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Sales Have Never Been Easy Without Sales Tracking App

Sales Have Never Been Easy Without Sales Tracking App

The sale is a process of continuous efforts in the right direction, but when we have to generate the lead and nurture the need to have sales; salespeople generally focus on generating more and more leads. This action creates a bundle of non-processed leads on the table; which could be processed to have the business. Have you ever identified the Actual reason why your sales team struggles so hard to close the Opportunity? What is going so wrong your sales funnel is choking with sales hold or dead account at the end-stage. And how a Sales Tracking Process can help to sort this issue?

Use Sales Tracking Software to Measure & Monitor Sales Activities

Most of the common mistakes in Sales Tracking are:-

Wrong Start – As inquiry received, without analysis, the sales initial process of setting meeting, sharing details starts. It’s the wrong way of approach. Always remember Start Should Be Correct. First, analyze what the customer is really looking for? List the requirement and match your product/services. Many times product names may match but the client may be looking for something else. The client may not know the correct name or not have clear knowledge about the product. Make a questionnaire to understand the need.

Wrong Timing- After identifying correct Lead, what to do now? Start rigorous follow-ups, set a meeting, run –follow- run. “NO” a Big No.

In fact, without wasting time check at what stage this Opportunity Stands? Is it at Initial, Mid or ready to Ripe?

If it is at the Initial stage, it means the stage of just gathering knowledge. It can’t be considered an Opportunity. If it is at Mid-stage that’s the Client knows what they want then but still, no processes are defined like who will make a decision, when to buy, at what price bracket, etc then this Opportunity is also not Urgent Requirement. It is also not an opportunity to be taken up rigorously. So, don’t put much time and no regular follows required, till the right time comes.

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Right Opportunity: When you make sure the client knows what to buy and have made up mind to buy & need it to implement. Then it is the right stage to grab this Opportunity by rigorous follow-up. Right opportunity at the right time always gives you business and by using Sales CRM, you can get various opportunities to make good-faith relationships with your prospects. You get to know about their doubts and questions, you know their needs and understand why they are going to choose you. This information enables you to take one step ahead to communicate with your prospects and satisfy their expectations in the Sales Process. 

Questionnaire Technique is very useful to identify Right Opportunity Right Time to direct Efforts to Right Direction.

Well, let us discuss the importance of Sales Tracking in any business – Process of documenting all the conversation-starting from the entry of prospect in conversation till sales funnel like email, phone call, minutes of the meeting, quotations, called Sales Tracking. Here you know how many prospects will be entering into a final funnel. 

Establishing a Sales Tracking Process:

Step 1: Identify Your Audience : To find your customer, it’s necessary to figure out your target audience. Conduct comprehensive research to get to know the interests, requirements, and requirements of potential customers. This includes evaluating current market trends and performing competitor assessments. Defining your target audience is an imperative foundation for any productive sales and marketing strategy.

Step 2: Identify Your Lead Sources : Make sure to pay close attention to your lead sources, understanding where your target audience discusses their requirements and expectations. Determine the channels through which customers may reach out, whether it could be through direct searches, emails, contact forms, or promotions. Figure out the most productive referral sources and pinpoint the social media platforms and keywords your prospects utilize to find your products and services.

Step 3: Define Lead Stages : Map out the stages in your lead nurturing procedure that result in meeting sales targets. These stages, which may vary across businesses, could involve designations that are cold lead, prospect, warm lead, hot lead, and customer. These labels cater as checkpoints in your sales funnel, enabling you to monitor the progress of each lead opportunity.

Step 4: Define Engagement Channels : Clearly define and evaluate the several ways your leads can engage with your company. Such  includes identifying the most productive strategies, media, or marketing efforts that bring in leads and business. Either through email campaigns, webinars, cold calling, or personal meetings, list all points of interactions to understand what resonates best with your audience.

