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Change With Time “Add Payroll Management Software For better Efficiency”

Payroll management is a crucial part of every business be it a small or big. Payroll management is managing and recording all necessary information of employees, to process salaries, annual reviews and complete all statuary requirements. Payroll process absorbs major energy & Time of HR Employees. Payroll management is monotonous which involves capturing multiple small-small […] more

8 Ways to Reduce Costs in Small Business :

8 Ways to Reduce Costs in Small Business

As time is passing, the survival of a small scale business is becoming tough. Every day is a fight to sustain. For many small scale enterprises, regular financial support is difficult due to very few institutes willing to provide monetary aid to these SMEs and startups.  Cost cutting and the reduced business cost is followed […] more

Avoid “Words” That Kill Sales

Some of the Words to be Avoid in Sale’s talk Let start with this, think and tell “What speaks about you?” “How you convey what you want to?” You’re Words … Your words reflects your personality, knowledge, your thoughts & purpose. In Sales your target is to convert prospect to customer. Using rights words are […] more

6 Simple Steps for Time management

Time Management is Simply a way or process of managing work align to time to take Best out in given, space, time and resources to reached desired Goal or to Complete task. Time management is basically developing skills, Technique & Tools to reduce time wastage to complete a Job in minimum time efficiently.   Few […] more

CRM for Pharmaceutical Industry

CRM for Pharmaceutical Industry | SalesBabu CRM

Being a Pharmaceutical company, you should always focus on building up lifetime value of doctors, chemists & stockists and CRM for the Pharmaceutical Industry always plays an important role. It helps to keep all the data of doctors, stockists & distributors on one single platform, precisely all the information that can be useful to the […] more