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How to Manage Sales Cycle with Online CRM Software

How to Manage Sales Cycle with Online CRM Software

Is your sales process complicated? And you’re looking for a tool to manage your sales and track your sales force?

Online CRM Software is the effective solution of all the business needs. It keeps your sales process manageable and gives you accurate sales reports. Online CRM Software is the best tool to track leads and also increases the conversion rate. You can close more leads in a short spam.

Why Online CRM has become the need of every Sales Organisation?

Online CRM Software is the best technology from which many sales organisations are taking benefits. You can easily enhance your profits and revenue. Reminders keeps you updated about sales calls, e-mails and meetings. Proper follow-ups makes possibilities to close deals.

Demerits of Maintaining Sales process on excel sheets.

If you are still managing your sales process on excel sheets it means you are losing sales and not getting accurate sales information.

  • Not getting accurate sales reports
  • Unable to track sales team’s activities
  • Mismanaged Customer’s Database
  • No Follow-up reminders
  • Don’t know sales order’s status
  • Eat up a lot of time in Quotation generation.

Automated CRM softwares are the talk of the town now, every organisation needs an organised system of tracking and maintaining processes for a more productive business model.

SalesBabu Sales Management Software is a boon for every economic marketplace business with systematic and automated features to manage routine work for the firm. Some of the main features of SalesBabu CRM are as below:

Provides detailed information of the customer 

Customer centricity is the center of every business management in the current era. Understanding your customer’s needs is the most important part of a successful business process. With a centralised repository for storing customer details like contact information, demographic background, shopping history, interested products and more. Once we have a clear picture of our clients needs, we can make better marketing strategies to provide more productive sales deals.

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Also, by understanding customer’s pain areas and interested products, the sales team can create more targeted campaigns to remove specific pain areas and market our products by highlighting specific features of products which are of more interest to clients. These proactive features help in creating better sales deals and more optimum revenue options for the firm.

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Maintains a database of all the products

Imagine a plea of an FMCG business or a pharmaceutical company which has a lot of products to manufacture and market. Managing details of each product with individual warranty and product information along with different vendors can be very difficult if managed manually.

SalesBabuCRM provides a centralised repository to store each and every information of products along with individual vendors and warranty details which can be used for better tracking and management. Once an enquiry is reported or a booking needs to be done for different products, these pre-recorded entries can be auto filled in the booking or enquiry details. These predefined values helps in closing queries better with complete knowledge of the products, its vendors and respective warranty details.

Also, complete information on the delivery timelines of every product with different vendor payment history,GRN and delivery challans are documented with sales order details and can be tracked conveniently to understand the delivery deadlines and status. 

Tracks sales activities of the organization

Mobile Sales app and other automated features for sales order generation and quotation generation helps in improving sales team performance dramatically. In most of the cases, sales team have a lot of things to handle starting from making presentations for clients, going for client visits, creating quotations and sales orders for final deals and more. If all these things need to be done behind a desk all day, think of the plea of no.of hours a salesperson needs to spend in the office. 

With mobile sales app facility SalesBabu CRM enables sales and marketing team to provide on the go support facilities to clients and send quotations and sales orders to clients at runtime for faster closures of deals.

Live location sharing via Mobile sales app help in distributing work to individual sales personnel with the proximity to the client and provide faster support system for the customer. As we all know sales employees need to travel a lot in respect to their work, these location sharing details help in tracking performance of every sales person and create a more transparent environment in the team.

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Dashboard and follow ups

Considering the amount of transaction and workflow happen in a big firm. Keeping a quick view on every critical work item everyday through dashboards and followup activities help in creating a more organised system of process management within the organisation.

SalesBabu CRM provides a lot of activity tracking and follow up reminders which help sales team to keep a record of their upcoming meetings and client interactions. These methods help in avoiding lot of ways in which business loose prospective customers. Also, these integrated dashboards help in creating an organised system of managing enquiries and other customer queries in a more systematic manner.

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Reduces Overheads

Customer Relationship Management Software not only makes long and strong relationships but also removes IT expenses. Sales Managers can log in and view the sales status from anywhere of any branch. You can also do competitor analysis and make sales strategies accordingly. It helps sales managers to know where they need to improve and how to close more deals in a short time period. 

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Customer Relationship Management Software is the key to success for any business organization.


SalesBabu CRM is a one stop software solutions for managing your sales and improving revenue generation for the organisation.

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