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Common CRM Myths And Misconceptions

Decades ago what started as a Rolodex has grown to be a CRM software which has become one of the most essential business strategies in the present market. Technology is always a good servant but a bad master. CRM software is a great technological asset that can take your business to greater realms of success. But if handled inefficiently, will not be able to delegate what it is supposed to be delivered. CRM or Customer Relationship Management  not just helps the company to maintain good relationship with your customers but also provides automated features which helps in the sales management, marketing management and customer service management as well. 

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CRM being the most essential trend, most of the organizations are implementing CRM software with a thought that it will automatically streamline the entire sales process. But complete dependency upon the software never proves a fruitful affair.  It is a software that needs to be effectively driven by the users. And before this, choosing a CRM is also a big task. There may be predictions about the software like – the software runs the business process, it is just for the large enterprises or it is suitable just for sales etc. 

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Now, let us know more about a few myths and misconceptions about the CRM software.

#Myth 1 – People get easily accustomed To CRM

Reality: This is not always true. Adapting the CRM environment requires a proper and well directed training. If the employees are not well trained and well accustomed with the environment, the whole crm implementation may prove fatal.

#Myth 2 – CRM success rate depends upon the complete package implementation

Reality: There are most of the CRM buyers and suppliers who think that latest technological upgradation and inclusions in the software will make their system better than before. But the actual picture is different. In most of the cases, software use depends upon how better the end users are efficiently using it. For the organizations, which are using such kind of software for the first time, their CRM interface should be simple data entry and retrieval procedure. Though in later stage, it can be modified as per the requirement.

#Myth 3 – CRM is an expensive strategy 

Reality: In the present market you can implement CRM software with a cost effective way. You might be a small business or a startup, you can still make use of the CRM software. At present you have lots of CRM providers in the market who come up with cost effective CRM software. If you are planning on implementing the best cloud based CRM software, you can consider the SalesBabu CRM Solutions. To know more visit the website

Nowadays many CRM options are very much affordable for growing the businesses of all the sizes. This is because cloud based CRM software will store all the data in their servers when providing th

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#Myth 4 – Use of CRM is time consuming

Reality: The CRM software helps the users to eliminate the time spent on unproductive tasks. It reduces manual efforts and also eliminates manual errors as the process is automated. The CRM software also provides automated reports and MIS which saves loads of time for the reps in their day-to-day activities. It also helps the sales reps to manage the leads generated from multiple sources. Ultimately, implementation of a CRM software reduces the time consumed on each task and also helps the reps to bifurcate the tasks based on their priorities. 

CRM makes the updating and accessing of your data very quick and painlessly. By consolidating all the information which is gathered into one place, which will save your time to meet the needs of your current and potential customer very fast.

#Myth 5 – CRM software comes with complex interface

Reality: There was a time when CRM software trainings were given to employees before the implementation of the CRM software in the business. But, in the present scenario the CRM software comes with user friendly interface which can be easily accessed and used by the users. SalesBabu CRM provides a user friendly interface and it also provides a CRM Mobile app which not only gives an easy user explorance but also ensures all time accessibility as it is a cloud based CRM software. 

The modern CRM platforms are designed to make learning easy and also easy to integrate. You can also sync all the necessary tools so that you can be able to access each and everything which you need in one place. Many CRM providers offer customer support in situations when you get stuck, without the help of an IT department.

#Myth 6 – CRM is only for large and sprawling enterprises 

One of the biggest myths is that only large corporations need CRM so that they can balance a large number of clients and sales information. That doesn’t mean that small businesses should not use it as well. Any business which directly interacts with CRM will have a great benefit from the CRM software. CRM software allows you for the better selling of products and also communication with the customers, as well as centralize and organize your data. Many CRM software is marketed towards small businesses which come with a variety of features. Like automation marketing and capabilities of customer services. Software vendors know that smaller businesses do not have so much spending freedom compared to large businesses, and in turn, creates an all-in-one solution to address the solutions.

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Besides all these myths and misconceptions, there are plenty of reasons why using CRM software is a valid step. CRM software is way more than just customer relationship management. It helps to maintain the overall business data under a single platform, eliminates high burden of manual entry or manual errors, helps to know the customer preferences, saves time and cost and increases sales and revenue of the organisation etc etc. There are plenty such benefits of using a CRM software. Ultimately, you will not regret investing in a CRM software

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All you need to do now is, choose the best CRM software in order to work smarter and accomplish your goals. You can request for a free demo at our website Get Sales Babu Online CRM which is basically a cloud CRM now as we believe in quality.