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12 Commanding Rules of a HelpDesk Management System

Help desk management software is getting implemented these days in high numbers. Increase in usage is because the customers are renewing the services or product AMC’s with companies, who have been offering excellent customer service.

Customer support in the company is set to achieve the goals of increasing sales revenue and retaining a loyal customer base

There is an evolution of online support that has been seen rapid over the past few years. Early days spreadsheets, phone calls and tech assistance who were engaged in the  help desk to solve customer issues. Today with the help of technology and cloud based help desk ticketing system have become the backbone for many companies, who are engaged in customer support operations.   

Complaints are good for the companies, to have a check of the usage of a product or service is happening and good quality to be retained. On receiving the complaint, tickets are raised with the help desk management system and are assigned to the support team for resolving an issue of customers. While an ongoing customer support process, updates are happening to review the statuses of the complaints. Efficiency of the customer support is achieved on the continuous interactions happening with customers and keep updating the progress of the complaint. 

Use of 12 important features in a cloud help desk software and its smart rules for the automation of the customer support department. During the customer support complaints ticket inflow is never predicted, but it has to be managed well and streamlining the customer support team. 

This is the reason, 12 Commandments – 12 important rules of online customer support software helps to automate the complaint tasks and help desk workflow. 

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12  Important features of a having a good Help Desk Management System

Main advantages of adopting an online support software, help to automate the tickets, able to focus on managing customer complaints, streamlining the tickets and able to team tracking with the status on the issues. 

1) Automation of the tickets: Regardless of the industry vertical, customer complaints are getting registered. Customer complaints automation to perform the tasks assigned to the support team, which is to be attended and ticket response is needed to resolve the issue. This ticket automation is having an action on every ticket and it is performed on the predefined conditions set in the cloud help desk software. The rules helping to automate these actions are assigning tickets to the right skilled based technician, type of tickets with status and a priority. Triggering email notifications to the customers on registration of complaints and support team on the assignment of the complaint task. Moreover helping with the actions performed parameters are different ticket fields, contact details of the customer ticket along with the company details. 

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2) Sources of Ticket Generation: Online customer support software smoothly integrates with several platforms, involving websites, cloud telephony solutions, social media, and further channels for the registration of customer complaint tickets. Such integration consolidates the management of routine and repetitive problems within the customer service management software. It eases the issue management for the help desk team members, enabling them to combat each concern individually, ultimately resulting in improved customer satisfaction. 

3) Monitoring Service Level Agreements: To assure customer happiness and provide that “wow” aspect, it is important to initiate a robust service level acknowledgement framework inside the online client support software. Such framework assures continuous, on-time support and problem resolution. Through constantly prioritizing service level agreement management, companies can efficiently sustain loyal clients and observe revenue growth. The foremost goal is to assure that none of the client complaints, whether low or high priority, is abandoned. To gain this, measurable preferences are established within the SLA benchmark, optimizing the workflow of the client support department in resolving issues within particular timeframes.

When client support executives make reviews of their tickets, they are armed with the necessary details in relation to urgency and priority among allocated tickets. Leveraging SLA criteria within the customer service management system authorized for effective prioritization of complaint tickets, assuring adherence to SLA guidelines without incurring any violations.

4) Ticket templates are customizable: Company’s registering the complaint tickets are not the same, it differs from the process they have been into. Creating a customizable ticket template with cloud help desk software can be done and making the responses to the tickets even becomes more easier and manageable. 

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5) Ticket queues: Ticket queues help in preventing multiple people handling the same ticket at the same time. Managing the assigned tickets, so that customer support executives are able to work around on the assigned tickets. By having the ticket queues, organizing the support executive tickets more efficiently. 

6) Ticket status options: Every ticket with the option of “Open” or “Closed” is available in online support software. Moreover the option of customizing the status, as per the company business is manageable with the help desk management software. Enabling to send emails to customers automatically, when a status change in the ticket is possible with the help desk management system.

