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8 Key advantages of Travel CRM Software :

8 Key advantages of Travel CRM Software

The travel and tourism industries are the two phases of a coin. Both are interlinked to each other. There are several sectors within the travel industry like – transportation, food and beverages, accommodation, entertainment and other related industries like financial services, tourism organisations etc which work together as a family. Thus, the travel industry needs […] more

Online Travel CRM Pros and Cons :

Online Travel CRM Pros and Cons

Work, Travel, Save, Repeat!!  Travel!! Tell me who doesn’t like travelling, being out for some days from all the usual chaos, usual routine? Everyone likes travelling to new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods and having fun and what not. Though travelling may be for many reasons. You may travel from one place to […] more

understand what your customers want

Understand What Customers Want’s

Every business starts with the prime agenda of a “long-lasting success” and “long-term survival”. Thus, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and enhancing the customer satisfaction – is what the company wants to do.  There was a time when the business setups focussed on “sell what you can make”. But the present business world has […] more

What Is CRM - Customer Relationship Management

What Is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management [CRM] is a business strategic tool which helps in developing great relations with your customer. The prime factor of a customer relationship management system is customer satisfaction. CRM is a process where a company aids technology, sales team, marketing and various other methods of interaction with their customers. This interaction is vital […] more

Manage Your Sales Team Smartly :

Manage your Sales Team Smartly

Don’t you want enhance your business? Obviously, you do want to enhance your business and also manage your business more wisely. Sales plays one of the key role in order to enhance your business. And managing a great sales team is no less than a challenge. No matter even if you have a good brand […] more

How CRM helps you to Enhance Sales Productivity

Sales Force Automation techniques enable organizations to automate their complete sales process. This helps companies to take accurate sales reports and enable to do accurate sales forecast on Sales Funnel. Traditional methods of working on excel sheets and papers create complexity in any business process and this can be effect of daily work productivity of an organization. […] more

Switch To Cloud Based CRM Software : SalesBabu Online CRM System

Switch to Cloud Based CRM

“Cloud Computing” is the latest buzz word in the IT industry, it is rapidly changing and  shaping up the economic & technological value of the businesses. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing  is the on demand availability of the computer system resources which offers IT as a service. You get the complete hosting facility from […] more

Thinking about taking your business to the next level?

Give Your Customers What They Want SalesBabu CRM Solution is all about customers and their needs. It’s a strategy to learn more about customer’s behaviors and to develop strong customer relationships. SalesBabu CRM Solution is the best technology which brings together bits and pieces of sales information on single place. It helps businesses to shortened the […] more