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CRM Implementation In Medical Equipment Company

What is the purpose of implementing CRM Software for Medical Device Manufacturers?

The Gartner magic quadrant for CRM – Customer Engagement explains the most critical questions of flexibility and scalability that the manufacturing industries must address in order to boost customer service levels. The manufacturing industry is facing identical issues and needs to adapt to market changes without much impact on the overall costs. They are using modernized machinery and equipment to gain successful digital transformation. However, the shift from being distribution-centric to customer-centric services has resulted in inventory losses.

Every company needs to be alert, prepared and build competitiveness to carve a niche in the very dynamic medical equipment industry. Sales processes and team needs to be active and quick and always ready with insights and data about their operations. SalesBabu CRM assists the manufacturers, suppliers or speciality suppliers to align the sales process in a better way. It supports to project and track the potential buyers. It expedite the sales activities and tracking of regular customers for better service and on time order delivery. Online CRM software helps to add value to your present sales skill and improve the sales and service process to retain your existing customers.

If you are a pharmacy equipment manufacturer or medical supplies, it’s important that your brand name exude customer trust and confidence. Needless to say, the pharmacy or the healthcare institute that sells the medical device will definitely choose a medical brand that has built the most reputation for its product safety and quality. SalesBabu CRM for medical device manufacturers helps you build and maintain good relationships with a diverse customer base that includes pharmacy stores, hospitals and clinics.

Thus, SalesBabu Online Pharma CRM enables and empowers you to optimally utilize these relationships to generate more product orders and higher visibility for your entire product line-up among your target customers. Some of India’s leading medical equipment manufacturers use SalesBabu Pharma CRM to organize their operations and ease the selling process. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how an Online CRM For medical device companies will expedite better market demand and helps you to optimally meet those customer demands. A Pharma CRM software will also help you to expand and maintain your existing market position among Medical Device Manufacturers and Medical Care Equipment providers.

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Putting CRM System to Work

Enabling CRM System Software at Work

As a medical device marketer, what you really want to know is what Cloud CRM can do for you and how to make the most of your efforts successful. To stand and stay in business, you need to spread the word about your brand and your products in ways that distinguish you from competitors. To grow your business, you need not only more new customers, but more repeat business from existing and increasingly loyal customers. Repeat business is critical because it is so much more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain current ones. CRM system pulls it all together into a seamless upward spiral.

It begins with content – digital contributions that are catchy because they catch your target’s attention. Great content is both relevant and timely – exactly the information a particular prospect is searching for right now. You have what they want or need, and that’s the perfect meetup. It’s also the perfect follow-up, because great content speaks to those who are farther along on their buying journey as well as brand new searchers.  

That’s where the management side of CRM system comes into play. When someone visits your website and clicks to download your whitepaper or watch a webinar, they provide their email address to complete the transaction. They convert from prospect to lead, and you now have a way to communicate with them digitally. It is the start of a beautiful, long relationship — if you manage the engagement process well.

In order to reach out effectively – that is, in the way each lead or prospect prefers — you need to make your content available everywhere those targets are. That includes:

  • Your website
  • Landing pages
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Offline advertising
  • Special events
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Well-crafted content presents information in a variety of formats (text, audio podcasts, videos, webinars, slide share presentations, etc.), to accommodate different learning styles and because different types of content lend themselves better to one format or another. Strategically-crafted content empowers you to connect directly to each of your audience types. That puts your brand in front of the most prospects.

CRM Enhances Support for Both Sales and Marketing

The importance of CRM software solutions for manufacturers concludes from a remarkable transformation in the customer-sales team representative relationship in recent years. The conventional reliance on salespeople for detailings and product comparisons has developed, with individuals choosing to independently steer through the sales process and conduct their research till they achieve a more advanced stage in the decision-making process.

By comprehensively understanding your target audiences, making highly imperative and relevant content, and regulating easy access to that content, you serve according to their preference for self-help. Your customized content and the consistent engagement process resonate with leads, promoting trust and confidence in your brand and products.

