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Traits of Leadership

The definition of leadership varies from person to person. You have a different perspective for the term “leader” and I may have another. But the traits required to be an efficient leader remains the same for all. 

So, what may be leadership

Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of the individual or a group towards the goal achievement in given situations. It’s an integral part of the management which plays an important role in running and directing every organisation.

It may be business or running of a government body, every organisation needs an efficient leader who has loads of leadership qualities in him/her. A successful leader is like the backbone of any organisation who has an efficient role to play in the running of the organisation and the intellect behind planning the activities. 

You meet a few people in life who give opt justice to the word “leader”. You may feel that they are blessed with leadership skills and are born leaders. But the actual truth is no one is born as a leader, they just start developing the traits of a leader and try to inculcate leadership traits in them from time to time. Here are a leadership traits that may help you to become a successful leader.

A Leader must be Visionary

Of all the leadership traits we will be discussing here, having a great visionary is one of the most important leadership traits. Setting up visionaries are very important for an efficient leader. He/she must have practical visionary to foresee situations, reactions and results. When they have a goal to be achieved they can plan, prepare and execute accordingly. 

Setting up vision not only helps them walk in the right path but also enhances other intellectual skills like – knowledge, creative thinking, critical thinking, practical understanding and decision making etc. You may get hundreds of people trying to prove  you wrong or discourage you, regarding the vision you have set. But be confident about your vision and see to that you are heading on the right path and leading the right path to those following you. 

Ability to Inspire Others

This is one of the abilities which is generally inborn or learnt with experience gained when surrounded by leaders. The ability to drive others to reach great heights of success is not simple. Thinking about others growth along with theirs is not that easy. Many of the times the ones in higher authority try to rule over the executives and want them to follow their words as a command. But the right leader will always try to motivate you and lead to the path of success. A leader may not walk with you but he/she will lead to the right path. An efficient leader connects with others, lights up the energy level in them and inspires to act accordingly in order to reach the goal.  

Ability to Solve Problems

Ability to have patience and control the situations as required is the first and foremost trait of leadership. An efficient leader firstly makes quick decisions in order to settle the problem temporarily. Then he/she finds the root cause of the problem and further takes collective measures to resolve the problem. Everyone can lose hope, get anxious or lose patience in times of problems but a real leader stands confidently to solve them on his/her own. 

Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity and stability is the major trait for an effective leader. It pertains adjustment to situations and life by bringing in balance. Such leaders accept the success as well as failure with an open heart. They have the rational approach towards different opinions and oppositions. Generally, they are humorous, happy and live life to the fullest and mainly are determined enough to achieve their goals. They have very strong control over their emotions and they do not make emotional hasty decisions.

Capability to understand human psychology 

Leader must have the ability to know their team/ group or people inside out. Their emotions, their problems, their strengths etc. He/she knows how to be emotionally supportive and avoid ego issues. He/she shows humanity, helps and cares for the wellbeing of the surrounding and tries to maintain a good relationship with everyone. 

Ability to Appreciate

This is also the most important trait of a leader. A person with self-centric nature can never remain a leader for a longtime. One who wants to grow along with his/her team and gives credit to a member of his/her team for their success is a Real Leader. He/she cares for his/her team as his/her family.

Verbal Assertiveness

A leader must be a confident and effective Orator. A leader is confident, honest and fearless in presenting his/her views and opinions on behalf of the society. Words have the ability to motivate and impress anyone. Thus a leader has to make use of his/her communicating ability in order to create a positive vibe. 

Willingness to take Risk

A routine work done with excellence can’t make you a Leader. A leader always charters the unknown. They must accept and seek new challenges. But, the risks taken are always calculative with clear directions. Efficient leaders do not blame anyone for their failures instead they understand their mistakes or flaws and try to correct themselves. 

The Art of Fair Judgment

At times there are no right or wrong answers but just a fair judgement. Leader is the one who keeps a balance between professional and personal life. Fair decision-making ability keeps the trust firm towards the leader. Sound judgement is essential and is perhaps one of the most essential assets of an efficient leader. 


There are loads of traits that you might come across to become an efficient leader. Here are a few leadership traits which will help you to become an efficient leader. Before you help others and motivate others, you need to help and motivate yourself to be called a successful leader. Before you preach, you need to follow! 
You can also share more traits of an efficient trait and also tell us about your favourite leadership trait. And we would love to hear from you.. If you wish to read more such contents, check out SalesBabu BLOG.