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Online Customer Management System

Complaint Management Software

Customer complaints and service contacts are an opportunity to show your clients how important they are. If you exceed their expectations they will be loyal customers for years to come. Complaint management software allows entry, tracking, recording and recalling customer contact history to better customer experience and customer complaint handling. About the Complaint Management  Objective […] more

Good Customer Service with online complaint system

How your customer service should be?

The importance of the customer service department in any business, their aim is to retain the customers by providing the service back to those who are using the company products. Every company is following basic tips to keep customers happy – a smile with a warm welcome message, patiently listening to the issue or queries […] more

Fix the problems faced by Customer Service Department

Nurturing relations with the customer is the important part of any business. Business is becoming complex in this competitive time. Customers are judging companies on their services. Every organization should handle complaints efficiently. When you don’t listen to your customers they felt that their problem was not taken seriously. You have to fix customer problems […] more

Tough customers are a challenge :

Tough Customers are Challenge

“It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one.” Customers are the most important foundation of the business. They are the ones who help you to survive in the market.  Business is set up in order to fulfill the needs and wants of the customers with the focus of gaining profit in […] more

understand what your customers want

Understand What Customers Want’s

Every business starts with the prime agenda of a “long-lasting success” and “long-term survival”. Thus, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and enhancing the customer satisfaction – is what the company wants to do.  There was a time when the business setups focussed on “sell what you can make”. But the present business world has […] more

7 Reasons why you should go for CRM in 2017

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is online software which helps you to track sales activities. In a click one can make detailed customer profile. It helps companies to manage customer relationship process. When company knows more about its customers then they can better manage their relationships. It is easy for sales people to […] more

CRM For Pharma Industry

Online Pharma CRM manages the entire workflow of the pharmaceutical industry vertical. It helps medical representatives schedule their doctor visits, manages doctor details and their appointments, order punch-in, reminders and alerts and much more. Streamline the sales process effectively Complete tracking of Doctor Visits and Dealers Visits Monthly Travel Plan submission Anytime and anyplace submission of DCR( […] more

Online CRM for Retail Business and eCommerce

CRM for Retail Business and eCommerce

In recent years with the sharpened growth of eCommerce and retail stores and m-shopping, cloud-based CRM software technology has undergone a progressive evolution in the B2C space. Most of the high-quality CRM application providers have identified the evolution of the e-commerce industry as one of the top business models, and are now offering scores of […] more

Keep An Eye On Sales Persons Activities :

Keep An Eye On Sales Persons Activities

To track sales activities in sales and marketing is the heftiest job in any organization. It makes the CEOs anxious, takes away their sleep and engages a lot of time in just making the efforts for maintaining pre-sales ethics. Most of the organization strives for a system that could streamline their entire process, reduces their […] more