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Every Small Business Needs A Cloud CRM :

Every Small Business Needs A Cloud CRM

When we start our own venture or start-ups,  in most times road ahead is full of uncertainty and resource crunches. Effectively managing your business involves many aspects of the economic market. From the day-to-day workflows to the large-scale annual events or maintenance, business management  features are often never-ending. Your solid management and business know-how of […] more

How to select a CRM system :

How to select a CRM system?

CRM systems are becoming one of the reasons for improvement in the organisation in the present scenario. So, having a good CRM system becomes a top priority for a growing business. You might have heard and some may have also experienced the hardships employees faced while managing data in about hundreds of spreadsheets. But things […] more

CRM and Lead Management :

CRM and Lead Management

CRM and Lead Management “Undoubtedly the most efficient approach to deal with your leads is to use a process that automatically brands you, provides worth to your prospects, follows up with them and sorts out the uninterested ones.” As rightly mentioned, if you have a process which keeps lead management in place, then your business […] more

Why CRM Software

Why CRM Software?

Customer relationship is not just the present trend or relevance, it is throughout the history of business where customer relationship has its own importance and concern. CRM can do its magic in order to improve your business and let you flourish the colours of success. Success is not just limited to profit, success is also […] more

How CRM Grow Your Business:

How CRM Grow Your Business?

In the present world every business has huge competition. The word “growth” is associated with success in today’s scenario. Like anything else, you need to put in time if you want to reap the benefits called “SUCCESS”. Build trust and a sincere value in the market. This will surely let you achieve your long term […] more

Online sales CRM software - A Focused Approach

CRM : A Focused Approach

The growing trend of implementing CRM in any organization is soaring up high in the market. Many times it has been noticed or heard people talking about CRM. It has been often described as a charismatic magical stick that will automatically multiply your sales to 10X, will triplicate your revenue generation, and will bring unforeseen […] more

Online Business Quotation Maker | SalesBabu CRM

Online Quotation Management Software

Create sales quotes faster and easily streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity with our CRM quotation software for small and large businesses. SalesBabu CRM Quote Software System combines both an intuitive user experience with an extensible platform serving the needs of businesses of all sizes. Quotation Management Software (QMS) includes drafting and automating […] more

Sales Tracking Mobile app :

How the CRM software is better than managing Sales manually?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management the concept of a planned and structured means of managing the relations with your customers. CRM tool allows a business to manage customer relationships in a structured and organized way. SalesBabu Customer Relationship Management application enables sales team to register queries, identify qualifying leads, ensure effective follow- up and capture […] more