Common Problems Faced In Small Business


Effective sales and marketing strategies are the key factors for any organization to boost up their sales process. Most business analytics focuses on what entrepreneurs call as perfect Sales Template Focus what you want to do, Understand how you can do it, Define a proper methodology, Discover the Problems and finally finding out ways to eliminate those hurdles.

Most Common Problems Faced By the SMEs

SMEs or the small and medium industries face the maximum challenges to elevate their business management process to a greater extent. To accomplish this, they have to realize their potentials and weakness put efforts to strengthen themselves. Some of the commonly faced SME entrepreneur problems are:

  • Higher Attrition Rate
  • Less skilled manpower
  • Low capital investment
  • Higher competition from establishes marketers

SalesBabu CRM for Small Business

SalesBabu brings forth exclusive customer relationship management software meant for meeting the needs of the small and medium marketing enterprises. The software works on-Demand, that is, on the cloud based platform, which offers Software-As –A Service. This means that they get complete IT infrastructure for their database management on the rental basis by a separate vendor. Thus, the cost of establishing a separate IT department for database management, software maintenance etc got minimized. The complete sales process gets automated at an affordable cost.  It helps to automate complete sales process which eases the employee tasks.

SalesBabu CRM: A Boon For Small and Medium Marketers

  • Automates complete sales Process.
  • Help employees to manage work in an easier way.
  • Help manage organization resources.
  • No extra investment in establishing a dedicated IT department to maintain software.
  • Affordable and cost effective.
  • Highly cost effective as compared to establishing one’s own server.
  • Ensures complete data safety and security.

Only purchasing the software will not wipe all your worries. The software need to get strongly implemented within the organization. Implementation of CRM includes a thorough training to all its users and special training module to the admin since he will be the master controller of the software, making employees well apprised of all the technicalities involved and the entire data flow so that they can easily use the software.



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