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Common Problems Faced In Small Business

Commonly faced problems by the small business are sales force management, client dependency, revenue management, fatigue ness, management dependency, balancing growth and the quality of the product. Apart from the suggested reasons, there is a failure of the plans, unable to get the assistance from the seniors or unable to have expert advice and the time management.

To have effective sales and marketing strategies, the key factors for any organization is to boost up their sales process.

The few steps in the sales process followed by the sales people, creating prospective customers funnel from the early lead stages, briefing and addressing their queries, creating an interest in buying the product. In the CRM software for small business, sales process been categorized enquiry prospecting, preparation for the list of points to be discussed, schedule an appointment for the approach, discuss and show the presentation, address and handle the objections, finally closure of the opportunity and follow-up for building the good relationship with the client for future business.

Most business analytics focuses on what entrepreneurs call a perfect Sales, Template Focus on what you want to do, understand how you can do it, define a proper methodology, Discover the Problems and finally find out ways to eliminate those hurdles.

Most Common Problems Faced By the SMEs

Common Problems Faced By the SMEs

SMEs or the small and medium industries face the maximum challenges to elevate their business management process to a greater extent. To accomplish this, they have to realize their potential and weaknesses, and put efforts to strengthen themselves. Some of the commonly faced SME entrepreneur problems are:

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Higher Attrition Rate

Higher Attrition Rate of the Employees

Companies calculate their customers’ attrition. Always in the business, getting and retaining a customer who has been with your company for long, known as a loyal customer and the longevity of the business with the customer is very much calculated. Customer attrition which company focuses, by when and which customers have stopped purchasing the products from the company. Why was this dis connectivity between the customer and the company, for not purchasing or taking the support from the company. If the customer is still with the company the higher attrition rate is calculated. 

Less Skilled Manpower

CRM streamlines less skilled manpower

Always in the small businesses there is a low engagement of the employees seen, because of the less skilled people there are in the company. Most of the time employees do not get adjusted to the new system, the staff are reluctant, and they do not want to use the new technology based SEM CRM solutions. Reason for the same is that they have been using the old systems for quite a long time, and they are not confident that the new system will help them or not. CRM software for small business provides the solution, showing all employees and management, improvement of the business and streamlining along with chance of earning the incentives for the positive results, by using the best CRM for the small business system.

Low Capital Investment

How can a Low capital investment business be successful

In small businesses there is always a financial risk. The source of the finance in starting the business and growing it steadily is always a question. To run the business there is an extensive financial resources are needed. Simultaneously stress as a business owner. Above all keeping up the time commitment for the business and not much time spent with the family. 

But the advantage of having a small business is Independence. The owners of the company are their own boss, take their own decisions, they have a choice, with whom to do business  and not,  they are able to have flexible working hours. Financial gain is seen but slow, they get financial rewards rather working for others, they can have control on operation – from sales to back end operations to customer response. This way with low capital investment, small businesses can be successful with the implementation of CRM software for small business.

Higher competition from established marketers

Higher competition from established marketers

Small businesses are always struggling with the big players in the market. Bigger players because of the competition, they will try to capture the market share and try to position themselves top by cost cuttings, efficiency of improving the customer database, lowering the product cost. This is attracting the customers and competition tends to give the customers better goods and after sales service at the lower cost. 

Small businesses can compete with the big players,  by finding a niche – minutely keeping an eye on an existing market segment, which will be a time taking to penetrate, but the reward is for sure in the long run. If the product is good, sales people are focusing on their territory and having the regular follow ups done, sure the market share for the small businesses available. Simple CRM for small business is available and which helps to streamline the sales force with the necessary competitor details capturing for the analysis purpose.

Accounting and Funds

One of the huge problems in small businesses is finance.No businesses can function without adequate finance/funds. The primary reason for this issue is less availability of loans not getting approved because of weak finances, you might have bad or low creditworthiness. You might have to, hence, borrow funds at a high interest rate which will affect the finances and your credit rating as well. Sometimes banks also do not have flexible terms which makes it more difficult. Keeping a track of the accounts is also difficult for a small business owner because of a lack of knowledge.

Marketing and Advertising

It is sometimes hard to get information on competitors, consumer preferences, and current trends. This makes it difficult for small businesses to update their products keeping in mind the market requirements. Small businesses also sometimes do not prepare a marketing plan and do not use creative ways to advertise the products which just fails to catch the attention of capable customers.

No proper project planning

Another issue is poor project planning. Sometimes business owners just need to start with the business without any plans without studying the market, the demand, availability of proper space, and infrastructure. Preparing a proper business plan must be the first step is that you are aware of the dos and dont’s for your project and the workflow to achieve a target.

SalesBabu CRM for Small Business

SalesBabu brings forth exclusive online CRM for small business meant for meeting the needs of the small and medium marketing enterprises. The simple CRM for small business available with cloud service, that is, on the cloud based platform, which offers software as a service. This means that with the best CRM for startups they get a complete IT infrastructure for their database management on the rental basis by a separate vendor. Thus, the cost of establishing a separate IT department for database management, software maintenance etc got minimized. The complete automation of the sales process gets at an affordable cost.  It helps to automate the complete sales force which eases the employee tasks.

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SalesBabu CRM: A Boon For Small and Medium Marketers

Automating Complete Sales Process:

SalesBabu Sales Force Automation CRM: A boon for small and medium marketers

Automating a sales force process is all about the streamlining manual  and tedious way of working, speeding up the time taking tasks, scheduling and attending the appointments, focusing on the prospects so that the more sales can happen. Sales teams are able to be on the field more, than the administrative work and data entry work sitting at the office because of using the sales force automation software. Sales force team of sales representatives, sales managers are able to do their daily tasks through the online CRM for small business and its Mobile App, which is helping to build a strong sales team for the small business organisations. 

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Help Employees To Manage Work In An Easier Way: 

Through the best CRM for small business implemented and management is able to view scheduled tasks and have a time check – how much time a salesperson spends his time on completing the tasks scheduled.  Set a time limit for the sales people, by using the sme CRM solutions. Always planning and attending the important tasks in time, using CRM software for small business helping salespeople to focus their meetings. 

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Help Manage Organization Resources: 

Best CRM for small business is helping management to manage the organization resources and have the work done collaboratively. In the online CRM for small business, organizing involves the tasks of assigning, scheduling a task for a group who are from departments, authorizing the task responsibilities and allocating resources for the same. In this process while organizing, managers are responsible to coordinate with the other staff and he has to facilitate the work allotted in the task. In the organization the resources are managed and organized to create a framework for reaching the company’s goal and objective for the smooth running.

  • No extra investment in establishing a dedicated IT department to maintain software.
  • Affordable and cost effective.
  • Highly cost effective as compared to establishing one’s own server.
  • Ensures complete data safety and security.


By purchasing the best CRM for small business software and not implementing properly as per the process and keeping the online CRM for small business software ideal without using, will not end all your worries. The smb CRM software needs to be strongly implemented within the organization. Implementation of SalesBabu CRM software for small business includes a thorough training to all its users and special training module to the admin, since he will be the master controller of the software, making employees well apprised of all the technicalities involved and the entire data flow, so that they can easily use the simple CRM for small business software.