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How your customer service should be?

How your customer service should be?

The importance of the customer service department in any business, their aim is to retain the customers by providing the service back to those who are using the company products. Every company is following basic tips to keep customers happy – a smile with a warm welcome message, patiently listening to the issue or queries and a positive attitude of resolving the issue with confidence.

Every company prospers if the proper service is given in time and if it is neglected by giving poor service to the customers then the company brand and image is getting spoilt in the market. There is no space of negotiation on providing the service to the loyal customers and keeping them satisfied. 

 Any time to provide good customer service, support staff need to know what company is selling, inside and out. Company has to make sure the employees who are attending the customers are well equipped with the products or services working knowledge. Customer service team to be aware of the most common questions which customers ask and know how to articulate the answers that will leave customers satisfied.

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Strengthening the service skills

Customer service team to be active and well updated with the service skills. The path for a  successful business is to increase sales, products or service to be good and keep on improving the quality and using the web based customer management system. Moreover sales and customer service teams are using the online complaint  system. 

Company has to make sure that the customer service team is well trained to handle customer needs. The most service skills to strengthen in the customer support team are patience, attentiveness, listening to the customers request – communication should be clear while they convey to customers what they want to address. Product knowledge – customer service team to be knowledgeable about the product and services, so that they are able to answer immediately to enquiries. Soft spoken with positive language – usage positive language, to be cheerful and satisfying the customers at the end of the conversation.  Any bad customer experience can ruin your relationship. Skill to act fast – feedback survey is the best way to know what customers think about your product and services. Time management – customers will feel more valued when you treat them with respect and fix their problems quickly.

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Every customer is different 

Every customer is Different. Customer service person is to understand that the customer’s requirement is different from the previous customer who approached, on understanding those differences then the approach will become more flexible and offering the solution will become easy. Support executive can’t talk to everyone in the same way because everyone is different. Some customers get irritated easily and few will ask many questions about the product. Their support team needs to learn – how to treat everyone nicely. Never show anger or attitude to the tough customers, because that kind of temperament will lose your customer easily.

Companies are realizing the importance of Service Management Software

In today’s business world we can see the huge rise in the need of the customer complaint management software. An online complaint  system helps the team to stay in touch with customers, understanding the customer sentiments and feelings towards the product usage. This software helps to track after sales service activities, PMS visits, AMCs pending, installations, pending warranties and a lot more activities related to services. 

It streamlines the entire workflow and increases productivity of the organization. It improves the level of customer retention and customer satisfaction. Many companies are now using this software to track  and manage their work effortlessly. In a click you can assign tasks to your executives. Customer service automation, customer interactions and history tracking with the help of analytics reports, feedback capturing, which is beneficial by using an online customer complaint system for the customer support department. 

Service employees can easily update their tasks from anywhere because it is a cloud based application. Companies can achieve maximum profits with SalesBabu online customer complaint system.

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Customer Complaints to be the first engagement step in customer service: 

Any time customers approach the company, when there is an issue in the product. Many a times the company also observes the less number of complaints getting registered by the customers. In general this kind of scenario predicts – Scenario one the customer is happy by using the product and not facing many problems because of the business brand’s good quality product. The other hand – Scenario two either the quality is not good or the customer is not using the product or the product given is not useful for him. Hence, scenario two – the complaint calls are pumped huge into the online customer complaint system. 

Here to manage the customers is a tough and web based customer management system that will help the company. 

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What are the skills for Excellent Customer Service?

Excellent Customer Service with online customer management system
  • Be a good listener: Carefully listen to the questions of the customers and offer them the right solution.
  • Communication skills should be good: Learn how to communicate with the customers and talk to them nicely.
  • Have patience: Stay calm when dealing with the customer. It will help to deal with angry customers and make them feel that they are respected.
  • Keep your promises: Reach customer’s expectations efficiently. Keep the promises that are made.
  • Is your Customer happy?: Find out if the customers are happy with the solutions or not and try to improve the customer services to satisfy them.
  • Be Honest: Be transparent and honest with the customers, so that customers can keep the trust  with the company.
  • Be Confident: Customer service teams sound confident, when talking over the phone. With a confident tone, it will help to easily convince the clients.
  • Work Under Pressure: Able to handle all types of workload, this practice won’t feel work pressure   then it will be easy for you to offer best solutions to your customers.
  • Time Management is important: Manage your time effectively to track all the necessary service tasks.

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Early attention on the issue and evaluating with satisfaction of the customer 

Companies sell the product through the sales team – either newly launched product or standard which is moving in the market for a long time. Customers are impressed by the sales team, who approached and detailed the product which is sold. If the product is new, then the adoption of the same is slow and expect continuous complaints from the customers. When the support team is registering the complaint, simultaneously taking the feedback of the product becomes a practice. 

Company has to analyse the repeated customer complaints which are registered, creating a feedback mechanism and keeping track of the important issues which affect the customer satisfaction on product usage.

The feedback is helping the company to resolve them and avoiding the situation of facing more complaints from a large audience that may arise in future. If these situations are becoming stable, then sales increases and complaints are reduced. 

This is possible by continuous practice of using the online customer management system by the customer service team. Aim of every organisation is to maintain future customer retention and receive references by providing good customer service and good products. 

Tips to Improve your Customer Service Skills

Use Positive Language

While attending to customers’ problems, using positive language will take all the stress away from the situation. Words are more powerful and they might create trusting relationships with your customers. Verbs must be used positively. For instance, instead of saying “do not hit the red button” say “the green button is the correct option.” The future tense is also positive as it does not reside on the customer’s past issues. Phrases like “Great question, I will definitely find that out for you!” and “I would love to understand more about …” will keep the customer in the present moment. Also, remember while speaking to customers to make sure that you are genuine, positive, memorable, and try to stay calm and positive, even if the customer is angry.

Improve your Technical Skills

Customers might come to you with all types of problems and they want their questions answers to be quick. If you do not know how to properly implement a service ticket, you’ll be wasting their valuable time. Before communicating with customers, you should fully understand how to use your live chat and ticketing system and learn to type fast.

Know your Products and Services

In order to help your customers, you should have a deep knowledge of all your products and the way they work. It is suggested that each customer service agent spends onboarding time with a seasoned product specialist so that he can ask questions and fully understand the ins and out of the product. This way, you will be able to help your customers when they are troubleshooting issues, and you will know product tips and tricks you can share to make the product easier to use.


An online customer complaint system, allows the company to manage and automate the customer complaints. With the regular usage of the online complaint  system, it’s possible to convert the customer complaints into new opportunities, by giving proper satisfactory support in time. Regularly companies who are conducting the feedback survey with the customers, they are able to improve the good number of customer service. By streamlining the customer service team and managing the customer complaints with early resolution to the issues, will see the high retention of the loyal customers in the company.

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