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Ideas to Maintain Business Continuity During COVID-19 Pandemic Using Portal

Ideas to Maintain Business Continuity During COVID-19 Pandemic Using Portal

The days are getting very worse as we are going through the huge pandemic situation, the COVID-19. Every human is trying very hard to get through this tough situation. Everyone is trying hard to get through and survive this pandemic situation. Many business organizations, industries, marketing, and many other companies have been facing a very hard situation in order to manage their business in a stable condition. They have to implement various strategies and make sure that they get through this crisis without facing loss. Companies and business organizations must make sure to implement new business plans for the survival of their companies and businesses. In spite of the worst condition all around due to the pandemic, COVID-19, the business organization must work to get through it and must definitely work for its betterment. 

The people running the business organizations must be very cautious while taking every step to maintain their business well. They must make sure to keep connected to their customers in such hard times, it will help the business to run well too. Business organizations must support their customers in such hard times and provide support as much as possible. You can make your business online, by selling products online and delivering them the products in their respective places. This will help maintain the social distance and make sure everyone is protected even during a lockdown. Building a customer-centric business continuously will help the business organization to work well even during such a crisis.

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Customer portal and its need

Due to the effect of the COVID-19 and its rapid spread, we are instructed to follow the rules and regulations of our government. Following the rules and regulations such as the lockdown, social distancing, and so on. When everyone needs to follow the lockdown and social distancing, it will be difficult for the business organizations to run their business remotely as they should not get in contact with the customers and buyers. Business organizations must make sure to implement new techniques and actions to run a business virtually. They must adopt the techniques of virtual communication, delivery, or curb pickup options so that the rules and regulations of the government can be followed and the safety of the customers can be maintained and well managed. 

When the business is being run remotely, there are many problems the organization might face, they will have to communicate with their customers and prospects more often and make sure they are connected. Another problem such as how to deliver the products to them and how to make sure they are satisfied with it. The ordering of the products must be made online and they must enable home delivery options for the customers and prospects. 

The customers might face one or the other issues due to certain unavoidable circumstances and they will want to get in contact with your customer support team. But since the business is being run remotely, it might be difficult to answer all the customer’s problems and issues. The main key to success for a business is the happiness of the customer. Having unhappy customers might make the business run slow. Hence, the customer support team must get in touch with the customers and solve their needs and make sure every unhappy customer is now a happy customer. In order to do that, the customer portal will be very helpful during such a crisis. 

The customer portal is a tool that is digital and allows self-service options that will help your customers and prospects to find solutions to their issues and problems without using the help of the customer support team. This will be very helpful especially in case of the pandemic situation, COVID-19.

Improve Customer engagement through Education

In order to deliver better service with the help of customer portals that encourages customer engagement through education and by upgrading the knowledge levels and concern interaction all together, from a single access point which illustrates that customers can effortlessly transform straight from subscribing to articles related to where they could be in the customer journey to communicating with other customers in their industry. In scenarios where while the onboarding process, a new customer may become aware that your getting-started videos are beneficial for becoming much more comfortable with your platform, and your shared knowledge results in being supportive for understanding how to utilize your tool more effectively.

By offering a highly engaged learning domain where customers can gain suitable knowledge base articles and community discussion posts connected to their particular product and utility case.

During most of the scenarios customers seek your businesses not because they have an issue in mind, rather they want to understand and gain knowledge. In a dynamic market situation, a customer portal is able to build trust when customers understand that they can seek out answers there. Hence,  it is necessary to opt for a customer portal software that authorizes you to create a portal which is mobile responsive so customers can access it from anywhere,       allows you to customize your portal that could understand customer cravings and consistently upgrade the learning related content. Therefore, try to keep processes in place to hatch new content and upgrade existing contents.

Customer portal and its need

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Surviving and flourishing by using the customer portal

There are many customer portals available to make the work easier. The customer portal will help the customers to solve their issues regarding the business organization, its products, and the service with self-service as it is a digital device. The customer portals which are integrated with CRM software will be much more helpful and will make sure to provide good support to the customers who are facing issues and problems. You can provide customer support to the customers and prospects without getting engaged with them by using the customer portal with cloud services which is integrated with CRM software. A customer portal is a customer-centric tool that will help the customers solve their problems effectively without being associated with the support team. Another added advantage of the tool is that it is cost-effective also which will provide good support to the business organizations, customers, and prospects. The use of the customer portal is very effective as it is associated with CRM applications which will make the work of the team members, staff, customers, and prospects much easier.

The following are the advantages of using the customer portal to maintain business continuity during the COVID-19:-

  • The customer and prospect relations will be enhanced
  • It will provide hassle-free support to the customers and prospects 24/7
  • The user experience will be very good
  • It has a dashboard that is responsive and customizable
  • A lot of resources and time will be saved
  • It has a completely automated data handling
Surviving and flourishing with the help of the customer portal

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Adopting the customer portal in order to engage smartly

During a pandemic situation, it will be very difficult for the customers and prospects to communicate with the customer support team for any issues and problems regarding the products of your business organization. The customer portal that is integrated with CRM software will be very helpful to the customers for self-service without the involvement of the customer support team during times of crisis. The customer portal will eventually help to avoid making calls to the customer support team as it will solve the problems of the customers with its beneficial features of self-service. In the current pandemic situation, the customer portal will be the appropriate answer for your business organization that will provide real-time information, strong support to your customers and prospects, and it will streamline the customer and prospect relationship. The customer portal will allow the users to generate credentials based on the project applications and the case application, it will also allow the users to login and create an account. The portal dashboard will allow the customers and prospects to access all the credentials of their cases. The customer portal will provide easy solutions to the problems and issues of the customers and prospects helping them out in these hard times. Hence, using the customer portal will help the customers solve the problems in a much easier way especially during the pandemic, COVID-19. 

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Five added ideas to maintain business continuity during this COVID-19

Few priorities that help the business people have been identified which are obtained from the experiences and perspectives of the other countries in Asia where covid was spread tremendously. 

The following are the five ideas to reshape and maintain the business continuity:-

  1. The safety of the people must be prioritized and must get engaged continuously.
  2. The strategy must be revisited and reshaped in order to maintain business continuity.
  3. Communicating with the relevant stakeholders will be beneficial
  4. Use the government support policies as much as possible
  5. Must make new business plans according to the current situation.


During the pandemic situation, days have been very difficult for all of us. In such cases, the business organizations must strive very much to get through the difficult times and make sure the business runs well. At these times, it will be more encouraging to the customers if you let them know that you are there to support them. Hence, using the customer portal will help the customers to solve their issues and problems with self-service and will make it easier for them to achieve it. Therefore, using the customer portal which is integrated with CRM software will be helpful to maintain business continuity during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

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