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Increase The Capability Of Distribution Management Software With Right Approach To DMS

With today’s competitive business and the ever changing market dynamics, businesses are evolving every minute to stay relevant. Having a solution in an increasingly competitive environment for tracking channel sales is very important in order to achieve increased revenues and faster ROIs. Owing to this, more & more companies are consciously adopting distributor management software […] more

Five Innovative Helpdesk Software Features

Five Innovative Helpdesk Software Features That You Need in 2021

An online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or a cloud-based helpdesk platform helps businesses manage customer support operations smartly and easily. An online helpdesk is a central point of contact for customers seeking assistance from businesses. A smart helpdesk software helps in streamlining customer support operations by automating multiple processes. With the growing competition in […] more

How SalesBabu CRM is helping Many Businesses Increase Customer Happiness

How SalesBabu CRM is helping Many Businesses Increase Customer Happiness

Customer Support has become an essential part of almost every business enterprise nowadays. In a cut throat market, customer service is moving away from the siloed approach and businesses are incorporating customer support automation into their business intelligence strategies. Today companies prefer efficient ticketing software like SalesBabu online CRM for boosting their customer satisfaction. SalesBabu […] more

Distribution management software

SaaS or On-Premise Distribution Management System | SalesBabu DMS

In today’s era of digital technology, businesses are making an endless effort to be in a digitally connected environment. Adopting enterprise-level solutions like online CRM, cloud-based ERP, Distributor Management system (DMS), etc helps businesses to centralize their data across the organization on a single platform and boost the efficiency of the organization as a whole. […] more

TIPS For Successfull CRM Migration

4 Tips To Make CRM Migration Successful

If you are planning to perform CRM migration with minimum risks or need any other help with CRM-related issues, you are welcome to consider SalesBabu CRM. In today’s competitive business, customers have higher expectations for service delivery than even a year ago. A CRM solution is no longer optional – it’s a must-have for businesses […] more

8 Ways To Improve Distributor Sales Performance

8 Ways To Improve Distributor Sales Performance

Many B2B companies sell their products through distributors’ channels and know the relationships they have with them are key to revenue growth. However, most companies lack in doing a great job of communicating, educating, and engaging their distributor community. And due to this, they fail to build a strong bonding. Manufacturers selling their products through […] more