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Education CRM Helps Nurturing Relations With Students

Education CRM Helps Nurturing Relations With Students

In India, Education is one of the prime industries, since, its contribution in the nation is well known as well as well reported. Along with, among the largest sectors, the education sector is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the country. With the combination of large size and high growth, the education sector is among the most attractive industry sectors in the country today.

But now, focus is currently shifting from improving internal administrative activities to concentrating more on customers. Customers are seeking more attention and immediate resolution for their queries. Since the need to concentrate more on customers, many institutions are turning to technology—this time to adopt & implement customer relationship management (CRM) software.

For an educational set up, the term customer can be little misleading, since it is against our country’s tradition & culture. So, we can replace this term with students. Today, CRM comes widely in practice by many educational hubs. Having witnessed the change, education hubs are targeting to build stronger relationships with students. The CRM enables secure access of essential information to students and empowers them to manage and control their information. The CRM will boost up the marketing and campaigns that attracts the targeted segment as well as help in raising funds.

Online Education CRM Software will help to increase the business growth education sector. Cloud-based CRM Software for the Education Industry will improve the efficiency of managing student relationships, student data, student admission life cycle, and student document management more effectively. Now, most of the Education industry is going to use SalesBabu CRM for the Education Industry. 

By using online CRM for educational institutions you can build strong relationships with students, institutions, and education components. Education CRM Software includes support features, academic institutions heavily recognize that in order to support and support their students, the institutions are targeting new admission and enrollment, student services, and financial assistance as education investment areas.

Implementation of our Online Education CRM Software will enrich and support the student lifecycle by strengthening relationships with candidates, and students. Our CRM software for educational organizations includes unique relevant characteristics and requirements that the Education industry needs to boost their business.

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Advantages of Keeping Online CRM Software for Education/School Management

#Proper Lead Tracking with Zero Errors

With the help of cloud-based Education CRM Software, you can properly track leads and have a reduction in errors or duplicate entries in your institution, which ultimately reduces the time to deal close. This is a smart way of working.

#Small Sales Cycle

Online Education CRM allows you to keep the shortest length of your sales cycle because due to the integrated Sales Management Software module, all lead is properly maintained with the complete lead history activity timeline where the lead is given the maximum time to convert it into a winning account.

#Reduction in cost of expenses

CRM for Education Industry allows you to make a proper allocation of your money in different areas like advertisements for different areas, roadshows, raw lead  & Advertising Costs, etc. Our Edu CRM Software provides you graphical views about it in terms of the expense you have spent, and you can also pull a required report in MIS.

#Increased customer satisfaction

Online Education CRM System empowers you to build strong customer relationships with higher satisfaction as each stage of the lead is natured with pre-determined SMS, WhatsApp & Email. The lead feels confident about the organization by getting the number of virtual touches, which helps you to close more deals up to 60% to 70%.

#Improve Financial

With the help of Education CRM application, revenue increases in educational institutions like schools/universities as there is a systemized and proper change in leadership with the help of an accuracy module.

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Benefits of CRM in Education Sector:

  1. Lead Tracking & Enquiry Management:

CRM enables the educational setup to track the leads from multiple sources, by which they can evaluate the feasibility of them, moreover they can also manage the enquiries on one single platform without any trouble & they can even allocate those leads to the respective person or center in a few clicks.

  1. Student Database:

In CRM, the educational setup can maintain the complete database of any individual student, consisting of all details, whether his/her personal(like name, address, contact number etc) or academic information, and everything they can do on a single platform.

  1. Identify the Decision Maker:

By the help of Education CRM software, educational setups can easily store all the required details of a student. By this, they can come to know who can make decisions in regards to the student’s admission or any other activity. It saves their lots of time & effort in converting any lead to the final admission.

  1. Admission Management:

CRM helps the educational setup in managing the complete admission process, means, in which course or programme the students want to admit, in which center he wants to go, helps in managing all the academic documents and many other activities that are required in completion of admission of any student.

  1. Follow Up Management:

In CRM, education setup can also make follow ups for every enquiry as many times as they want. They can keep a record of every interaction with the student, during the counselling process. It helps them to maintain the follow up & conversation cycle with the student.

  1. Fees Payments & Reminders:

Sometimes it happens, due to multiple batches, the fee schedule for every branch is different. So, it is very complicated to remember every date for fee payment. In CRM the education set up can store the fee payment date with the amount and make the reminder for the same. Moreover, they can even make reminders for other types of activities like; Birthdays, anniversaries etc.

  1. MIS & Reports:

By the help of CRM, the educational setup can easily generate all types of reports, related to the overall activities of the system. It helps them measure their own performance during a particular tenure. It shows the reports like; number of enquiries generated, number of admissions done etc.

  1. Seamless Communication and Connectivity

CRM for the education industry will authorize educational institutions to become truly connected campuses. It is possible to view and access every interaction, from all contact points, with the constituents in one centralized platform. So, they might break departmental silos functionally, obtain actionable insights and real-time visibility into processes and communicate consistently. It authorizes institutions to build deep, personalized, and meaningful relationships at the correct scale.

  1. Student Centricity across the Student Lifecycle

CRM authorizes educational institutions to drive student-centricity across the lifecycle in the institution, from admissions to passing out and beyond. With powerful CRM providers’ power-packed features like Salesforce, educational institutions can craft seamless and meaningful student experiences. By leveraging the actionable insights, they can support students effectively, monitor programs, improve retention and graduation rates. With CRM, it is possible to build long-lasting relationships with alumni as well.

  1. Seamless Admission and Recruitment

With tailored CRM solutions, educational institutions can consistently manage the student admission and recruitment process. All communications with potential leads from across channels can be viewed in one holistic platform. This will make lead tracking and engagement effortless and well-organized. The admissions and counseling teams can send timely alerts and messages, follow up more effectively with leads and minimize lead leakage.


A first impression is always important and leaves a lasting impression. The impression of your institute depends on how your Business Development team engages with prospects. This gives your prospects an indication of how smart and professional your institution is and whether it will live up to the promises you’ve made – regarding students’ marks, placement options, and so on.Always try to make sure that you leave the best possible first impression on every aspect that matters. Embracing technology to do so will give you a much-needed edge in a crowded and cutthroat market space, reap the rewards for your hard work, and contribute to the improvement of the nation’s youth. To know how an online education CRM system can enable your institute to achieve its goals, click here.

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