Step 5: Setup Measurable Metrics : Ascertain the metrics you want to estimate with your sales tracking system. Whether it’s monitoring the quantity of traffic, the time visitors spend on your website, or the average duration it takes for visitors to transform into customers, establish measurable metrics to analyze the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

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Sales Tracking doesn’t just stop with knowing how leads interact with you. It also gives you access to information reporting – How the leads are impacting your business and revenue. A good sales tracking process measure the following metrics : 

  • Total Sales Per Source
  • Total Sales in Given period of time
  • Sales Per demography
  • Sales per salesperson
  • Average time to complete the sale
  • New Vs. Recurring Customer Sale
  • Total Churn rate
  • Average Revenue per customer

Features of Sales Tracking Tool :

  • Easy Customization – You must be able to add up your own lead fields and stages to make more sense to your business. Some of the tools come up with predefined fields and it is very hard to make some changes. Such tools might cause some amount of error in properly tracking your sales cycle.
  • Detailed Reports – Reports are going to tell you how successful all your efforts have been. Hence, you must be able to get thorough analytics from your tool. It must allow you to create custom reports as well so that you might create reports which are more befitting to your business.
  • Detailed Web Tracking – The tool must capture every point of contact which the leads will have with your business, let it be an email, phone, or chat. You must be able to know which pages they have visited, how much time was spent on it, and which forms they have submitted. It should also have the ability to notify your users based on when one particular page is visited. Also, it should be able to track the email and phone conversations that the lead had with you, to figure out how and why they convert or why they don’t.

Your Sales Tracking App must have the following features:-

  1. Detailed web Tracking
  2. Easy to use interface
  3. Easy customization
  4. Clear Sales Pipelines
  5. Detailed reports

Benefits of Sales Tracking can be counted as more detailed reports and deeper insights into your sales funnels, with team performance monitoring that enables you to perform quality checks from time to time.  Sales tracking lets you know which product or service is getting more revenue by demographic or by salesperson and why? You also learn when things are not going your way. You have better communication with your prospects; you monitor their behavior and increase their satisfaction by addressing your customer queries on time.

Sales Tracking App is the best way to keep a close eye on your sales funnel and run the nurturing process, with metrics. It is easy to use the application, which can be installed on any phone connected to the internet. 

We are all aware of the love and hate relationship of CRM with salespersons. Though CRM helps salespersons to achieve their target in a structured way; salespeople see CRM as an extra non-paid job for them. Sales CRM Software is a complete sales tracking tool which not only enters the complete data of your prospects from marketing sources, it also facilitates the opportunity management and sales tracking for qualified leads. 

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SalesBabu CRM is the best sales CRM tool helps you to have sales forecasting. It helps you automate and streamline your sales process and monitor new sales and business opportunities. It has capacity to store customer interaction summary, set reminders and collect contact information. Managers will have access to all the information and strategic reports. Maintain different users, according to their job roles. 

Best Sales CRM Software has the capability of tracking sales and all activity of sales field executives – it also acts as Field Sales CRM. By using Field Sales CRM you can build pipeline, increase productivity, and get immediate results from your field sales efforts. CRM Software on go, let you have a sharp eye in the field to see how your field force, utilizing their skills and time to generate business. Also, CRM software lets you have a clear picture of where leads are falling off in the sales process.  As a field representative you need to have prospect information on your figure tip, everywhere you go. You need to have a single storage system where you can save customer files for now and the future. Field Sales CRM gives you access to have and store prospect details, conversation history, any document shared in the sales process.  

Benefits of using SalesBabu Sales Tracking App:

SalesBabu Sales Tracking App gives you transparency of the sales process and you can have complete visibility of each stage of the sales process.  You get free from daily paperwork and it is easy to record information in the structured format which can be understood by all. Managers get real-time updates and also can have several reports with a single click for making calculative decisions.  It will make Sales Forecasting easy. Sales Tracking App is capable of handling inventory level information situated on multiple warehouses. CRM Software provides you the ability to measure sales profit and losses. Since it is a mobile app, it provides access to important data 24 X 7 days from anywhere.


SalesBabu CRM is one of the most trusted Sales Tracking CRM Software that facilitates you to have a clear vision of  Sales Pipeline, Nurtured Leads and Qualified Prospects. You can have information on fingertips to use anywhere anytime about what is going on in your Sales Processes. Managers can keep a sharp eye on the field representative’s performance and also give timely input to increase their efficiency, thereby increasing sales.

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