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Important Tips To Deal With Customer Complaints Effectively

Important Tips To Deal With Customer Complaints Effectively

Company always focuses on how to streamline the business. Sales revenue to be generated and customer base to be increased. Simultaneously the company also concentrates on the customers issues. We all know customers keep giving complaints, either on the product or services, which are inevitable. 

Complaints are always to be acknowledged and dealt effectively with the issue to resolve. Customers cannot be ignored and miss their complaints. Ignoring the complaints or missing their complaints means you are not giving value to their concerns. 

It has been observed that business owners are busy with the day to day business related work, but unable to concentrate on the customers’ feedback, reviews or issues placed by them. Customer complaint management software is helping to streamline the tickets registered  related issues and also helps in the support team issue handling productivity. 

Business owners feel that customer support software is time consuming and too much process management in the software. But the online complaint system is an efficient tool to manage the complaints and resolve quickly and easily.

In the customer service industry, the first priority comes to serve customers on receiving complaints from them. It is observed, while attending the customer complaints, difficult customers are encountered and managing them is difficult. Some loyal customers also  might complain about the issue faced by them. 

Good customer service is always built on the healthy relationship between the customer and company, how the complaints are handled by the customer support technicians. Support technicians are the face value of the company and they are responsible to manage the customers issues by providing appropriate solutions in time.

Few step guidelines – how to deal with the customers complaints

Important Tips To Deal With Customer Complaints Effectively

Taking Complaints: 

  • When a customer makes a complaint, the support executive has to register a ticket into the online customer complaint system. While registering be polite and take a request of the issue faced by the customer. 
  • Have patience and give the customer your complete attention, listen to issues faced by him in the product or a service, before providing any explanation. Customer support teams never attempt to argue back with the customer. Reason is the issue will not be resolved in time and chances of spoiling the relationship with them is more. 
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  • It is essential never to grant a solution without an in-depth understanding of the complete issue at hand. Support technicians come across client complaints as part of their ongoing daily routine, and it’s essential to understand that each registered complaint is distinct. The complaints gone through by each client variate from those of previous cases, making personalized attention necessary. Acknowledging clients as valued and loyal customers by eagerly lending ears to their issues and gathering a complete understanding of the problems fosters friendly and comfortable communications with support technicians.
  • Understanding and examining the problem is key, allowing the support team members to embrace a proactive stance, especially when the problem is not connected to the company’s products or services. Empathy is of great importance; support executives should get themselves in the client’s position to understand the severity of the problem thoroughly.
  • The company should always consider the initiative when acknowledging client complaints. If a member of the customer support team finds themselves incapable of managing an issue efficiently, it is suggested to reassign the ticket swiftly before client frustration escalates. Although, it’s normally best to manage a single point of contact for the clients to ensure continuity, along with that the assigned individual can maintain to resolve the problem within the specified timeframe.
  • Unresolved complaints should be taken care of in accordance with the service level agreement (SLA) criteria set in the client support software. Such a process assures that complaints are addressed and resolved rapidly, with feedback gained from customers to gauge satisfaction levels.

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Handling the issues and providing solutions:

  • On the receipt of a customer’s complaint, the support technician – immediate action to be mentioned sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience faced by the customer. There could be many factors, which the issue has been raised by the customer in the product or service, wherein the company may not be at fault. But giving the customer confidence by stating tickets have been raised and support technicians will handle the issue soonest. 
  • Never give excuses to the customers, they never want to hear excuses. However, the explanation of the standard norms can be rendered, after registering the complaint and making an apology. Issues to be handled well, if necessary escalate the issue to the skilled technicians and resolve the issue on priority. 
  • Finally if the issue is unsolvable, then compensating by a refund or providing alternate product or service is the solution. 

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Useful tips to deal with complaints effectively: 

  • Customer support team to be calm while dealing with a complaint. If the customer is confrontational, support technicians to be active and pacify the customer by not getting angry. Never argue with the customer, this will worsen the situation.
  • Initiative of resolving the complaints as quickly as possible. Customers have to feel their issue is being treated as a priority and will be resolved soon. 
  • Records of all customer complaints managed well into the online customer complaint system, which helps the support team to analyse the cause of issues registered and solutions provided by the support teammates. This process is periodically assessed with the available records, identifying the root cause and taking steps to eradicate the future eruption. Similar issues are resolved, through collaborative work with the quality department. 
  • Customer facing staff members, to be trained well and nurtured to handle the complaints.
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Tips To Deal With The Customer Complaints : 

Acknowledge The Issue

After you have heard them out, acknowledge the problem and repeat it back to the customer. Paraphrasing what your customer has said to you and repeating it back to them will let them know that you have listened to them and that you have understood what the actual problem is.

Acknowledging the problem doesn’t mean that you simply will accept what the customer should say, it just means that you understand them and respect where they are coming from. You will also be able to say things such as, “I  have understood, this must be very frustrating for you,” or, “If I understand you correctly…” then follow up with the paraphrased rendition of the complaint.

Document Their Response

Complaints frequently include hidden opportunities for improving your product or service. Documenting them will help you to identify all the flaws, issues, and trends. It could be a product defect that you need to immediately address. Or maybe it is a campaign-specific complaint that your marketing department might look into. Whatever the case, make sure to record all customer complaints about future use. With the complaints documented, you will be able to bring them up in monthly and annual meetings to seek advice on how to solve the issue.


Customer complaints are important and most of the customers are worried – how will the company respond and resolve their problem. Handling the situation by the customer support team of resolving issues is always a challenge for the company. Every issue registered as a ticket is a challenge, until it is resolved and same issues are not recurred in future. This is managed over a customer complaint management software and has a complete history of the customer complaints – a day registered till it got resolved and strengthening the customer service team

Customers complaining are not to make the company feel bad, but to get a solution to their issue. It has been noticed that customers, who have been complaining about the product or service issues, later stage become loyal customers to the company. It is all about making the customer comfortable, putting across his queries or issues to the support team, either through phone call or feedback form filled.

Customer complaints to taste a great lemonade is possible by solving their issues in time and every time and also have an experience of creating a customer-centric business. The customers who were not happy earlier, today they may become your most loyal customers.  

The implementation of the SalesBabu online customer management system in a company, helps to streamline the complaints, resolve the issues in time with the SLA matrices set. Assigning the critical complaints to the skilled technicians for early resolutions. Measuring of complaints manageable by the support team, without  stressing them. Building the customer base new and existing by providing appropriate solutions. Opportunity for the customers to share their feedback, so that the support and quality department are able to analyse the recurring issues and try to eliminate them in future by providing a good quality product or service.

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