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How to Increase Sales Orders Against No.of Sales Inquiries

Confirmed orders are the outcome of the sales inquiries thrown by the customers. The more your inquiries are, the better are the chances of sales order. Journey from sales inquiries to sales order follows a pyramid like structure. Where the inquiries are the widest section, they get filtered step by step and finally the selected inquiries out of them reach to the order closure destination. 

The entire journey from the sales inquiries to sales needs a proper method and tuning of the sales cycle. There are many factors associated in taking the leads to the success floor. You need to identify all these factors and work in well planned way to accomplish the revenue. 

How to increase the sales order effectively

  • Manage the sales pipeline – One of the most important ways to forecast sales and revenue generation is to manage the sales pipeline. Often this is misunderstood because of the inadequate information that is fed by the sales reps. Try to get a clear picture of your sales process by a disciplined and proper approach towards pipeline management. 
  • Focus on marketing – In this e-competitive market, you need to pay special attention to e-marketing campaigns. Run the emails speaking about the benefits of your products and part of it also make your website appealing to the customers.
  • Provide effective tools to manage the sales process – CRM toll is the biggest asset to monitor the efforts of your sales and measure the realization of sales. Get all the reports and analyze the falls and pits to boost the energy of your sales.
  • All work and No play makes a Jack dull – Also, give some physical workout. Believe it, giving a physical workout will relieve all your work stress to a great extent, increases your focus on the work, and also helps you to remain very young and work with full zeal and vigor.
  • Pay attention to your body language – Body language is considered to be one of the great contributors to your success. Let it be your first sales calls, first interview, your first big meeting, or anything small or big. It is in no way recommended to ignore your body language for evaluating your sales process.
  • Make social media your marketing partner  – Nowadays social media is emerging as a major advocate to bring up your product and organization at the forefoot. Register about your product and organization on various social media platforms and proclaim them.
  • Give special attention to the outbound lead generating team – This is the most significant process of the sales cycle. Firstly, leads are to be generated from the team of the outbound that they might include your cold callers and email campaigners.
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SalesBabu CRM Sales order management 

As we all know, the sales order  management is an integral part of any business administration. SalesBabu CRM provides a centralised cloud based repository to manage and organise every stage stage in a systematic and well defined manner. 

Every details related to incoming lead information to quotations, the final sales order details and after sales delivery details are recorded in a systematic manner to keep track of every activity in the organisation. Many a times many enquiries and leads are reported as interested clients, but the conversion rate is very limited. Let’s have a look into methods which can increase sales order conversion rate for any organisation.

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Lead Management

This is the initial but the most significant process of the sales cycle. Firstly, leads are to be generated from the outbound lead team that may include your cold callers, email campaigners, social media and internet trackers. As we all know, social media is a major advocate to bring your product and your organization at forefoot. SalesBabu CRM can integrate with these numerous social media websites and other internet services to advertise and market our products through targeted campaigning on social media web pages. These lead management facilities help in advertising and market our products on social networks and get more promising leads for the business. 

Determining the skill set

You can’t ask a mathematician to sing jazz. Though he will, but the mastery he will have in his domain will not suffice in a completely different world. Identify what an individual is best at, and assign work accordingly.

Dashboard and inbuilt reporting system in the SalesBabu CRM software helps in understanding the performance graph of every individual sales agent and help in assigning right set of tickets based on their skills and previous case closures.

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Put Right People For Right Work At Right Time

Make your team well motivated and keep their adrenaline flow high so that they could perform the task assigned to them dedicatedly. You should know which person is fest fitted for what role in team which will benefit the team as well as the sales closure.

Mobile Sales App features in SalesBabu CRM is an efficient tool to share live location and work load of every sales agent in the team and organise client visits and meeting as per their proximity to clients and over performance rate. With this Mobile Sale app features, sales agents can send quotations and sales orders details at realtime to customers during a meeting or on the move for faster sales deal closures and better revenue generation for the organisation.

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Manage Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline is one of the most important ways to forecast sales and revenue generation. Often this is misinterpreted because of inadequate information being fed by the sales reps. Try to get a clear picture of your sales process by disciplined approach towards pipeline management. Organised system of activity tracking, followup notes and other tracking methods help to maintain deadlines and decorum for work across the team and help in closing better deals with the clients.

Also, features like email notification and auto notification helps to assign appropriate work items for each sales agent and sent proper notification to agents as well as client to maintain transparency in work item handling and manage sales follow ups in a more organised manner.

Make Training An Indispensable Part

Training your team is an indispensable action to be taken to improve their skills and imparting product information. It’s embarrassing if your sales guy is not able to give satisfactory answers to your prospect or he is having insufficient information pertaining to product. Minimize such hassles by periodically arranging for good training sessions and product training classes.

Training your customer service agents to be the perfect face for the organisation help to npt only increase our customer satisfaction level but also create an environment for better sales closure with customers who have great customer experience with our customer facing agents.

Pay Attention To Your Body Language

Body language is always considered a great contributor to your success. Be it your first interview, first sales call, big meeting, or anything small or big. It’s no way recommended to neglect your body language for elevating your success graph.

All Work And  No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Also give some time for physical workout. Believe it or not, physical workout relieves your work stress to a great extent, increases your focus, and helps you remain rejuvenated and work with full zeal and vigor.

Mobile Sales apps is a perfect example for keeping a perfect work and life balance in the organisation. Sales agents can stay in contact with every prospective client on the go and sent them required documents, demos or presentations from anywhere and any time. This creates a sense of collaborative responsibility from sales agents who can enjoy their leisure time off work but still be connected for any faster closure of sales orders.

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Focus on Marketing

In this e-competitive market, you need to pay special attention to e-marketing campaigns. Run emails speaking about your product benefits, apart of it, make your website appealing to customers.

Understanding your customers through collected data and analysing the most sought out products help create more personalised demos and presentations for prospective clients and mark better impression for faster deal closures.


SalesBabu CRM is an integrated system of data collection and tracking, which creates a perfect blend to convert more sales enquiries into better sales deals.