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How to track sales activities with Sales Management Software

To track sales activities in sales and marketing is the most hefty job in any organization. It makes the CEOs anxious, takes away their sleep and engages a lot of time in just making the efforts for maintaining pre-sales ethics. Most of the organization thrive for a system that could streamline their entire process, reduces their efforts and save their time. The panacea to all these problems is to have Sales Management Software. Sales Management Software help CEO’s track sales activities, maintain sales discipline by automating the entire process ,reduces their unnecessary efforts and saves most of their energy and time.

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What is a Sales Management Software?

Sales Management software is also known as Sales CRM, which is designed to make the sales process simpler for different business models.

By definition, a sales management software refers to systems that enable sales managers and business owners to gain increased visibility into various performance indicators across the firm. These softwares will enable real time data and location sharing for sales reps and other team members. Also, this software enables managers to track key call metrics like average hold time and calls-per-day-by-rep so that they can optimize their sales process and revenue generation for the firm. These software can also integrate with other software features to provide additional dashboards and enhanced reporting capabilities for business heads and other stakeholders.

Some of the most efficient sales management softwares like SalesBabu CRM, enable companies to leverage the overall business organization facilities providing a  more efficient and productive sales closure mechanism.

Let’s discuss more of the benefits of using an efficient Sales Management software like SalesBabu CRM.

Benefits of Sales Management Software

Manage Customers Without worrying

You can easily manage a customer’s database and customers demands with the help of Customer Relationship Management Software. Customers are the lifeline of any business organisation. It keeps every sales activity in one place. Centralized database streamlines contacts and helps properly track sales activities. You can view the entire history of customer interactions with this software.

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Lead capturing and nurturing makes easy

Lead capturing is one of the most critical and foremost step towards gaining profit for any business. Considering the work involved by a sales and marketing team, being flexible and productive is very important in today’s competitive world. Lead capturing and nurturing is one of the most critical ways to gain revenue for the organisation, hence SalesBabu CRM provides online tracking of prospects and leads via integration with many social media and online web services.

Once an interested client is traced through an automated tracker, every important information related to the lead is added a centralised repository. This centralised database help in systematic management of leads and an organised system of nurturing these prospects in the future. 

Quotation creation

Quotation creation can be quite challenging when it comes to managing thousands of clients and for each client we need to rework frequently on multiple quotations. Sales Management software like SalesBabu CRM, helps to automate the process of quotation creation and enter every detail related to the latest discussion with clients and other vendors. 

Systematic process of entering every detail on every quotation align with faculties of sending an automated email notification to every stakeholder is very convenient in sharing details with clients and keep them in the loop for every discussion. Also, features like automated followup activity generation provide facilities to track the next discussion with client on the quotation updates and close sales deal faster.

Identify and track individual goals

It is quite challenging for big organisations to manage sales team and to track them individually. CRM Solution helps sales team to identify their goals and sales managers can set sales targets and can view who is achieving how much. CRM Solution is the best tool to manage sales team and their daily sales activities. It keeps you up-to-date about the lead status of each and every lead. You can also assign sales targets to the team according to their sales capabilities.

Make Sales Strategies

With the help of this software, sales people can focus on positive leads which saves their time and increases productivity. Sales Managers can analyse closed lost opportunities, so that they can improve next time. With the help of Add Competitor feature of Sales Management Software you can analyse competitor and make sales strategies accordingly.

Also, Mobile sales apps in SalesBabu CRM provide live location sharing and on the move facilities for sales executive so that they can provide features like quotation and sales order sharing, campaign and presentation creation and more on the go . These facilities provide a round the clock support system for the customer.

This app support also help in creating a balanced work life balance for the employees and improve customer satisfaction rate by providing more flexible support system on mobile and other gadgets for sales team.

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Role of Follow-ups in sales

Follow-ups plays an important role in sales. Without proper follow-ups you are increasing the chances of sales lost. Follow-up activities remind you every time  whom you have to call, when to attend meetings, appointments and when to do Payment collections. So you will not miss any single follow-up and can make every opportunity closed won.

Analysis and reports

Analysis of your current business status is very important to create better policies for your future organizational status. SalesBabu CRM provides various inbuilt and custom reports to help analyze various daytoday activities within the organisation. For example:- real time reports can be generated for various products and respective demand cycles for a better inventory planning.

Also, managers can keep a track of individual employees for their daily jobs and on individual workloads for a better work environment and business planning.

Organize information

Sales management software allows the sales team to be organized. From acting as a database for the customer information to scheduling and tracking all the emails, a good sales management software can act as a personal secretary for the sales team.

Reduce Data entry tasks

The new sales software management software will reduce the amount of data entry required by the sales team. The software identifies the important information in the phone calls, emails and automatically enters the data into correct fields. Responses of the emails and phone calls can be automatically tracked saving the sales team from consuming the time adjustments in the database.

Increase teamwork

Sales management software will be able to compile all the work which is done by the sales team and present that information in such a way that it allows everyone to understand what is being done by the team. The easy access to this information will reduce the need for lengthy meetings while allowing everyone to get involved. This kind of information will be informative and inspirational to all the employees in the company regardless of their position.

Simplify the phone calls

Many sales management software has powerful phone call systems that allow the salesperson to concentrate on the actual calls rather than worrying about micromanaging calls. Functions like finding the phone numbers, logging the calls, remembering to call back the busy numbers recording the details of the sales, all this can be taken care of automatically with the right software system. 

Automate workflow

Sales management software allows the sales team to concentrate more on selling the products rather than worrying about the repetitions. But important tasks like database updation, scheduling the calendar events, creating reminders of follow ups, scheduling the tasks which are necessary to the sales process and creating assignments for relevant team members.

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Sales Management software is not a standalone feature which only helps to improve sales for your firm, but software like SalesBabu CRM provides a one stop solution for managing every aspect of business management for a better productivity and revenue generation for the organisation.