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Education CRM software is important for Education Consultants

Did you know why Education CRM software is important For Education Consultants?

An educational consultant plays a vital role in the education system as they often help the educational institute to maintain a specific curriculum. The education consultant deals with student enquiries from various sources in order to generate new leads.  What is an Education Consultant?  An education consultant is an individual who has ample knowledge about […] more

Use automated approval workflow in your business

Benefits of Automated Approval Workflow

In any organisation, there are certain levels of management departments where the particular work needs to be approved. From sales to marketing, there are several tasks that need approval. And using an automated workflow is a technology that automates the entire sales process involved in the workflow by eliminating any disturbances or bottlenecks. Manage operational […] more

Understand the differences between sales order and invoice

Difference Between Sales Order and Invoice

The sales order, quotations, purchase orders, sales pre-invoices and post-invoices are some of the wide range of varieties of documents used in the entire sales process. The sales order and invoice are the two major tools for order tracking and play a major role in the business transactions.  Let us have a detailed look at […] more