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Online Inventory Management System : SalesBabu.com

Online Inventory Management System

With increased online shopping and retail marketing, inventory management system has become the need of the hour. An online inventory management system is an organised and systematic process for controlling the inflow and outflow of our product in the organisation.   The maintenance and upkeep of our inventory are important to ensure that the right […]

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Inventory Management Software : SalesBabu.com

Inventory Management Software

Are you having trouble managing your inventory? Your product sales are high but you often end up into  “Out of Stock” state? Or your business is not managing your stock properly and excess of inventory is affecting your business profitability? If any of the above and more are some of the pressing issues for your […]

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Online Inventory Tracking Software : SalesBabu.com

Online Inventory Tracking Software

Online marketing has changed the whole concept of the economic market, where customers can be anywhere ordering your products and you need to be quick, efficient and smart to deliver their products on time to maintain your brand name. With small scale ventures and startups, we have great competition in the market regarding product delivery […]

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CRM for small business : SalesBabu.com

How SMBs Can Think Big on CRM

“The government’s Small Business Administration reports that small businesses represent 99% of all employers in the U.S. and are responsible for generating well over half of the new jobs created.” – Ellen Tauscher As the study shows Small and medium scale business constitutes almost 99% of the working class. Considering the wonders we can do […]

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5 Reasons you need to keep your CRM upto date : SalesBabu.com

5 Reasons you need to keep your CRM upto date

A smart investment pays you the best interest! Do you wish of having a well organised and managed working environment? Yes, everyone does. A well organised and managed organisation not only gains brand image but also boosts the revenue of the company. Besides the management activities, maintaining good relationship with your customers and clients is […]

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