7) Response due time: Response of the tickets, which are close to the response time set in the SLA metrics. The tickets assigned first to the support team will be having the condition to respond first, if the response is not attended in the stipulated time then it will get assigned to the next level as per the set SLA metrics. In the online support software, it gives enough time to the support executive to respond to the complaint, before there is a breach in the response due time. The new unassigned tickets to be configured and the ticket to be assigned to a skilled support executive, removed from their queue and reassigned. 

8) Ticket Handling Procedures: In such a process of addressing clients tickets, it is essential that all ticket-related communications undergo a constant review by our support team leaders. Suitable steps must be considered if a client expresses dissatisfaction with the services of our support team members. Based on the tickets’ current updates and developments during the prevailing support procedure, they may require to be reassigned to skilled technicians for prompt resolution. Such ticket conversations are recorded within our cloud-based help desk ticketing system, assuring current updates and authorizing support leaders to immediately address any necessary actions.

9) Accessing Product Management and Deals: The online client support software allows effortless access to our product enlisted, which is necessary for our client support team as they acknowledge customer complaints. This availability regulates a comprehensive understanding of clients inquiries and issues related with the product, involving both physical and virtual deals. As a consequence, it eases the process for our clients’ support executives, sparing them the requirement to seek consultation on external files for information. Pertinent clients data which is sales orders and product delivery information, is readily accessible and displayed directly on the ticket page.

10) Personalizing Customer Tickets: To efficiently resolve customer complaints, it is necessary for our client support team to obtain a deeper understanding of our clients. Our help desk management system grants a wealth of customer-specific data alongside ticket details. Such information encompasses pivotal insights such as clients feedback, satisfaction levels, the scenario of open and closed tickets, and any outstanding queries. Moreover, it grants insight into the client’s loyalty tenure connected with our company, assisting our support team in granting personalized assistance.

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11) Self issue resolving tool: Customers to be educated with handling the self explanatory FAQ over website to resolve the minor issues. Customers can get the answers over the FAQ for the manageable issues and need not spend time on the queue for registering the complaints.  Moreover sharing the knowledge base article on resolving the frequent arising issues which can be resolved by the customers. 

12) Ticket submission form – Customers have the flexibility of directly registering their complaints within a help desk management software. Customers are allowed to enter the data on the ticket forms with issues faced by them. Cloud based help desk ticketing system will capture the vital information needed as per the company’s requirement on the customers issues. This will help to reduce the number of queries understanding the customer complaint and will be able to speed up the resolution time of tickets. 

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Some Other Features of Having a Good Help Desk Management System : 

Greater Customer Support

While it is easy to imagine that any company selling help desk software will care very deeply about providing great support to its own customers, that is unfortunately not always the case. Before choosing a tool, send in a couple of support requests and see what types of responses you will get and how long it takes to induce a reply. If you are not able to do that, read some online reviews of the product; if a company provides poor support, that’s something that’s often mentioned in product reviews. 

Some tool providers will also offer different levels of support based on the plan you sign up for or charge an extra fee for premium support, so make sure to dig deep into the details and factor any additional costs into your overall budget.

Security Features

With all the private customer information stored in your help desk, along with a full team of people accessing it, security is very much essential. Look for a tool with role-based permissions to limit access in specific areas to only those who need it. For extra protection when logging in and also in addition to encouraging strong passwords for every team member, a help desk with two-factor authentication can prevent unauthorized access. 
Depending on the type of data you store and your geographic location, you might need a help desk that is HIPAA compliant, or one that complies with GDPR requirements.


Ticket activity management, complaints received through the emails and other sources and attachments shared by the customers related to the products or service are accessible in a single view. SalesBabu integrates seamlessly with G Suite, which helps to build and streamline complaint tickets in the help desk management system. Customers can submit their complaints through their preferred channels and these service requests are converted into tickets. All the tickets are managed in a centralized location and easy to assign to the dedicated area customer support executives to handle the issue. 

This includes the complaint management, tracking of the issues and self service options to resolve the minor issues faced by the customers.  Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of team performance, feedback to  improve customer service and graphical MIS – bar, pie chart reports. Online customer support software lets customer support teams collaborate within themselves.