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3 Reasons why CRM and Cloud computing is critical for your business growth?

3 Reasons why CRM and Cloud computing is critical for your business growth?

There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Never settle for the ‘satisfied’.

– Shep Hyken

The present market has become more customer centric and digital as well. And so is acquiring new customers and retaining of the existing customers and clients becomes critical for the growth of the business. If you are wondering how you are going to manage this with ease, the answer is simple- use Customer Relationship Management software which is commonly known as the CRM system.

Let us know more about what is CRM and cloud computing.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is an approach in order to manage the company’s interaction with the current customer. It is one such management process in which the companies can maintain a good relationship and stay connected to the customers. In turn it also improves the profitability of the company.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing  is the on demand availability of the computer system resources which offers IT as a service. You get the complete hosting facility from a dedicated cloud solutions vendor without any bugs in working to store all your database. The cloud vendor saves all your data and protects it from any of the virus attacks.

CRM in Cloud computing

The cloud-based CRM means Customer Relationship Management software is being hosted in the cloud solutions. It can be accessed through the internet by making things easier and simpler. 

You can access information from anywhere at any time and carry out your business activities easily from any corner of the world. As you know that all the required information is stored in the cloud solutions, and you and your team can access data. Thus, the CRM in cloud computing can be easily maintained.

The CRM in cloud computing involves technology to automate and organise business activities, marketing and sales process, provide customer service etc. The use of all these tools in a CRM system helps to maintain a good relationship with the customers and it also helps to manage work more efficiently. 

When the work runs smoothly in the organisation with very few manual errors and you attain your loyal customers, you can surely see growth in your business.

If you have not yet moved your CRM system to a cloud-based CRM software, you are on the right page!  Know more about using the cloud-based CRM software and its benefits.

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Benefits of CRM in Cloud Computing

  • No computer hardware and software

You need not have to maintain computer hardware and softwares in your organisation. You just need to pay as per your subscription plans and take the atmost use of the technology. All you will require is internet connection.

  • Scalable

One of the important features of the cloud based CRM is its scalability. It offers the ability to scale their computing resources when required. Your CRM system can grow as per the growth in your business.

  • Cost effective

The cloud based CRM is a cost effective software which does not require lakhs of investment for a small or medium sized business. Investing on an Online CRM can be beneficial for you and you will not regret investing for the best CRM system available in the market.

  • Centralized database

The cloud solutions collects the information and stores all the necessary information on a single platform.

5 Benefits to a centralized database :
  • Modernized and upto date

CRM in  Cloud computing incorporates the latest developments which make it even more  better platform for data storage, data centralization as well as data communication.

  • Easy to use

The cloud CRM software is easy to use as it has a user friendly interface.

  • Available all the time

The applications required can be accessed at anytime. The cloud solutions providers are reliable when it comes to providing of service. The only thing that is necessary is the internet connection. And most of the applications are also available offline.

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Why CRM application?  

1. Explicite customer history

Knowing your customer is one of the best way to enhance customer satisfaction. Thus,  online CRM software can provide all the accurate information required about your valuable customers.  

2. Analyzation of data

Analyzation of data about your customers will help you to provide the right product to the right person at the right time.

3. No manual recording

You can use the CRM cloud application tools which is basically a cloud CRM software to make notes or remarks, set reminders, create follow-ups, work order assignments, prepare reports, track the sales reps and many more to be listed.

4. Reduces cost

With a cloud based CRM system you can perform all your activities quickly and easily with a reduced cost. You need not have to spend any money on maintaining hard copies, all you need to do is just back-up the data.

5. Time saving

With cloud based CRM system you can access it from anywhere at any time which makes your work quicker. As the cloud CRM itself helps you to complete your work easily you need not have to spend any of your time in manual writings or reportings etc. Thus, you can make the best use of your time.

6. Acquire new customers

The CRM cloud services will help you to follow up leads which will help you to convert leads into sales. You can also maintain your existing valuable customers smartly.

7. Flourish brand image

Usage of the best cloud based CRM software will undoubtedly contribute in flourishing your brand image in the market. The trust and loyalty you create among your customers is one of the best way to achieve success in the long run.

8. Enhanced customer satisfaction

CRM defines itself as Customer Relationship Management. Thus, one of the most important benefits of cloud-based CRM is customer satisfaction. All the dealings from sales to services for your customer is done using this software. 

By understanding the needs and expectations of the customers, the company can improve itself to a much better brand in the market. It not only lets you understand the condition of the customer but also lets you know about the continuous feedback from them.

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Three Compelling Reasons Why CRM and Cloud Computing are Vital for Business Growth:

#1 . Customer Acquisition

Securing new, loyal customers is paramount for a company’s growth and success. Knowing much of your customer’s interests, needs, and preferences enables you to provide the best products and services, delivering a positive first impression. Demonstrating efforts to gain target customers fosters loyalty, making them more likely to stay dedicated to your business.

#2. Customer Retention

Sustaining relationships with loyal customers is necessary in business success. Selling to existing customers is rather more cost-efficient than gaining new ones. By investing in a strong relationship with your customers, you minimize the likelihood of them swapping to competitors. Satisfied customers not only remain with you but may also refer others, while negative experiences can promptly spread.

#3. Customer Feedback

Encourage feedback without hesitation. Every customer prefers to feel valued and respected. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, utilize it constructively to improve your business for better growth. Although not every customer may be satisfied, communicate your commitment to improvement. Always show gratitude to satisfied customers.

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In conclusion, leveraging cloud-based CRM software is beneficial for business growth and success. It improves business activities, saves a lot of time and money, and keeps you coordinated to customer challenges, enabling you to remain ahead of competitors. The convenience of accessing cloud CRM applications along with a single click on your smartphone boosts productivity.If you haven’t yet introduced a cloud CRM, visit our website at and request a free demo. Explore on-going trends at SalesBabu Online CRM, where we guarantee quality work, assuring you won’t regret investing in our cloud solutions.

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