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SalesBabu Solution – Cloud Based CRM Application

What is a cloud platform?

Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.

What is cloud computing?

In Today’s IT infrastructure “Cloud Computing” has its own nature and importance, cloud methodology enables companies to reduce their In-House IT infrastructure and its cost.  For example, Companies have their own computers which run on Windows Server or Linux servers or might be on other OS software which provides a platform to you for your In-house applications. In the same way cloud platform is the same thing, which is a foundation for running applications and storing data. The major difference is that, this runs on various data centers, who owned by an external service providers.

Now time has been changed and SMEs can take advantage of Cloud Computing and using SaaS (Software as a Service) On-Demand Solutions to enhance their work productivity and to reduce maximum IT infrastructure cost and manpower at their end. Now Employees work tasks is easy and it saves infrastructure and unwanted manpower cost and provides visibility from anywhere. Cloud computing technology enables customers to keep database on clouds safely and whenever required they can retrieve from it. Cloud Platform enables organization to take On Demand software services from anywhere at any time, allow to pay according to your needs and reduced operational cost.

Benefits of Cloud computing: 

  • Access to automatic updates – For the IT requirements accessing automatic updates might be included in your service fees. Depending on your cloud computing service provider, your system will be regularly updated with all the latest technology, This also includes up-to-date versions of software, as well as upgrades to the servers and power of computer processing.
  • Business continuity – The important part of business continuity planning is protecting your data and systems. Whether yours is a natural disaster, power failure, or some other crisis, having all the data stored in the cloud will ensure that it is backed up and protected in a safe and secured location. Being able to access your data quickly will allow you to conduct all the business, as usual, minimizing any downtime and loss of productivity. 
  • Collaboration efficiency – Collaboration in the cloud environment will give your business the ability to communicate and sharing very easily outside of the traditional methods. If you are working on the project across different locations, it will be easy to use cloud computing for giving the employees, contractors and third parties access to the same files. You can choose a cloud computing model in such a way that it will make it easy to share your records with your advisors. 
  • Reduced IT costs – Moving to cloud computing will reduce all the costs of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Rather than buying expensive systems and equipment for your businesses, you can reduce all these costs by using and implementing cloud computing resources. You may be able to reduce most of your operating costs because:
    • You no longer have to pay wages to the expert staff 
    • There are fewer time delays 
    • The cost of the upgrades of the systems, new softwares and hardwares might be included in the contract
    • Your energy consumption costs might be reduced.

Benefits of Cloud Based software

  • Save -On Premises IT Infrastructure Cost
  • Enable for Centric Database
  • Enable Real and Transparent Functioning
  • Allow organizations for Fast deployment of new business
  • Reduce Business Risk @ capital & operation level
  • Scale & Reach Globally
  • Enable for IT spending intelligently
  • Software Installation not required – use through browser
  • Easy application Interface
  • Allow integration with major Enterprise Solutions
  • Allow to licensing model subscriptions
  • Enable MTR tool -Money, Time and Resources.
  • Enhance Business Scalability.
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SalesBabu CRM (On-Demand) on Cloud Platform & Its Benefits

SalesBabu CRM Indian originated company, who catering customers globally and pioneering in providing software solutions on the cloud. SalesBabu On-Demand CRM based on SaaS Platform which help out SME Sector and businesses to reduce their IT Infrastructure & Manpower Cost and allow them to grow their business with the help of Cloud Computing.

Provide 360 Degree contact base and its view

SalesBabu CRM provides cloud based contact database which records and track every information related to its clients and prospects at a centralised location. These databases have role based data access which enables users to access these contact information at anytime and use it for lead management and other activities.

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Accounts Handling on without Data storage devices

Different account and product information can be stored in these cloud based databases which complete information on each product, respective warranty period, AMC details, product specification and more. Every vendor and its ordered quantity can be tracked easily and can be maintained to track the product demand cycle and help in monitoring the sales cycle in an organised manner.

Enable to handle Leads, Opportunities & Order processing

SalesBabu CRM can integrate with different web services to collect leads from different modes of communication and add record those leads in a cloud based database. Furthermore, SalesBabu CRM automated features help in lead filtering and further lead nurturing by sending targeted emails and  demos. Other features like quotation and sales order processing help in quick creation of these documents and maintaining different version of them at a common repository to track every sales lifecycle and quotation amendment for final sales closure.

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Reduce IT Cost on Tangible Data Storages like SAN, NAS, Tape Drives

Every information related to business details is stored in cloud environment which helps in avoiding any tangible storage like tape drivers and more. Software users can just have an internet services and can start using the software without any IT or infrastructure requirements.

Smooth & transparent functioning on all business tiers

An organised data and lead management process helps in the smooth and systematic flow of every tier of business and create more opportunities for reducing expenditures for the business and increase revenue for the firm.

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Streamline Entire Sales Force On Single Computer Screen

Dashboard and mobile Sales apps helps in creating a single screen view for every upcoming activity for any user and help in organising work in a better way without juggling around windows to find out ones workitems.

Provide Accurate and Error Free Data

Manual ways of data tracking and management are always error prone and cause huge losses due to repetitive and inaccurate work. SalesBabu CRM uses an automated system of data collection and recording which helps in fetching accurate data without any errors and incompletion.

Enable SaaS Platform and allow to use Software as a Service

SalesBabu CRM is a perfect example of a SaaS platform as it provides an organised system of managing every services like lead management, inventory handling, ERP services and customer care help as services using these software and help in systematising every segment of the business.

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Annual Subscription Based Solutions

In many cases, repetitive renewal of subscription causes a lot of investment for SMEs and startups, whereas SalesBabu CRM follows Annual Subscription policy which enables users to subscribe to the software and forget about any extra charges for one whole year. After one year these subscriptions are automatically cancelled in case of non renewal. These are cost effective and transparent system of business management.

Use Anywhere At Anytime

Mobile Sales apps features and cloud based software application helps users to access this software over the internet through smartphones and other gadgets at anytime and anywhere which makes it platform independent and easily accessible at our convenient time and place.

Free Standard Upgrades

SalesBabu CRM also provides standard upgrade features which are free of cost to its customer which enable software to provide the latest features and customized upgraded functionality without any additional cost and help in better software solutions for businesses.

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SalesBabu CRM is one of the most trusted and widely used cloud based CRM application which is built on the latest technologies and provides various automated functionalities to its clients at a cost effective rate.