When the time is appropriate for a lead to occupy with a sales team representative (or distributor), the transition becomes an effortless and productive experience for both parties. The lead is skillful according to your brand and devices, while the sales team representative is uniformly well-informed about the lead. CRM software systems not only allow the automation and management of marketing and consistent communications but also gather information in relation to each lead and their digital communication with your company. Such assures that necessary information about each prospect’s pain points, desires, and interests is readily accessible at the salesperson’s fingertips.

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Enhance Visibility of Your Medical Products Locally

For medical equipment providers or suppliers, assuring comprehensive availability of your products in retail points of sale across several cities and towns is imperative. This not only elevates the likelihood of safeguarding more orders but also contributes to forming an essential trust and a solid reputation.

SalesBabu online CRM provides a streamlined solution by systematically concealing diverse retail outlets within a consolidated cloud-based platform. Such platform regulates the collection, organization, and segregation of customer lists with the help of a centralized order management dashboard.

Subsequently, such an approach allows you to track down product sales across each retail point of sale (POS) and forecast future demand for different products. By handling every customer with the help of a singular cloud-based CRM application platform, you can systematically strategize repeat visits, promoting stronger relationships and safeguarding additional product orders from your prevailing customer base.

Create and manage field plans across cities

A medical equipment manufacturing company can significantly improve the overall sales by availing the products across different towns and cities. At the same time, it might be impractical to have state-of-the-art offices across multiple cities and local towns.

In order to sell more medical equipment across PAN India, you should be able to persuade the local healthcare institutions and pharmacies at these locations. This will need various independent sales teams for each different location. These independent sales teams could manage the sales for big cities, small cities, smaller towns and even remote areas.

In this case, a sales team equipped with mobile CRM app would be able to tackle and overcome this challenge. By having a GPS-enabled Mobile CRM app system, you can arrange meetings and track field operations through a cloud-based CRM system application.

Basically, the manager can view all the upcoming and pending meetings in a cloud-based ‘daily planner’ CRM system dashboard. This allows you to efficiently assign meetings to the sales reps. Later, you can track the transit of these sales reps across the different locations.

In this way, the CRM system for medical device companies helps them to ensure that all your sales reps are actually meeting their necessary tasks on a strict timeline. This empowers and allows you to track and ensure whether sales reps are fulfilling the assigned field meetings, collecting the requisite number of orders etc.

Key Features Of CRM Software For Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Enquiry & Key Account Management

Details are essential while recording key accounts and enquiries. Cloud Based CRM for medical equipment company helps by enabling the user to manage enquiries and latest status for each prospect on demand with segregation across Doctor, Hospital, Clinic and Lab.

Segregation of Lead OEM wise

Sales manager and team segregate the leads as per product wise or OEM wise for analyze

Quotation and Order Management

Online CRM software allows the users a unique distinction of not only managing quotations but also filter them based on different type of institute. It also helps manage quotation and order with complete history and filter report with OEM wise.

Time Management

No time and efforts are required to be spent by the sales rep in preparing regular review papers resulting in Increasing ratio of selling time to non-selling time.

Preventive Maintenance & AMC Reminder

Cloud-Based CRM software helps the sales team by sending reminder and alert on Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS). CRM also helps processes auto reminder on every AMC due, Pending and received.

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The Success of Every Company Hinges on Customer Relationships

For your company to succeed, it is necessary that the medical devices you undertake and produce provide cutting-edge benefits, ensuring an imperative return on investment for potential buyers and users. Likewise, influencing marketing must leverage the newly developed and most pertinent plannings and strategies to gather potential customers and guide them towards selecting your products when they are prepared to make a purchase. Although, more like the dynamic identity of the medical field, the marketplace and customer interests are in a consistent state of flux. Keeping abreast of such transformations is a formidable obstacle without the right strategy and tools.

