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Best Ways to Manage Sales and Marketing

“The new reality is that sales and marketing are continuously and increasingly integrated. Marketing needs to know more about sales, sales needs to know more about marketing, and we all need to know more about our customers.” – Jill Rowley

Sales and marketing team is the face of every business. With so many sales orders and marketing deals, it’s very important to have an efficient sales and marketing tool to manage every step of the sales lifecycle.

With the offset of sales management tools and ERP software, its difficult to choose one among the different software tools. No company would prefer to have different tools to manage different processes in the organisation and have managers juggling around various tools to manage business processes.

This is where an integrated tool like SalesBabu CRM comes into the picture which provides a collaborated solution for managing every business process along with an efficient system of sales administration.

Some tips for  managing  the successful sales team:

Inspire your team –  Successful sales managers will understand the importance of inspiring the team. They use inspiration as one of the best strategies. They implement this by helping each salesperson and see how successful they can become in the future. Motivating the sales team to the maximum of their highest potential.

Inspiring is often described as:

  • Appreciative – Showing gratitude truly for the hard work done by the sales team, recognizing them, and rewarding them according to that.
  • Accountable – Taking a personality for whatever happens, even if the consequences of that are unpleasant. 
  • Energetic – Having a positive and uplifting attitude. 
  • Servant hearted – Caring about the success that is done by the sales team more personally.
  • Honest – Should tell the truth to both co-workers and customers.

Establish Good company culture –  Having a strong company culture is also important. This importance has become more for the satisfaction of employees. There are some key things that can improve company culture:

  • Celebrating all the achievements of the employees.
  • Organizing events and also competitions to encourage and keep engaged the salespeople, also keep them excited about the upcoming work.
  • Creating a social and positive environment for the sales team.
  • Appreciating the sales team on the regular basis.

Use technology – Many parts of the sales are getting automated which has become easier and quicker for the salespeople to complete. This is because of the constant improvement of technology. A good CRM will make all the collaboration easier and eases the difficulty of keeping the track of calls and the clients. Tools like headset and tablets will allow the sales team to multitask without much effort, allowing meetings of the client. Maintain a call to be well-documented without taking the focus of the sales team away from the clients.

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SalesBabu CRM – Sales and Marketing

SalesBabu CRM is becoming much more popular today. You can manage the process in an organized way. Now you can measure the time period of the leads. It captures customer details and tracks the sales status of the leads and prospects. Automation of the entire sales process from lead generation, qualification, Follow-up, Quotation, sales order till deal closure. You can motivate your sales team by providing them good sales incentives according to their sales performance. Get a summary of sales leads and other sales activities.

Let’s discuss more benefits of SalesBabu CRM in details.

Benefits of SalesBabu Sales CRM Software

Manages complicated sales tasks

Sales tasks seem to be an easy job from outside but internally it’s a set of numerous follow ups, demos, presentation sharing, campaigns, site visits, meetings, seminars and more. Managing each of them for different clients can be a difficult job when done manually. SalesBabuCRM provides an automated system of activity tracking and opportunity management which helps in better management of every step of the sales lifecycle.

Every task involved with a sales activity is tracked with a new ticket which helps in keeping a record of every event and not to miss any important deal due to shuffling between sales tasks. Complete information about each activity is recorded with proper notes and details to create a transparent and productive system of sales tracking.

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Tracks Lead cycle.

Lead Management is important to manage our regular sales process. With better lead tracking and nurturing process, we can understand our prospective clients and sales order in a better way to create a more efficient business planning.

The best way to manage and improve our sales is through an efficient system of lead tracking and filtration.

SalesBabu CRM provides software integration facilities with third party vendors to track prospective leads over the internet through social media, web reviews and more. Once a list of interested clients is recorded in a centralised repository, further facilities of lead filtration is done to understand which clients are really interested in further sales. 

Understanding your prospects background like demographic details, interested products, purchase history and more, helps in creating more targeted campaigns and help in procuring better deals for the organisation.

Accurate sales forecasts and reports

Sales and Marketing jobs are very vulnerable jobs which keeps getting affected due to many external reasons. Many product sales may see a huge difference in demand due to just some promotional sales in a competitive brand. These are also known as causal reasons affecting the demand for various products. Similarly, for many products and brand, a proper demand forecasting is very important to balance the demand and supply chain in the organisation.

Many companies may fall into prey to over stocking or stock out situation due to improper demand forecasting by the sales team. SalesBabuCRM provides many automated features to analyse and forecast demand for the products based on the previous history of the products and also the current market trend.

These features are very important to many manufacturing companies who have a huge amount of running capital invested in the procurement and delivery of products. 

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Reminders and tracking 

Many sales deals get stuck with the payment and the final sales order stages. With SalesBabuCRM application, a proper system of sales cycle management is followed where every stage of sales orders are tracked with activities which helps to follow up for payment, document submission and more.
With a systematic and organised system of sales order competition, business can leverage the numerous facilities of tracking every sales activity in the organisation.

Dashboard facilities and reminder alerts help managers to understand the sales trend for various products and also check with the customer to understand the next step towards sales closure.

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Tracks individual sales performance

Mobile sales app in SalesBabuCRM is a great tool to share live location, share documents and presentation on the go. Mobile sales apps, is a lightweight app which can be installed on a smartphone which helps the sales team to provide support and do their regular jobs while on the move. As we all know, sales and marketing jobs need a lot of time out of the desk and providing a tool to stay connected with clients and team members via the internet is the best way to improve the productivity of the sales team.

With this app, the sales and marketing team can strike a perfect balance between work and life and complete their respective work on the move. At the same time, by being connected to the network at all times, the sales team can provide a constant support system to its customer to improve overall satisfaction rate of the clients.

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SaleBabu CRM software solution is an important tool for modern business organisations. You can give priority to the positive prospects. It improves your win rates and performance. Stores information of all your accounts and contacts. It also reduces the admin tasks. Sales Managers can log in from anywhere and can get the visibility to sales team’s activities. Sales people don’t need to carry product catalogs or other sales documents when they visits customer places. CRM Solution is cloud based software, so you just need to enter username and password and view each and every customer detail from anywhere.