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3 Ways the Right Online CRM System Technology Can Enhance Your Sales Funnel

Every company is looking out for the best ways to increase their sales conversions and the prospects keep changing their stages during the sales process. These stages are reflected in the sales funnel and CRM gives the numbers of each stage. 

The definition of a sales funnel is a tool to visualize the prospects and their stages, who are willing to buy and in the process making decisions.  

We would like to take you to enhance your sales pipeline with the help of SalesBabu Online CRM. Sales funnel is important because it provides the information with different sales funnel stages and optimizing the same with stages is a CRM role. We have noticed the sales funnel which is wide open on the top and bottom is narrow. This is all providing the prospects entering into the funnel – prospects with whom all kinds of engagements reflect enters and the best of best well engaged with all options are passed through to the bottom of the funnel, which is considered as a sales. 

Using the cloud-based Sales CRM, which is providing the companies with all the data and functionality needed. Sales team has to make sure they’re not missing any of the follow ups and speaking with the leads until it’s reached the closing stage in a most efficient way.

CRM system allows a company to visualize a bigger picture and set strategic goals on the basis of the sales pipeline available. 

Here, with the SalesBabu CRM let us understand the 3 Ways which can Enhance companies Sales Funnel. 

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Cloud Telephony Integration – Save time of sales team and provide new insights

In a CRM sales funnel provides every step of the prospect, which has travelled during the sales process until it is becoming a buying customer. A company who is selling a product and creating a funnel of the prospect, which leads to more conversions to strengthen the relationship between potential customers and the company.

With the online Sales CRM, optimizing a sales funnel effectively for a total visibility on the activities which happen across the sales department. Cloud telephony integration, which is easy to integrate with the SalesBabu CRM systems. This will have features such as automatic dialing, which is helping the businesses to save time for salespeople to increase efficiency, effectiveness and insight. 

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Efficiency of the Cloud Telephony Integration with CRM

With the help of integration with cloud telephony solution, which offers click to call functionality helping salesperson to dial out prospects. Moreover it helps to have all of your customer data accessible anywhere, anytime at one touch go. Salespeople are well informed by the status of the leads and prospects without switching between the two different applications. They are able to convert cold prospects into hot by the continuous follow ups. 

If this integration is not available then imagine how to track the calls your sales person received and made. How much time they would have spent on each call. How would they manage tasks, prospecting and moving the leads to different stages, how to get the sales pipeline and many more related to the sales.  Efficiency with CRM and the cloud telephony integration is much more and also managing, tracking of the sales call can be smoothen. 

Effectiveness of CRM with the Cloud Telephony Integration

Effectiveness of online CRM with the Cloud Telephony Integration

We all know Sales Funnel is enhancing the sales team and providing the proper stages of every  opportunity, which can increase the conversion rates. Cloud telephony integration is able to create and prioritize call lists on the basis of CRM data stored. It will be helping companies to segment and target the  leads contact, which are likely to become company customers. The rigorous and effective follow ups of hottest prospects by a salesperson in these highly competitive markets, focusing on the possible returns as a sales closure along with the maximum resources available by the company. 

Driving Continuous Improvement in Sales

In the domain of sales, the quest of improved sales revenue is a consistent attention for sales professionals, identified by consistent practices that are sales calls, nourishing through emails, cold calls, follow-ups, and delivering summary of information and demos. To gain their sales revenue targets, salespeople get occupied in such operations routinely. Incorporating a cloud telephony with a CRM solution tends to automate the recording of sales calls, enabling higher-ups to evaluate and determine discussions. Managers can leverage such details to guide and consistently drive improvement within the sales team members with the help of targeted training, observable development within the sales funnel.

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Shielding Leads and Prospects from Slipping Away

While companies operate the path of development, management juggles several business related priorities, and there’s a risk of deviating from the path of potential leads and prospects. Although the sales team members are engrossed in their calls, and managers are engaged with current customer deliveries, there’s a possibility of deviating out on potent customers who are more interested to make a purchase. Proactive overreach to such promising clients is important to resist from deviating inquiries to competitors. If the sales team members are preoccupied with other workflow or internal deadlines, the loss of promising leads to competitors can come across easily.

SalesBabu CRM acknowledges such obstacles by regulating thorough contact management. It supports monitoring when the last communication can happen with a lead or prospect. With the CRM’s cooperation, responses can be tracked to assure timely engagement with inquiries and prospective clients. Comprehending that all leads are not equal, the CRM helps determine each lead’s potential, allowing the sales team members to apportion time efficiently to promising leads and current customers.

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Better Insight with CRM

We all know the CRM is a data driven solution. These centralized data are stored in a real-time, by the different entities who are in the sales. These information are reviewed on a regular interval basis, by the management to improve themselves in making valuable decisions and strategies. CRM systems have become a top priority and cloud telephony integration is a necessity in the companies to simplify jobs for a sales team. Choosing a right cloud CRM software has become a trend and exploring its magic is now becoming more important in the companies. 

Tracking of the sales stages

Moving too slowly and fast with the prospects, which is alienating them and chances of losing them to the competitor is high. Salesperson relationships with the customers are healthy and this is vital to convert the leads into sales orders. SalesBabu CRM is helping to provide the information in real time as and when needed and it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The progress of the customers are happening with regular follow ups. These progress are reflected in the leads and prospect stages. These updates are reflecting in the sales funnel, which is tracked and reviewed by the higher ups.  

CRM and Cloud telephony integration is simplifying reporting system

SalesBabu online CRM solution is a simple, user friendly and effective reporting tool. With the integration of Cloud telephony solution, the reporting system is becoming simpler and switching between different systems is getting avoided. Management is able to pull out the analytics MIS reports from the available input data done by the different department staff.  

CRM software helping the salesperson for Up selling and cross selling 

With the help of CRM software – Up selling and cross selling by the salespeople is more and it is increasing the profit of a company. The customer’s data and purchase details which is helping the sales team for up selling. They are able to close more deals by cross selling to the customers, with the buying history and making inferences about their interest in which product to buy. It is to improve the company’s growth, build customer loyalty and make them feel valued. CRM is providing real-time insight and collaborating the team by bringing them on a single platform. 

Four stages of a CRM Sales Funnel 

  1. Awareness

The primary stage of the CRM funnel is awareness. This is when a lead develops awareness of your business and your products or services. Awareness might occur in various ways, like from your email marketing, online and offline marketing campaigns, and social media. For instance, a lead might become aware of your company’s offerings when searching online for a solution for all their problems.

  1. Interest 

The second stage of the CRM funnel’s interest. The lead shows interest in your products or services when they contact you via your website or follow you on social media. They might also offer their email address in exchange for a webinar or e-book.

  1. Decision

The third stage of the CRM funnel is a decision. The prospect will plan to purchase your product or use your services. They estimate their options by comparing your pricing and features against your competitors’ offerings. Your sales team might reach out to the prospect to decide if they are ready to buy.

  1. Action

The final stage of the CRM funnels in action. Besides the prospect decides to become a customer and moves further to complete the purchase of your product or service, or they reject your offering and do not become a customer.


SalesBabu CRM with cloud telephony integration, sales force team performance and their productivity is seen. From the initial call till the closure stage, everything needed by the company to manage and make important decisions to streamline the sales team is possible with SalesBabu CRM. The focused and proper follow ups done by the sales team, helping in sales improvements, making a big difference in the company – where the small areas which create a vacuum is nullified due to the CRM.