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Ineffective Sales Process??? Don’t Blame Sales or Process…Dig Deep

Ineffective Sales Process??? Don’t Blame Sales or Process…Dig Deep

Keeping the entire sales process in the right track is not always an easy do. The process involves collaborative efforts of the entire team, a focused and potential sales manager, and the correct platform and the accurate methodology. All the ingredients put in the right quantity and focused efforts definitely lead to sales growth and increased profitability. But if anything gets skipped, the progress rate will be affected. Generally, sales manager blame team to be ineffective to meet the desired goals. It might be correct. But one needs to dig deep to find out the correct breach in the entire process. 

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Let’s discuss what can be these factors which can contribute the sales turbulence.

Reasons for inefficient sales 

Unorganised sales Process

In the practical world, the sales team is given limited resources and are expected to perform out of the line. Unorganised sales and scattered customer data storage adds on the misery for the sales and marketing team which results in bad sales conversion rate and diminishing revenue for the organisation.

Unrealistic Expectations

Your expectations from your sales team is very important to have a practical target? Unrealistic targets can build frustration among your sales team, manager and ultimately the organization top notch. Don’t create goals without a thorough analysis of what are your available resources, strength, weaknesses, and then make an optimistic target.


A positive and target oriented attitude is important to accomplish the assigned target. Clear focus with a result oriented approach is a must in achieving the goal.

Time Management

Proper time management is a boon. Time is the most crucial factor in one’s success or failure. A Proper time plan, planned follow up routine and well scheduled meetings can turn the flow of the tide

 Is Your Sales Coaching Enough

Have you considered sales coaching as an indispensable part of the sales process? If not, then rethink your decision, and give ample time for sales coaching. Entire sales team must be well aware of all the products, and its respective features. They should be well aware of all the technical specifications so as to have a thorough product insight. One should also consider soft skills as the most important factor to deliver the requisites. Proper body language and well behaved gestures and postures contribute a lot in a positive sales performance and drive more revenue.

Lack of prospecting

You cannot make a sale without s prospect. Hence, the starting point for the performance of strong sales is in the pipeline. A common reason salespeople fail the prospect is that they waste most of the time on unproductive activities. Spending more time with the customers than necessary will build a strong relationship. While you can’t take the customers for granted, it is very important to schedule a dedicated time for sourcing new prospects. In some of the organization’s sales, reps spend one or two hours on the lead generations. 

Poor relationship development

One of the most important responsibilities in sales management is building and maintaining a good relationship with the prospects. Relationships are built on genuine interpersonal exchanges and rapport building. Sellers who are very uncomfortable in this stage do not fully engage with the prospects. The next phase of relationship management is converting prospects to buyers. Sellers must input and make use of the data of the customers to build strong relationships and leverage repeat purchases which ads on the opportunities. 

Lack of Motivation

Some sales teams underperform due to the lack of motivation. This problem usually starts from cultural barriers. You might have to evaluate your approach by encouraging collaboration, incentivizing the results, and inspiring effort. Low morale emerges when the sales reps do not see the connection between compensation and success when there is tension in the workplace which takes away from the enjoyment. 

Mismanaged leads

After getting the lead on the pipeline, you need to manage the prospects effectively. Prioritizing the leads effectively is another problem. Calling the prospects with the low likelihood of a purchase or limited revenue potential with those with more potential one is inefficient. You should essentially drive your top leads to the competitors with this approach.

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How can SalesBabu CRM help Sales Process Management 

Centralised Data

We all know that sales team need to juggle around many work items at a time due to their versatile job description. A cloud based integrated database helps in keeping every piece of information at a centralised location starting with customer data to quotation and sales order details. With this facility sales team need not search around different documents and excel sheet for searching any sales information. Every detail is available at a mouse click which helps in making quick sales deals and create more targeted campaigns for customers considering their specific requirements.

Also, SalesBabu CRM provides numerous knowledge base documents and demos which are available for different stakeholders like sales team and other customer services agents to improve their skills and personal trainings. These self help features help team to upskill their proficiency and create more sales opportunities for the company.

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Mobile Sales app facilities

Sales team need to travel a lot for site visits, customer meeting and more. Manual entries and on desk work entries will be highly inefficient and work bound for sales team. SalesBabu CRM provides Mobile Sales app which facilitates on the go sales services for sales team. Quotation creation , sales order sharing and other on the move features, like live-location details are very helpful in providing round the clock facility for sales team to stay connected to the system regardless of their location.

With these features sales team can stay connected with every customer while visiting one. This tool helps in tracking every sales deal in a more systematic manner and handle them efficiently and with great productivity.

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Follow Ups and activity tracking

In the course of a sales deal, Quotation need to be amended multiple times. With every amend if we need to keep a manual copy of each version, think of the amount of document we will possess.

SalesBabu CRM provides an integrated system of storing every version of quotation, sales order or sales campaigns made for each customer and record at a common repository. Also, we can create different followup events and reminders to track every activity related to upcoming sales deals.

Dashboard page of every sales member will have regular work items, upcoming meetings, reminders and more listed at a graphical and quick view sections which help in tracking daily and weekly activities for each of them for better planning of their work items.

Reports and Analysis

In many cases, the sales team have to plan their work items as a team or individually based on reports of workload on each agent.

SalesBabu CRM provides facilities of inbuilt and custom reports which helps in creating statistics on different data like the latest trends in the market, the most popular products in the market, customer trends for better sales deals and more.

We can collect different information from the common repository and create reports which help in managing our daily work and deliver more productive sales goals for the organisation.

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SalesBabu CRM is a tool which manages overall sales process in an organisation and create an environment where sales team expectation is met with the reality with real time reports and analysis along with more productive ways of tracking their work items and create flexible work solutions with features like Mobile Sales apps. SalesBabu CRM is a great tool for small scale industries who are facing issues with sales team and require a organise solutions to improve productivity of the business.

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