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How to Improve Business, Major Trends

How to Improve Business, Major Trends

In today’s era of fast moving economic trends, market requirements have been widely fragmented with respect to technology and service providers. Many game changers and trend setters have remarkably transformed the way companies engage their customers throughout the sales cycle. The major trends are as described below:

CRM Tool

Customer Relationship Management Software has emerged as a powerful and effective business tool that automates all the processes involved in sales cycle starting from sales enquiry generation till getting the order, order processing/fulfillment, post sale complain management and after sales service and support. Especially the on-Demand CRM makes it easy to access and update data from any corner of the world and at any instance of time.

A cloud based centralised repository is used to record various information related to prospective lead and existing customer details to other business details like delivery information, sales order details, list of incoming enquiries and more. 

Also, CRM software provides facilities like automated assignment and notification process,along with features of predefined email and SMS templates. These auto templates help in sending quick response and notifications to clients and internal team for quick sales process closure.
CRM software like SalesBabuCRM is an integrated solution for end-to-end sales process management and automation.

Features of CRM: 

  • Lead Management – If you’re still relying on spreadsheets for tracking the leads, it is very slow and long. The lead management feature will give an overview of all your leads with the lead score, status and etc. With just one click you can view their profile, their recent activities on your websites, complaints, important communication, and still more.
  • Sales automation – The sales department will be already given so much work. The repetitive additional tasks like sending invoices, following up on the cold lead will negatively impact productivity. With sales automation features, the sales team can automate all these repetitive tasks so that the sales team can concentrate more on hitting the sales target. Workflows of automation are initially based on the rules. 
  • Contact management –  All the needed information related to the customer’s like the customer’s name, email, phone number, address, details of work, past communication, etc. can be easily accessible and modifiable from the feature of contact management.
  • Email management – You will be able to integrate your email with the CRM tool so that you do not need to jump to multiple tabs and send the email. With the help of this feature, you can send all the emails to the lead from the CRM interface, mark the status of the lead, can mention the remark, and prioritize the emails. In this way, you will be not able to miss out on any connection with any of your customers. 
  • Pipeline management – This feature of CMR will give you a visual representation of current leads and about the leads. The deals are separated according to the stages of the pipeline which will make the sales team understand the status of each and every lead, this will help them to which lead to pursue first.
  • Reporting and analytics – Reporting and analytics feature will summarize all the sales performance in a single dashboard. You can also create and customize the new reports based on the requirements and export them in different formats.
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Internet Technology

Various internet based technologies have helped different businesses in an easier way of interacting, collaborating and sharing information across team members across different office locations. Internet has helped organization & customers collaborate effectively and faster resulting in better customer satisfaction and faster customer feedback.

Internet of things and automation of processes have taken business management to a new level of manual free process management and reducing many repetitive and monotonous work items in business workflows. Cloud based facilities not only help in creating a more integrated and organised way of data collection and storage, but it has also taken desk work to every employee’s phone and smart gadgets. With the smart and automated system of data collection, SalesbabuCRM also enables organised system of customer collection and features like auto notification for clients and other stakeholders for better management for business solutions.

With numerous features of internet technologies, SalesBabuCRM is providing different access based rights for different users and provide different security stages of data protection.

Get Mobile 

Today the number of people accessing the internet via their mobile devices is on a rapid rise and with this, it becomes a key requisite to make your web presence mobile friendly. This will help all mobile users to get connected to you easily via their device and thus your reach will increase exponentially.

SalesBabuCRM provides support for mobile application via Mobile Sales app which can installed on various devices for on the move facilities. The sales and marketing team can use this feature to create marketing campaigns, sales order , quotations on the move to provide efficient support system to customer. In today’s era, customers need quick resolution time for queries and real time answers to queries via social media and review portals. With help on this Mobile Sales App, sales team can stay connected to the system at all times and provide real time support system to customer on their inquiries and concerns.

Reminder and alert features in this application help in providing support towards tracking every client meeting and not missing important visits to clients for important sales deals. These proactive measures create a very positive impression on the clients and help to maintain a long lasting relationship with them.

Also, sales managers can track live location of each sales personnel and track individual performance of each team member to understand the overall performance of the team better. Mobility is a great tool to maintain work life balance at the same provide efficient support system to the customer by being connected to them at all times.

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Proper Analytics 

Analytics offer a great analysis and proper predictions and forecasting regarding futuristic estimation.Its important to analyse  all available data thoroughly so that various sales parameters can be properly measured and judged.

Analysis and demand forecasting are the latest trend in every economic market where understanding your market and product demand helps in maintaining a steady supply lifecycle for various products. These statistics also help in creating a balanced stock availability in our warehouses based on various market parameters and demand reports.

The sales and marketing team can use these analytical tools to understand various customer requirements and market trends to create more targeted and client centric presentations and campaigns for improved revenue generation for their business. 

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Strengthen Your Social Presence

Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter has helped sharing likes, feedback, comments among the social groups. Social media sites are providing a dynamic platform to promote brands. These are proving to be a strong trend setters giving important insights into buying and selling trends.

The amalgamation of these new trends with technologies and tools like has changed the way how organizations sell and manage their full sales process.

Customer centricity is the buzzword in today’s market. Many companies are moving towards solutions which have strong customer service solutions and quick response team. Also, features like self help facilities and knowledge based documents on various products are added advantages to improve your brand name in different sectors of client base in the market.

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CRM softwares like SalesBabuCRM provides facilities of integration with social media and other web pages to promote and market the company’s products and brand name through targeted advertisements. 

Also, SalesbabuCRM provides automated trackers which can be used to filter various prospective leads for our business and help in nurturing of these segmented leads and future clients.


CRM tools like SalesBabu CRM brings customer focused & productivity enhancing approach has changed selling and managing sales to science of analysis & centralized decision making with management visibility of end to end sales cycle helping organization in better & effective decision making.

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