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Small Business and SalesBabu Online CRM Software

We all know SME sector contributes to a vast Business Term which consist very Complex & Micro business processes and to manage the entire functionality, is quite a difficult task.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you to automate your Sales and Service processes. CRM help you to automate and streamline Contact Management, Customer & Accounts Management, Opportunity Management, Customer Sales Order Handling & Processing, Sales Forecast Management, Activity Management, Quotation management and  Sales Team Analysis.

When we talk about small businesses, means we are always looking for such a tool that can reduce entire IT infrastructure & Operation Cost and contribute in Business productivity and Sales. CRM helps you to centralized the full process on one platform and enable you for fast decision making.

Major Obstacles in SMEs Business

Finance and IT Infrastructure Cost

As we all know, Small & Medium enterprises have a shortage of financial institutes and banks who can provide them huge financial backup due to the fear of delay in back payment and failure of new business ventures. SMEs need a software support system which can be not only cost efficient but also helps in providing good business returns for repaying their loans faster.

Minimum use of Cloud Technology

Many startups and new business ventures have moved on to the latest technologies of cloud based features but many SMEs are still using traditional ways of data storage and maintenance. Which is one of the major issues for Small scale industries growth.

Wrong Marketing Strategy

Due to insufficient and unorganised customer data, the marketing strategies of many small scale industries are scattered and not targeted to an appropriate set of customers which leads to may lose and lost leads for the firm.

Sometimes it is very difficult to get information about the competitors, preferences of consumers, and also current trends. This makes it very difficult for small businesses to upgrade their products by keeping the requirements of the market in mind. Small businesses sometimes do not prepare a proper marketing plan and also do not use creative ways to advertise their products and they fail in getting the attention of the potential customers.

Premises hosted software applications

Many traditional Small & Medium enterprises still host their softwares using on premises infrastructure which is highly restrictive and inefficient in today’s world of mobile service industry,

Product competition with big giants in similar industry

Competition is a known hindrance for any startup and new business venture. Small scale industries find it quite difficult to break the ice of existing customers and products and launch their new products in the market.

Manpower Limitations

Due to limited automation and huge manual workloads, many small scale industries and enterprises pay a bounty to their employees. These manpower work items are mostly error prone and cause many repetitive expenditures for the company.

Scatter business information

Unorganised data and manual ways of information storage create huge liability to the company to manage this scattered data and also needs huge manpower to accumulate all these data and create meaningful data out of it.

Funds and accounting

Funds are the major problem in small businesses. None of the businesses will be able to function without sufficient funds. The main reason for this is less availability of not getting approved of the credit cards or loans because of the weak finance, you could have low creditworthiness. So you might need to borrow funds with high-interest rates which will affect your credit rating. Keeping a record of accounts is also very difficult for small businesses because of the lack of knowledge. 

Raw materials

The necessary thing for the businesses is the raw materials. With no proper quantity, poor quality, and without the supply of the raw materials at the correct time causes problems that will affect the functioning of the business and also manufacturing units.

No project planning

Another major issue faced by small businesses is no proper project plan. Business owners just start with the business without any plans also without studying the market, the demands of the markets, and availability of proper infrastructure and space. The first step is preparing a proper project plan and also which includes doing’s and don’ts for your business and the workflow to achieve the target. 

Staying up to date with trends

Some of the business owners are not aware of the latest trends in the market. Keeping them well versed with the latest trends in the market is very important for all the owners of the small business.

How SalesBabu Online CRM Helps to SMEs to grow their Business

SalesBabu CRM helps SMEs to build & grow their business, brings more internal connectivity, accountability and reliability among all business functionalities at micro level to best customer satisfaction and increased sales revenue.

SalesBabu CRM offers a chance to Small & Medium Enterprises to take action on required areas, remove complexity and makes it possible to simplify the maintenance and use of systems within the business accurately. This helps you to reduce the numbers of “Standalone” systems and reduce the IT Infrastructure Cost. So that SME’s can pay closer attention to the matters of their business to further their growth and success.

Benefits of SalesBabu CRM in SMEs

  • Centralised Data

Cloud platform enables companies to manage their data in a centralised cloud based database , so that they can easily retrieve and use from anywhere at any time. This integrated repository contains details on very information needed for the business processes of the organisation. Also, cloud based service providers facilitate companies with security and theft tracking features which keeps customer data in a safe hand.

Every piece of information stored has role based access which makes it easier to manage and track at one location which is easily accessible by different stakeholders for various business purposes. This centralised data maintenance increases the productivity and reduces the data maintenance cost at client site.

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  • Reduce Implementation Cost

SalesBabu CRM is based on cloud platform which allows SME’s to Use software at minimal cost, SMEs don’t need to maintain own servers to run this application, as a SaaS solution enables SME to reduce their IT Cost, which they bear to maintain their IT infrastructure annually or monthly. So that it can reduce total IT cost and spare much capital to set other business functions.

SalesBabu CRM software users need to just connect their systems to the internet and with a user-id and password, and they are good to manage their whole business process through easy to use software features.

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  • Enable Real and Transparent Functioning

Cloud Platform gives a smooth & transparent functioning on all business tiers, in sales process; it is an utmost requirement for each salesperson that each transaction within the customer should be transparent, so that you can provide better service to clients and could reduce the unwanted errors.

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  • Automation

SalesBabu CRM provides automated features for handling different sectors of SME like lead tracking, nurturing and further sales closure. Complete information of every customer along with different vendors, products and more at a centralized location, which can be fetched with just a few mouse click and help in quick creation of automated quotation and sales order for faster sales closure.

Various features like automated notifications to customers and staff members, predefined email templates, auto assignment of new tickets and more help in minimizing manual intervention and help in improving the overall productivity of the business.

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SalesBabu CRM provides various features like Mobile sales apps, automated Quotation and sales order creation for efficient sales and marketing strategies for the business. Also, various inbuilt report and analysis tool helps in creating productive marketing campaigns and statistics for better futures plans for the organisation.

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SalesBabu On-Demand CRM helps SMEs  to track entire operational things related to their major business process like; Sales Tier, Service Management and  Purchase & inventory Management. This allows SME’s to manage their Vertical business functions Efficiently & Smoothly with SalesBabu without any upfront application development cost.