Sales people and CRM: a love-hate relationship

If you’re in sales, you know that the secret to sales success is working with people, not with software. So logging information into a sale’s CRM software can be seen as an annoying activity that prevents you from doing what you were hired to do – sell.

The main reason Sales people initially don’t try to adopt CRM is they feel – CRM is a waste of time – something else to keep up to date when quite clearly we don’t need it. What’s wrong with a spreadsheet or having it all up top, in my head?

I agree that it can initially be difficult to see past the laborious task of updating every conversation that takes place, loading every opportunity against each client and generally keeping information accurate.

Of course, time isn’t the only problem. Training can be a challenge and users simply don’t know where anything is in the system, which makes tasks long winded and reinforces the first impression that this is another thing for them to do.

Sales people are very possessive about their information. They donot want to share their prospects and content, since they are their properties, they made over a period of time; But what if the same sales person is not their to handle his customer? If his information is their some other person can save the business for company; but The sales person feel insecure about his contact.

You might be surprised, but I have to agree with you – you have a point here!

Centralized Database is a good thing, but when it turns into policing every minute action the whole purpose simply gets lost. A good CRM have to track only the necessary information. And in the end, what really matters is whether or not you’re reaching your targets, right?

Another thing I have observed was “I was not hired to do that” sales people always attracted towards more sales and sales targets for more money and commission on the same. They really cannot figure out the importance of feeding each call/email communication data in CRM software. They just feel a distraction.

In order to see this hands-on value, you need training that will demonstrate to you how CRM can improve not only lead generation, but also lead nurturing. You have to see the time-saving benefits of following a pre-defined and automated sales process.

And you need time to appreciate the advantage of having a centralized customer database. Training here will help sales people to discover that the time spent on updating CRM equals to the time spent on properly preparing for a new sale. And this is something that WILL bring you the big bucks!

When you think of the advantages that CRM brings to sales people, they are quite straightforward:

  1. Storing information online vs in your head
  2. Automating admin tasks vs manually writing them on Post-it notes
  3. Speeding up your sales cycles by using simple and easy-to-use software
  4. Saving time on follow-ups, which you also won’t forget
  5. Keeping everyone in the loop of what you’ve achieved and where you stand
  6. Improved communication with your sales manager and colleagues

At the end we can say that CRM software not only helps you to sell efficiently but it also provides you tolls to sell more.


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