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Tough Customers are Challenge, 6 steps to win!

Initially in the first look, every new prospect or new lead seems encouraging and easy to bag,if we have required product & services. Once the sales process starts, different colours start flying uncontrolled. And with a tough client it becomes a hard-hitting battle.

Even if the client wants specifically your product and is not in a hurry, a single sales deal can take many weeks even to move to the next level. Clients will try to puzzle you around, test your patience compared with competition to extract the best from you. Worst is when customer drags deal for weeks & interaction ends in “NO SALE”.

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Six Simple things which can help in managing tough Customer Sale:-

1. Don’t show you have sense the tough deal:

An experienced client can read your mind the moment you sit. They will try to create panic by pressuring you to speed up and finish the sale meeting in short. But remember, you have come because they require such services or product, so stick to plan and present well with a smile.

Understanding your customers beforehand gives an upper hand on their shopping trends, business deals and more. If we go around the customer’s information in advance, we will understand the requirement and personal interest of the customers in a better way and help them feel comfortable with our sales option and provide better deals.

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2. Maintain & up hold your calmness:

Client’s attitude is never in your hands but you can control your attitude and response. Even if they are tough you smile and cooperating words can keep conversation “ON”. Once we have a clear understanding on the customer’s know and how, we will be able to keep our calm and have a plan setup for any situation which may arise unexpectedly for difficult customer sales deals.

3. Match the wavelength:

If required remaining in limits match the tone of prospect & see them backing down response. If it works you match their attitude you may get attention & respect too.

They want you to listen to them. Ask them to open up and tell you what they want? Understand their commitments towards business, problems and their utmost requirements.

Being customer centric and knowing what your customer needs and how to project it is the best way to bag the best deal in the market. 

4. Check their Commitment:

Make sure they put it right now. This is most important to know how strong they are willing to bring solution in action. In many cases, sales team spends a lot of time in nurturing leads who are really not interested to buy our products but just wanted to check our competitive offers. Gazing into your prospective client in initial stages of the sales lifecycle is very important to save on useless efforts and money spent on following up on bogus leads.

5. Prepare to crush the competition:

Even if they like your product or service they will push waffle comparison with competitors. You should be prepared to put forward all the correct information to kill competition. Competition is healthy but the customer should understand that they are paying a fair amount of money for the services they are receiving. Providing a detailed justification on the amount and services provided will put your campaign on a higher step for sales finalising.

6. Remember! Good thing never come cheap:

With a game plan, now put the proposal and stick to it firmly but not be rigid. Good thing never comes cheap. Customer’s in today’s era have vast range of options when it comes to products and services in the market. Making a mark with every customer campaign we present to the customer, is very important. In the current era, customers are willing to pay more if they feel the justification for better product and good customer service.

Presenting our products features and after sales services in the best way possible is the very critical and important to get the best customers for your product in the market.

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How can a Cloud based CRM software help in better sales?

As we all know, tough customers are the best customers, as they bring the best out of our products and business features. With restrictions on tough customers well understood, we should look for a sales force automation software which can organise and systematize our regular sales process to aid us in better best deals in the market.

SalesBabu CRM is the most trusted sales force automation software in India, which can organise every stage of the sales life cycle thereby help in administration and tracking every step of the sales process.

Let’s understand some of the main features of this sales management software which can help us with tough customers.

1. Organised customer data

SalesBabu CRM is a cloud based CRM software which can collect and record all information on our prospective customers in a centralised database over the cloud network. These details can be collected through various modes of communication and social network websites which can integrate with this sales management software to track every information on our leads.

Collecting this information on our future clients help to understand their shopping backgrounds and preferences to create more personalised campaigns and win better sales deals.

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2. Automated sales process

With automated features of sales process like Lead management tracking, automated quotation ,sales order creation and enquiry management help in organising the whole sales lifecycle. These features help in quick turn around time with personalised presentation, quotation creation and auto notifications to customers and more. Features like Mobile sales app, help in supporting customer with amended sales order and other documents on the go.

These facilities help in supporting customer at every stage of the sales lifecycle and provide added advantages over our competitors to close sales deals faster.

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3. After sales services.

After sales services have become more important in recent years due to increased selectiveness of customers to get better services for more cost as well. Providing inventory management, ERP services and customer care features with our products, acts as a feather in the cap for our product features and help in closing better deals with our toughest clients.

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As service providers, we should focus on satisfying clients, which will reward into successful sales closure & up lift the confidence of our organisation as well as our sales team.

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