Cloud Based Sales CRM

Cloud Computing” is the latest buzz word in IT industry and rapidly changing or shaping up the economic and technological value of the businesses.

Cloud computing can be defined as an On Demand Service, hosted over a network of computers or internet, access resources of the cloud system from anywhere, from any system using a simple interface to connect end user computers to the cloud computers. In a cloud computing system the applications, data & data storage is all placed on a network of computers under a cloud. The end user access these applications, data over the internet using cloud interface software like Internet browser etc.

In a cloud computing system, the workload is handled by network of computers or the cloud handles the load, and the end user computers load is reduced to minimal. The cloud interface is required for the client machines to connect to cloud system and all the applications are run on the cloud systems. This reduces significant shift in the work load from client/end-user computers to cloud computers. Even the hardware and software requirement is reduced for the end user. Cloud computing can also be called as a internet based technology, provided as a service and on demand to customers. The user can access the resources through the provider over the internet as and when required.

SalesBabu CRM uses Cloud Computing technology. It provides the secured data storage on cloud system. The clients only require a computer with an internet connection to access the application. This greatly reduces user’s hardware, software burden and significant reduction in terms of financial and manpower to handle the application in case of premise hosted. It takes care of the required hardware, software requirements through our cloud computing technology. This makes our clients concentrate only on streamlining there business through SalesBabu CRM software.

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