. In cases of areas that are problematic like under-performance of sales reps or cold leads that are blocked in the pipeline, they can proactively make the adjustments to solve these issues.
  • Lead mapping –  Many modules of the sales force automation will come with easy lead mapping in the sales process. They extract the leads which are generated from multiple sources like email, website visit, campaigns and outbound calls. Once it’s done, they prompt the sales manager who will then assign that to the respective sales agents. When the new leads are assigned, sales reps can quickly and easily view the leads, schedule the meetings.
  • Increase in revenue –  Sales force automation will store all the order details of the customer which will benefit the up-selling and cross-selling activities. Using sales force automation, sales staff can determine:
  • Pattern of customers order
  • Most profitable customers
  • Preferences of customers

Equipped with all these metrics, sales professionals can get an exact idea of the products and services, pitch those subtly while making conversations with the customers..

  • Organized contact management  – The basic details of the customers like name, phone number, address, and email, etc along with the related contacts, purchases, opportunities are stored in a compact way. This will provide clear visibility to all the contacts through a centralized repository. By sales automation program follow-ups happen very easily and scheduling the appointments. The sales team also finds it easy to:
  • Tracks the interaction of every customer
  • Views complete history of the sales
  • Track the status of all sales opportunities.
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Challenges to Enhance Sales Productivity

  • How to handle Leads?
  • How to Validate potential inquiries?
  • How to do IN-HOUSE Lead Generation?
  • How to measure salesperson Daily Work Productivity?
  • How to define daily Work Task?
  • Is it possible to keep track all the Sales Activities?
  • Is it possible to enhance salesperson productivity?
  • How to make Automatic Price Proposals?
  • How to manage Customer Orders automatically?
  • Is it possible to get Notification Reminder against the upcoming task?
  • How to manage all contact and their Priority Levels.

Above listed and many other challenges are faced daily in any sales department of various firms. SalesBabu CRM is a cloud based CRM software system which can enable automated and systematic organisation of sales lifecycle to improve overall productivity of the team.

How CRM help to Boost Sales Productivity?

  • Streamline your Sales Force 

Manual sales management is error prone and causes a lot of money to be invested in reworks and other wastages. SalesBabu CRM enable companies to manage overall business processes and reduce operation costs for the firm. Also, with the help of this software, every pre and post sales processes can be streamlined in an organised manner. SalesBabuCRM help sales staff to manage inquiries, customer database, makes automated quotation and manage customer sales orders.

  • Inquiry Validation 

Lead validation is a crucial part of every business, SalesBabu CRM enables companies to nurture your potential lead from large enquiry pool. As we all know, it’s an ongoing process to filter out interested leads and check weather every incoming query is a genuine enquiry or not. This software solution helps us to filter out bogus leads and enable to do more effective follow up with an interested client to enhance your sales funnel.

  • Track Salesperson productivity

SalesBabuCRM enables companies to track their sales productivity in a more organised manner. This helps you out with the current status of sales process and accordingly you can forecast the Sales funnel. Automated features in the software enable you to check each salesperson daily work so that managers can guide the salesperson or can advise the subordinate to improve the overall team’s productivity.

Mobile Sales app facility in SalesBabu CRM helps in monitoring sales team performance on the move as well. The features like live location sharing, presentation and campaign creation, quotation discussion with clients, sending final sales orders to customers are very useful in providing support to clients at all hours.

With this mobile sales app facility, the sales team can stay connected with the customers at all times and provide an efficient customer support system to improve overall customer satisfaction level with the firm.

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SalesBabu CRM enables companies to pursue their customers with a systematic system of regular activities and follow up events. These activities are added to a centralised database which can be triggered with reminders and alert for any upcoming meetings or site visits.

These facilities help in a more productive system of lead nurturing and convert more deals for the company.

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SalesBabu CRM enable organizations to make automated quotation easily via an application, this helps you to reduce the timing of making quotation in word formats. With numerous clients in hand, it’s difficult to create different quotations for each client manually. With SalesBabu CRM, every quotation creation and reworks can be quickly done through automated services and facilities of auto notification to clients. This helps in sending quick email chain to the customer for keeping them aware of the latest changes for the quotations.

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SalesBabu CRM enables companies to handle all customer orders & interactions on a single screen, this helps you out with the complex process of order management in Sales business. SalesBabu CRM facilitates tracking pending payment, work assignment and set up document submission reminders to follow up with the customer and close sales deals faster.

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Reports and data analysis is very critical when it comes to proper management of products and future forecasting of demand and supply chain. With an organised system of demand forecasting, inventory management of the business can be handled in a much better way thereby avoiding any overstock and understock situations.

Data Analysis also helps in understanding your day today activities like performance within the sales team or the products with more demand and other reports. These details and statistics help in taking more proactive measure for improved revenue for the business.

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SalesBabu CRM enable companies to automate their sales force processes. This help you out to manage an inquiry & to complete the order processing where you need to put extra efforts. At primary stage of your business you are bound to manage your new leads, and on the other hand look after your existing clients. SalesBabuCRM manages and increase your sales in terms of sales revenue and can enhance your client experience as well.

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