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Did you know why Education CRM software is important For Education Consultants?

Did you know why Education CRM software is important For Education Consultants?

An educational consultant plays a vital role in the education system as they often help the educational institute to maintain a specific curriculum. The education consultant deals with student enquiries from various sources in order to generate new leads. 

What is an Education Consultant? 

An education consultant is an individual who has ample knowledge about various career opportunities and he/she is responsible to provide educational guidance, recommend courses and create a positive environment for the students. 

What are the key responsibilities of a Education Consultant? 

  • Organise various workshops, conferences and seminars to promote social and intellectual welfare of the students. 
  • Advise the administrative and teaching faculty about curriculum development. 
  • Maintain follow-up procedures for student queries. 
  • Building collaborative relationships with management as well as students.  

An Education Consultant must juggle with several duties and responsibilities to be successful. And using an Education CRM software can help the education consultant to easily keep a track of the leads, automate follow-up strategies and measure the effectiveness of the lead management. 

So, why should your educational institute consider using a Education CRM Software? Read more to find out 

1. Marketing Automation for lead generation 

Marketing Automation plays a vital role in the lead generation process. One of the key elements of lead generation for educational institutions are – email campaigns and social media platforms. 

Email campaigns are never getting outdated. Email campaigns or email marketing is one of the basic forms of reaching your target students. There are various benefits of using email campaigns like – cost effective, customizable, measurable, action oriented, accessible anytime etc. The marketing automation software helps you to capture information and send various messages to various segments of the students. It also lets you send wishes, offers and discounts on special days like festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc. 

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With Social CRM, it’s a two way interaction, the education consultants can interact with customers through social networks and is possible to collect updated information. Through social networks, they can know the feedback of their educational institution from students. Social networks also help the educational institution to discover what customers are talking about their institute. Sometimes students/ parents/ guardians interact/discuss with other people on these social networks and convey the performance, feedback of your institute to them. So social networks will also help in bringing new admissions to your fold. Thus, Social CRM is more like interacting with students, putting them first in the entire strategy. With proper understanding of Social CRM, educational institutions can plan and define the conversion of student enquiries to  ultimate admission. 

2. Using CRM Reporting for improved insights 

  • The CRM platform offers a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to quickly view contact lists and recent activities. 
  • With the Education CRM, you can enable custom reports that provide insights into the lead generation activities. 
  • You can compare the traffic to your website, social media and offline initiatives to see where you are creating the most likely leads and which channels are producing prospective students. 
  • You can easily get automated reports of Target vs. Achievement of the education consultants as well. 
  • These automated reports can be useful to measure education consultant performance to measure conversion ROI. 
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3. Lead Prioritizing for interaction  

The lead management software in Education CRM helps to filter student leads and genuine student enquiries. It increases the visibility of  student leads, step by step when the accuracy of the data is retained. Building a high-quality database can be achieved by adopting some simple and relatively inexpensive practices or lead generation strategies.  

Benefits of lead management software for education consultants – 

  • The education consultants can track student inquiries. 
  • Capture details like lead source, date, competitors, website and multiple student contacts. 
  • Create activities according to the student interaction through – follow up, e-mails, workshop or tele-communication.  

4. Engage with prospects and ensure effective nurturing 

The CRM software for educational consultants can set up reminders for following every enquiry, so that they can talk to the prospect accordingly. Auto notifications help them to follow the prospects without missing any chances to speak to them.

Benefits of Education CRM for Education Consultants – 

  • It maintains the complete chain of communication with the prospective client.
  • It keeps track of all the remarks & discussion with the students at one place.
  • It helps effectively in getting any lead to its final closure.
  • Send follow up emails to students and parents automatically.

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5. Manage Admissions: 

CRM for the education industry will let you manage the complete the admissions of the student lifecycle from one single platform so that you will be able to easily keep track of student details such as :

  • The course and program that the student is admitted to.
  • The complete details of the student’s batch and roll no.
  • Other tasks which are required in completing the admission process
  •  All the academic documents.

6. Handle Student Inquiries:

Deliver high-quality service by making follow-ups for each inquiry. Keep a record of all the interactions made with the student during the counseling process with a CRM system for higher education. Maintain the follow-up and strengthen the communication process between your academic institution and the student. All this could be done steadily through the most effective CRM software for schools.

7. Build Long-Lasting Alumni Relations: 

Alumni will help all students to define their career goals and provide key networking contacts to assist in the transition from graduation to employment. They may also aid in raising funds. CRM software for educational institutions provides you with the tools that your institution needs to manage personal connections and networks within the alumni community. You will gain useful insights about your donors with Marketing Automation and build long-lasting relationships.

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The Education CRM ultimately helps the education consultants to put in practical approaches in order to gain more admissions for their institute every year. Today, educational CRM software comes widely in practice by many educational hubs. Having witnessed the change, educational hubs are targeting to build stronger relationships with students. The education CRM enables secure access of essential information of students and empowers them to manage and control their information. Therefore, the CRM for the educational industry has been boosting up the marketing efforts as well as attracting the targeted segment of the industry. One of the most trusted Education CRM is SalesBabu CRM Solutions that enables the educational institution with a lucrative platform that lets you manage the entire workforce effectively and prioritize every important task accordingly. SalesBabu EduCRM provides you freedom of paperless office, online registrations, process selection, automated reminders, marketing campaigns, personalized mails and SMSs etc. SalesBabu Edu CRM comes with a user friendly interface that is accessible easily at any time. Thus, it provides a handful of advantages to enhance their revenue, ROI, brand name, client satisfaction, etc. To know more about SalesBabu EduCRM, visit our website You can also request for a free demo at SalesBabu.

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