By effectively incorporating a CRM system, along with introducing appropriate marketing content and productive relationship management strategies, you can strategically utilize the resources where they will harness the productive results for your company. Moreover, through diligent detection and monitoring of your marketing results and relationship management efforts, you can go through the insights on how to improve your marketing strategies and even refine or elevate your product offerings to align with the developing requirements of future customers.

Effectively Handling Your Medical Catalog

Usually, a medical equipment manufacturer or supplier handles an extensive product catalog, with each item highlighting particular specifications and applicability. Sustaining a field sales team members constantly informed about the information product specifications can be demanding.

Although, a Mobile CRM app delivers a solution by enabling your entire sales team members to effectively maintain a comprehensive product catalog within a centralized, cloud-based database. Such ensures that each sales team representative has convenient and prompt access to all product information, encouraging them to explore latest business opportunities by implementing latest products or promptly acknowledging inquiries associated with existing ones. Introducing a mobile CRM app customized for medical equipment manufacturers or suppliers, visiting sales team representatives can safeguard a maximum quantity of orders without the requirement to consult a third party for further product information.

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Some reasons why Medical equipment company need to adopt CRM : 

Medical device quoting and approvals

The format of a medical device company’s sales quotes might range from a single-page to multi-page document with some paragraphs of descriptive text.  The quote may also include images. For some of the companies, there might be some of the certain quote line items that will only display based on which the other line items have been selected. In other words, sales quotes are rules-based. Once all the quoting requirements are completely defined, CRM will be configured to address all those requirements. If the quotes are needed to be approved before they are sent out, workflows created which will automate the approval process with the help of CRM.

Presentation of ERP data to salespeople

When the CRM system is integrated with the ERP system like SAP or Epicor, sales reps will have access to the order history of the customer sales within the application that they log in every day. Reports about the customer’s buying activity are now no longer needed to be distributed to the salespeople as email attachments. Assets of the customer are stored in the ERP which can also be made visible in the CRM. Assets within the CRM can be linked to the support tickets. By linking the assets to the tickets, a device’s complete support history can be viewed by any CRM user with some of the appropriate permissions. The problematic assets can be identified very much easily.

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How Can Medical Equipment Manufacturing Companies Benefit?

#1 CRM boost customer engagement
  • Identifies high-value accounts to deliver a proper quality of service and product
  • Explore new opportunities to cross-sell and upsell through buying history of your customers
  • Connects your sales rep with prospects at the right time
  • Empowers with real-time notifications to alert customers about new campaigns
  • Delivers personalized marketing and segmentation to improve the lead generation process
#2 CRM increases business scalability
  • Automates tasks to eliminate human errors and duplication
  • Allows managing workflows and processes through a single interface
  • Implements industry best practices to bring out business profit
  • Increases productivity due to efficient time management
  • Encourages positive work culture through effective collaboration between various departments
  • Boost value of existing technology and tools
#3 CRM build up organizational security
  • Restricts access for account managers to only view their own database
  • Serves with advanced hierarchy of security to manage access between senior rep and subordinates   
  • Withholds delete permissions based on defined user’s access privilege 
  • Prevents users from exporting CRM data to excel sheet
  • Clears CRM data if mobile devices are lost, or if individuals leave the company
  • Protects critical data with field-level security access controls


SalesBabu CRM for medical device manufacturers and supplies would be certainly impactful whether you are selling medical device supplies such as syringes, blades, tubes or high-end medical equipment such as scanners. SalesBabu Pharma CRM system helps you to maintain high levels of service quality and operational efficiency while handling large volume of stocks.

In this situation, SalesBabu CRM for medical device manufacturers and supplies companies makes an appreciable difference. We help you smartly manage the field operations, handling orders, streamline delivery and generate insightful reports based on the collected data. 

In short, SalesBabu Pharma CRM for medical equipment providers enables you to better understand and meet the customer requirements in a systematic basis.