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How Field Service Automation Enhances Efficiency with Reduced Costs

Field service oriented companies are busy in task completions these days. Companies are deputing field technicians with the task to the designated areas or regions to complete the service calls and expect to be updated back by EOD. Technicians hog around to complete complaints and try to reflect themselves to be best to earn incentives. Practically its a collaborative work, wherein each technician is putting their efforts, customer support teams are taking care of the customers, by not getting wild by the delay or not getting support in time. 

Technicians are putting efforts, but a team work is necessary within to achieve the growth in the business and efficiency in themselves. 

Technical support department team members are managing the daily schedules, deploying technicians to the issue task, tracking of spare parts consumptions to which complaints, concentrating on number of warranties & tracking on nearest expiries, AMC renewals, escalated complaints being completed or not and many more in regards to the complaints.  

Field Service Automation

Today it’s a modernized way of working for streamlining the field support executives, technicians and engineers, moreover concentrating on the complaints to be zero. Automation of the field service team possible with the field service management software and streamlining their schedules, assigning the skilled technicians to the right job, tracking the spare parts consumption, return of the annoyed loyal customers into the company customer base and having a revenue from the service calls. 

Breaking down the silos mentality in the support team, building stronger, collaborative working attitude between departments and change of the working pattern, with the help of after sales service management. 

Managing the service oriented business by implementing CRM for service industry to streamline field service technicians and improve business efficiency along with reducing costs. 

CRM software for service industry helps to achieve business agility, increase the productivity of service technicians. 

  • Assigning the right task to the skilled technician for better support results
  • Tracking the warranty period and set right the leakage to drive service revenue for the future
  • Monitoring the complaints and service done, returns of the replaced spare parts from the field service technicians
  • Service CRM Mobile App to access anytime, anywhere by the field technicians, so that tracking of the complaint status available in real-time
  • Providing the self service tool – FAQ over website to the customers for avoiding the registering of manageable complaint queue
  • Analytics for an instant inputs on the productivity or service team by reports and graphical dashboards
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Complaint registering

Customers will complain over a call or send an email mentioning the issue. Usually the customers either unhappy, small, critical issues will share their complaints directly to the companies who provided product or service. When a customer makes a complaint,  the support team  has to greet them and apologise for the inconvenience caused while using the product or service. Collect and understand the issue before giving an explanation. Never irritate the customer while taking the complaint. On registering the complaint into the CRM software for the service industry, assign the task to the skilled technician located nearest to the customer area. Give full attention to the customer, make them feel that company assures giving good support and resolve their issues at the soonest

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Leveraging the Power of Mobility

In companies that are service-oriented, field technicians are frequently on the move, acknowledging different tasks and complaints. To optimize their productivity and simplify their routine activities, mobile applications have become pivotal. Mobile CRM apps play an important part in after-sales service management, encouraging the support technicians to improve their efficiency and further contribute to the company’s revenue growth. They grant real-time support from team leaders at the time of critical situations, enabling technicians to deliver timely solutions. Moreover, mobile field service management software delivers several other benefits, including:

  • Service Appointment Scheduling: Effectively schedule all the service call appointments.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Gain quick notifications as scheduled tasks align.
  • Access to AMC and Warranty Updates : Promptly check the client’s AMC and warranty updates.
  • Customer Interaction History: Analyze the history of past customer communications.
  • Real-Time Spare Parts Inventory: Access the spare parts inventory in current time.
  • Immediate Complaint Completion Records:Update seniors in current time when a complaint is resolved.
  • Paperless Service Reports: Remove the requirement for paper service reports and receipts.
  • Collaborate with Colleagues: Assign and reassign workflow activities and tasks to colleagues.
  • Create Emergency Complaint Tasks: Create the latest complaint tasks in emergency scenarios.
  • Centralized Data Storage: Record detailings and documents associated with service calls in a centralized manner.

By encompassing mobile field service management, companies can encourage their technicians to grant better service, improve productivity, and deliver top-notch support to customers.

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Automate the customer experience and engagement 

Automation of customer service is not only focusing on providing support, but also the self service over website FAQ resolving common issues, without registering the complaint. Customers undergoing the FAQ and understanding the frequent arising issues and queries, which they are able to resolve by themselves. This helps them to avoid queues for getting small problems solved. 

Moreover with artificial intelligence, companies are able to know the review of customers, who themselves resolve the issues. This is knowledge imparting about the product and its frequent arising issues getting resolved by customer engagement. 

Engagement of the customers is also seen with the support team for the critical issues. Customers show their patience, expecting that the issue will resolve soon. They believe the company and its brand, wherein the company is promising, not to let down customer loyalty and losing them. This is possible with the collaborative work within the team and using of CRM for the service industry. 

On completed complaints, the support team takes customer feedback and addresses it in the review meeting, about the frequent issues. Seniors take initiative along with the other departments production, quality, sales and try to nullify the issues arising in future.

Retention of loyal customers & their satisfaction  

Majority of the customers are not happy because of the late arrivals of technicians after registering the complaints. Responses to the critical issues are not taken seriously and leaving the issues incomplete.

Service management software India has been seeing these scenarios. It is commonly observed, the reason behind this is automation is implementation of CRM for service industry, which is not available in service oriented companies. Customer support team are receiving the issues from the customers, poor scheduling of the task, lack of field technicians management, no tracking of the complaints. 

CRM for service industry is helping to automate the field service process. Technicians are streamlined and complications of not receiving the customer complaints in time is resolved with the after sales service management software. 

Automatic customer notifications on registering the complaint is received, task is aligned through the mobile CRM app and work round the complaint by resolving the issue. GPS tracking helps the support managers to track whether the customers’ complaints have been attended and resolved. 

Timely resolution provided to the customers, the company is able to retain the customer loyalty.  SalesBabu  CRM software for the service industry is having exciting features to automate the field service technicians. Customers can log their issue directly and track its progress.

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Advantages of Field Service Automation 

  • Reduces Manual Effort – Jobs such as data collection, ticket assignment, and updating the status and progress of each customer request will feel unnecessary and unproductive. Having to manually schedule service tasks to the right technicians might also inhibit agent efficiency. Field service automation eliminates all these tasks and frees up some valuable time for your service teams to focus on helping the customer. Field service software will also make allocating tasks and scheduling these tasks easier with a simple set of mouse clicks.
  • Improve Efficiency and Speed of Service – By implementing a field service automation solution, various tasks which are usually time-consuming may be completed in a short period. Overall there is better solidarity within your field service team and an easy transition from one job to the next. Field service software will also give you the ability to send the correct task to a technician from the right service group and the fastest availability. Technicians will also easily map out their destination using their mobile application allowing them to get there faster.  Overall field service automation will lead to greater productivity and speed of service.
  • Simplifies Workflows for Field and Support Agents – Much of the tasks that are performed during field service operations are ineffective because the workflows are complex. It involves having unnecessary, repetitive steps and will lead to slower resolution times. With the help of field service automation, you will be able to simplify common workflows implemented by both dispatch and field teams and allow an agile method of working, leading to service requests being processed faster and technicians being able to get to the customer location rapidly.


Today the service industry is automating their service department. Just by automation of field service management software, the service team is ready to start using the field service automation tool along with the mobile CRM app. This will reduce the workload of the technicians, speed up service calls and reduce the missing of the manual taking complaints. With the SalesBabu CRM software for the service industry, which is offering the customers to have a better customer satisfaction experience, by getting the in time service, attending and resolving the issues fast. 

Many of the companies want to initiate an automation of the service department for better process management. SalesBabu CRM for the service industry has an option of BYOD or  bring your own device and start accessing the CRM anytime, anywhere.