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Automate Your Sales Force With Minimum Cost

Automate Your Sales Force With Minimum Cost

Automation in sales operation holds the ability to minimize the cost of sales by freeing up time spent on administrative work and reporting and to unlock more revenue by automating outreach to customers in the sales funnel. However, many decision-makers or top-level management are not aware or have not taken advantage of the value that sales automation can create across a growing range of use cases in their business.

Automation tailored to sales activities is a win for sales reps, companies, and customers. To benefit from the emerging high-quality automation software solutions, sales organizations must adjust their working style as well as their technology platforms to ensure that the sales team and automation solutions work hand in hand. Early adopters of sales automation normally report increases in higher customer satisfaction, efficiency improvements and sales uplift potential have gone high.

Online CRM for Small Business has enhanced the working scenarios at Small Companies to a great extent.

Sales Force Automation was a major challenge before some decades that was successfully handled by our techno-giants. The entire business community was longing for a system that could control and monitor the track of sales and marketing activities.

Things were getting tougher for an executive or an entrepreneur to manually handle the entire sales process and organizational activities. Moreover, the interaction with the clients was worsened and highly unorganized. The answer to all those worries came in the form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.  Sales Force Automation Software basically is another name for Customer Relationship Management Software. Its prime motto is to streamline interaction of organization executives with their customers.  The primitive form of Sales Force Automation Software was just for maintaining contacts. But rapid advancement of technology and rigorous endeavors from the technocrats has made it capable of overpowering the entire sales stage.

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The next phase of CRM Software we are looking forward to today is Online CRM Software. Online CRM Software was the result of the millennium’s biggest technical boom-Internet and Web Applications. Online CRM Software encompasses cloud computing technology to perform the sales force automation. From Cloud Computing, we basically mean data to be stored in servers that are remotely located and are connected through a network. Cloud Computing uses the SaaS module to provide this technology. SaaS stands for Software-As-A-Service. That means, the software needs not to be installed at the client’s computer. It is hosted from a remote server and its complete package can be accessed from there itself.

Online CRM Software has sorted out most of the problems faced by the entrepreneurs handling small to big organizations, including start ups. The easy & cost effective CRM’s usability, portability and anywhere operable flexibility have proved its worth over the previously launched hosted application. Some benefits of Online CRM Software over the premise hosted software are

No Software required:

Premise hosts need to be installed to a computer. Thus it gets system specific. You can’t avail the software once you change the software. Online CRM Software can be used anywhere and at any time; you can access the software any time you require.

No Capital Investment:

Online CRM Software’s are cost effective. Whereas premise hosted software are much costlier than that. Here, you pay as you use, and can start with a very low investment with only few users.

No IT Infrastructure Cost: 

There is a lot of extra IT infrastructure needed to successfully run premise hosted applications. Whereas online applications provide all kinds of functional service on a remote access basis.

More Secure IT Environment:

The entire data load in case of premise hosted is upon your system. So, any time, there are chances of data crash and hardware failure. While in the case of cloud computing, entire data load is upon the server. So your system is always safe from the impending dangers.

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Sales Automation Helps Your Business To Grow 

Move from a system of record to a system of advice. The foremost successful sales teams use tools that boost productivity and automate the tasks and processes that matter, enabling sales reps to specialize in the art of selling versus time spent on data entry, research, and procedural work. With easy accessibility on mobile devices, integration to email applications, and sales-focused digital assistants, sales teams have all the innovative tools they have to shut more deals, faster.

Not all companies implementing CRM determine to exercise it to attain full sales automation, thinking it’s a costly affair. However, this is often the case when spending now means gaining more soon in terms of time-saving and productivity increase. Let’s see how sales automation helps.

Few reasons in favor of sales automation are – 

Saved time

The workload of an average sales rep is quite high and a good amount of their time is spent working on a repetitive routine task like scheduling appointments, logging calls, and creating follow-up tasks. The recent surveys show that investing in sales division automation cuts down the sales administrative time. Unburdening your employees from routine tasks means longer they will spend on what they’re purported to do – selling themselves.

Increased productivity

CRM tool provides capabilities for automated customer communication. Effortless, smooth, and personalized outreach support to increase the motivation and productivity of staff. Statistics speak for itself: sales force automation is reported to increase deal closure successfully.

Decreased costs

With automated tools, if routine tasks are managed faster, then the risk of human error during, for example, manual data entry reduces. This reduction in human error prevents your company’s material losses since inefficient workflow can cost as much to its annual revenue. 

Effective decisions

CRM helps sales reps to remain better informed about the leads and opportunities with 360-degree customer profiles. It can be often achieved with the automated import of customer-related data using sales apps. This paves the way for more informed decisions.

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