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Why WhatsApp for Business Is Boon For Marketers

Why WhatsApp for Business Is Boon For Marketers

WhatsApp has become a huge part of our daily life. And India is the largest market for WhatsApp. It has become an addictive content of life as it is a platform which comes with various features and advances. You can chat, voice call, video call, record voice messages, share videos, images, documents and many more on the WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp for Business 

In the previous days, communicating messages through SMS from mobile phones was the practice, with each message acquiring a particular expense and being constrained to brevity. Although, in the prevailing era dominated by 4G/5G technology, the landscape has developed, and reliance on cost-efficient technologies has become beneficial. Businesses, considering the shift, are progressively turning to WhatsApp as one of the most efficient mediums for their marketing endeavors.

The emergence of WhatsApp for Business, involving the introduction of Business WhatsApp for corporate utilization, has proven specifically beneficial for several small to medium-sized companies looking to streamline their marketing movements. WhatsApp for Business delivers marketers with a user-friendly medium to attract customers more effectively.

Businesses worldwide are desirous to leverage the abilities of WhatsApp for Business API. Such a platform is characterized by its instantaneousness and international approach, making it a preferred option for companies seeking to improve their marketing efforts. Considering that efficient marketing includes staying at the front line of technological advancements, WhatsApp for Business seamlessly connects with the diverse requirements of businesses.

Significance of WhatsApp for Business 

The impact of social media in the current world is truly noticeable. With several platforms accessible, social media marketing has emerged as an integral part of advanced business strategies. Among such platforms, WhatsApp sticks out with an impressive user base of approximately 1.2 billion, building it to be a colossal marketing tool. From teenagers to individuals during their golden years, WhatsApp for business marketing is universally encouraged as the supreme social media messaging app.

For small businesses, WhatsApp utilized for business marketing stands out as a powerhouse tool, providing the capability to send customized messages and connect via voice calls, among other functionalities. Its widespread utilization underscores its productiveness as a versatile and effective marketing tool in the contemporary business landscape.

Benefits of WhatsApp for business 

  • Free to use (provided you have internet access)
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Voice call support 
  • Video call support 
  • Reach anyone in the world with just a single click
  • Share locations 
  • Share images and videos
  • You are your number 
  • No ads 
  • Can be installed on PC and smartphones 
  • Works on most of the platforms – Android, iOS, Windows phone 

Features of whatsapp for business 

The whatsapp for business comes with the similar features available in the current Whatsapp we use everyday in our personal life. Added to those features it also comes with other features like – 

Business profile

The business profile in whatsapp for business provides a list of information such as Company name, email, address, website and other contact details. 

Messaging tools 

The messaging tools lets to quickly respond to the customers without any delay. 

Status of the message 

The status of the message is to have a check on how many messages were sent, how many messages were read, how many were delivered, how many were delivered but not responded, etc. 

Whatsapp web 

The Whatsapp for business also supports web. You can access it on your desktop when you are at work and use it on your smartphones when you are out from the workplace. 

Automated replies 

You can set automated replies which makes it easy for the customers to be intimated. Quick responses are a sign of “we are concerned” even in the business. Thus, customers will not feel ignored. 

Setting away messages

Away messages are more like greeting messages. They will send a custom message to the people who are trying to connect the company after your working hours. You can write a customized message or you can also send your working hours. You can set up for them to activate at a chosen time. 


The other major feature that is very beneficial for your businesses is the catalog. Catalogs will allow your company to showcase all your goods to the people so that they could easily browse and check out your products which they are interested in and they would like to buy-in. With catalogs, you do not need to send each and every item, price, and the description of the product one-by-one as you used to do before. Now it is all very conveniently grouped on your WhatsApp page, and you do not have to redirect all your customers to the website. 

Whatsapp payments 

This feature will make the transferring of money just as easy as a sending message. This comes in handy during the remote times because the people will be able to safely send the money without exchanging the cash in person or going to a local bank. And we do not need to worry about the security – Whatsapp payments are designed with a strong set of security and privacy principles also including the entering of UPI pin for each and every payment they make.

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Now the question is how to use Whatsapp for business? 

How to use WhatsApp for business? 

The whatsapp for corporate is surely a boon for marketers because it comes with certain pro’s that helps in planning the business marketing strategies. 

1. Direct chat 

The whatsapp for corporate ensures direct chat with the customers. You can call, chat or video call your customers present on your contact list directly with the help of WhatsApp for business. It just requires a good internet connection. 

2. Create groups 

You can create groups on WhatsApp for corporate to carry out your marketing campaigns. The whatsapp groups allows you to add a maximum of 256 members in the group. Plan your follow-up the way you do in email or SMS campaigns, else you could be blocked forever. If you do not plan your follow-up you may end up making your customers annoyed with your messages.  

3. Send reminders 

With the help of Whatsapp for business you can send reminders to your customers on various aspects like renewal, ticket status of a journey or a movie etc. Your customers can also choose to stop the message if they do not require reminders. 

4. Product demo 

As you know that Whatsapp for business  supports videos it becomes a great medium to share videos directly to your customers if they have requested for a product demo. Thus, it will not affect their busy schedules. 

5. Customer decides the interaction

The whatsapp for corporate is a personal communication platform which lets the customer decides if he/she wishes to provide explicit permission or not. So it becomes easy for the customers as well as marketers to interact with each other. If the customer does not wish to interact with a particular company he/she can block the number.  


Life of a marketer may look easy but is not a simple job. They need to plan, analyze, measure and be updated about every business trend. Use of whatsapp for business marketing is surely a boon for marketers. Most of the target customers are available on whatsapp for business and it becomes easy to interact as well as carryout marketing activities. Thus, implement this cost effective method of marketing which will help you to reach a large number of people with just a single click.

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