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Automate sales & service processes

Automate sales & service processes

Many companies small & big are adopting SalesBabu CRM. Typically before implementing, all customer complaints were handled through a manual process. There was little structure to the process as all service enquiries were captured by e-mail and then assigned to different sales executive. With this process, it was easy for some enquiries and complaints to fall through the cracks and paper files often meant resolutions times were stretched beyond customer satisfaction, which led to further complaints.

The process to handle sales leads within the company and across their branches was a similar mess and each salesperson maintained their own excel of leads. The consolidation of this data was very difficult for managers and sales coordinator. Without integration across the organization, customer service was suffering and sales goals were more difficult to meet. Companies clearly needed to make a change and turned to SalesBabu CRM for a solution after comparing with other offerings.

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation is a mechanisation  of  manual and tasks of sales which consumes more time using the software and other digital tools. It helps to manage the responsibilities of the sales reps or managers on the weekly, monthly or daily basis. 

Benefits of sales automation : 

  • This will improve the accuracy of sales and accelerate the sales process
  • Sales automation will streamline the quality of the sales tasks 
  • It helps to increase the productivity and also the performance of the sales reps
  • Turbocharges your sales efficiency
  • It will also reduce the response time which will increase the satisfaction of customer
  • Sales automation will ensure that your sales leads do not fall into cracks
  • It will help to keep the data of sales consistent across the sales organization
  • This will allow you to use the resources very efficiently.

Why Automate Sales Process? 

  • It saves time – Sales reps should spend more time on the nurturing leads, building strong relationships with the leads and closing leads but not manually entering the data of leads or performing administrative tasks. Sales reps say that they spend 2 hours of the time on the manual data entry, closing the deal. This helps to avoid all these.
  • It increases efficiency –  In today’s world we have to work smarter, not work hard, to thrive and every minute of the time counts. If the sales reps and managers are spending hours together in a day in manual data entry then they are not working efficiently. Sales automation will help to manage their leads and also helps to save time and work efficiently accordingly.
  • It avoids human errors – It is a normal tendency for humans to make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes the small mistake might result in losing of dollars in the businesses. Sales automation will avoid the errors that the sales reps make while entering the leads into CRM, little grammars in the emails etc.
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How could SalesBabu CRM help?

Companies worked with SalesBabu CRM implementation team to deploy the CRM & service module. Now that the solution is integrated throughout the company, branches, and sales and service teams, complaints received by the organization are logged and routed to the appropriate service engineer and can be easily tracked through the system. Similarly enquires are centrally received and assigned to different sales executive based on their allocation rules.

Main Functionalities of a SalesBabu CRM software

SalesBabu CRM provides a cloud based centralised database which records every detail related to business regular workflow like customer details, product list, incoming queries, sales order details on each transaction, customer complaints and more. Every information required for an organised upkeep of an organization is managed and recorded systematically using SalesBabu CRM software. Different stakeholders are given role based access to the customer data to provide specific access and security system.

Various members of the team in sales and marketing department can access and edit these integrated information to collaborate better and use centralised data to understand customer’s background and generate more personalised presentations and campigna for sales closures.

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Salesbabu CRM can integrate with different social media websites and other webpages for tracking online leads through different marketing strategies and record them with complete prospects data in a centralised repository. Based on different parameters like shopping trends and products requirements, the sales and marketing team will filter the collected leads. These positive lead cases are then further nurtured systematically by sending emails and other promotional details to collect email ids and phone nos.

With an organised system of lead management, the sales team can create more targeted campaigns by understanding customer’s complete data and help in closing better sales deals for the firm.

SalesBabu CRM can integrate with different email and SMS vendors to send targeted marketing emails with product information, demos, presentations and promotional offers to further nurture the lead towards sales closures. With these lead filtration and nurturing features, the sales and marketing team can make sure only interested clients are being targeted at and perform better with limited audience and customer specific requirement for each client.

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Every company needs to understand its market trends and customer requirements to create better futuristic plans for its business. A manual way of data analysis and record generation can be quite hectic and error prone. Hence, SalesBabu CRM provides automated features of inbuilt and custom reports to understand different segments of business model. For example :- a Sales manager can keep a track of every sales occurred in the last three months by just selecting a few parameters in the SalesBabu CRM online software. A well organised and self explanatory report will be ready for use in a few seconds. Similarly,  a sales head can generate reports on the internal performance of each salesperson and also record workload of every team member for a better distribution of work and balance work environment in the team.

Also, with the help of these report proper forecasting measures can be taken by understanding the demand of various products, market trends for various sectors and more. These features also help in keeping a balanced stock in the warehouse to avoid any out of stock or overstocking situations.

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In today’s era, customers need a quick solution for their queries with mobile phones and gadgets on their fingertips. A round the clock support system for customers have become a necessity than a good-to-have feature. 

Any economic business has different types of customers and prospects who can be interested in different sector of products. Keeping every customer informed about each and every manufactured product manually can be quite hectic and overwhelming job for any employees. SalesBabu CRM provides an automated system of enquiry tracking and handling using a centralized repository system which will record every incoming enquiry with complete details of the issue reported.

Automated assignment system in the software assigns these enquiries to appropriate service agents and create follow up activities with complete information of the support needed. Also, notification features in the software help to use predefined email templates to send notification to clients and service agents on any updates on the tickets and help in quick closure of any incoming query.

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Automated features of quotation management and sales order records help in creating an organised system of tracking the series of client interaction and deal progression. Different amendment to quotations and sales order details can be documented in a systematic method to track the progress and details of any customer deal in progress. Also, facilities of adding GST detail, HSN Codes and other values help in creating standardised format of quotation and sales order for business deals.

The predefined Email template features help in sending a quick email to customer with any latest changes to sales deals or quotation details.

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Now, all sales specialists and front-line employees can use the sales module to manage and track sales leads and sell additional services to existing customers. All the sales & service team members rely on the SalesBabu CRM platform to access customer data and automated sales and service processes to meet customer expectations and sales target.

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